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Hello - I wanted to share a wonderful letter I just received. Lynne has been updating me on her daughter, Tory, for over a decade now. Her story is so encouraging, if you're still struggling please read this and don't give up! ~ Heather

Heather, I am the mother of Tory, the Tennessee 15 year old who found your website online after midnight one desperate evening fifteen years ago. (See Lynne's earlier letters here and here.) We had been the route of most IBS patients - multiple doctor visits, colonoscopy (after which she was given a Coke), several medications. All to no avail. My previously energetic, vibrant daughter had become a huddled mass of writhing misery. I thought our lives were over.

After purchasing Eating for IBS, we never looked back.

Fifteen years (and many book recommendations to others later), I would like to report, but cannot, my daughter is cured...but I do not think IBS sufferers are ever cured. Do you?

BUT, since following your advice, I do not think my daughter has ever had another attack of that gut wrenching IBS pain. Hurrah!

All the tips we received in your book proved priceless. The foods to avoid were especially helpful. And for the first year we ate your banana bread on a regular basis. Yum.

Because you took the time to write your book and share what you had discovered on your IBS journey, my daughter has been able to enjoy a rich and full life. She went on to complete high school and to graduate from college (including a semester abroad). She earned a Fulbright scholarship to Turkey. She is now happily married and thriving in a high pressure work environment.

Absolutely none of this would have been possible without your help. We remain eternally grateful.

Heartfelt thanks! We continue to spread the word!

Lynne E. Grubbs

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Lynne! Huge hugs to you and Tory both. ~ Heather

Heather Van Vorous
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