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Your Soluble Fiber Safe Foods

As a general rule, the soluble fiber grain and cereal foods at the top of this list make the safest, easiest, and most versatile soluble fiber foundations for your meals and snacks.

Rice noodles
Rice cereals (Cream of Rice, Rice Chex, Rice Krispies)
Traditional pasta and noodles
Instant oatmeal
Corn cereals (Corn Chex, Corn Flakes)
Corn meal and polenta
Fresh white breads such as French or sourdough (NOT whole wheat or whole grain)*
Pearl barley
Flour tortillas
Corn tortillas
Peeled cooked potatoes
Peeled cooked carrots
Peeled cooked yams
Peeled cooked sweet potatoes
Peeled cooked turnips
Peeled cooked rutabagas
Peeled cooked parsnips
Peeled cooked beets
Peeled cooked squash, zucchini, pumpkins
Avocados (though they do have some fat)
Peeled kiwis
Papayas (also digestive aids that relieve gas and indigestion)
(*Please choose a baked-daily, high quality, preservative-free brand. White bread does not mean Wonder.)

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Your IBS goal is continual bowel motility stability. Keeping your gut filled with soluble fiber helps ensure this.

Soluble fiber is NOT typically found in foods most people think of as fiber, such as bran or raw leafy green vegetables.

Soluble Fiber Is Special

It's unlike any other type of food. Soluble fiber soothes and regulates the digestive tract.

It stabilizes the intestinal contractions resulting from your dysfunctional gastrocolic reflex. It normalizes bowel function from either extreme.

This means that soluble fiber prevents and relieves BOTH diarrhea AND constipation.

Nothing else in the world will do this for your gut.

In the short run this strategy allows you to prevent problems from snack to snack and meal to meal.

In the end it adds up to long-term stability and a healthy gut microbiome from day to day, week to week, month to month, and more.

I've never found a better method for completely preventing IBS symptoms than a diet based on soluble fiber foods.

I even add my slowly fermenting prebiotic soluble fiber supplement to my meals and when cooking for extra safety. You might want to do this too.

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Now, wasn't there something mentioned earlier about two kinds of fiber? Wasn't there a fiber that can hurt, not help, IBS symptoms?

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