Books for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's, & Colitis

Information is key to managing chronic health disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel diseases. While there are numerous books published on these topics, we focus specifically on the most comprehensive, accurate, well-researched, and empathetic works - in short, the best resources available. Our books provide immediate, tangible avenues of help so people can manage their disorders, not vice versa.

For irritable bowel syndrome, we recommend Eating for IBS and The First Year: IBS - two of the best-selling, highly reviewed IBS books in North America. Both works have received glowing notices by critics (including the Library Journal and Publishers Weekly), hundreds of recommendations from physicians and dietitians, and inspired thousands of heartfelt thank-you letters from readers. Both books are highly acclaimed and are available in foreign publication as well, a rare occurrence for health and special diet works.

For inflammatory bowel diseases, we recommend The First Year: Crohn's Disease & Colitis, an outstanding work that features not just accessibly written in-depth medical information but also sympathetic guidance and practical, everyday coping skills. This book has received critical approval from The New York Times and the Library Journal, as well as exceptionally impressive reader reviews. BBB Business Review