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This may sound like a contradiction, but all IBS symptoms stem from the same underlying problem. If you have IBS, your bowel motility is dysfunctional.

This gives everyone with IBS the same dietary goals.

1. Avoid the trigger foods that trigger spastic colon motility via the gastrocolic reflex.

2. Get a foundation of soluble fiber safe foods that soothe and regulate colon motility.

This approach will relieve and prevent BOTH constipation and diarrhea, as well as IBS pain, spasms, cramps, gas, nausea, and bloating.

What Triggers IBS Attacks

The most difficult foods for the body to digest, in addition to insoluble fiber, are fats and GI irritants. As a result, they are the most powerful IBS trigger foods for pain, diarrhea, constipation.

You really need to limit or, preferably, eliminate most of these foods from your diet altogether.

Will this require an enormous change in the way you eat? Probably. But it is a change for the better.

We will walk together through the steps needed to make this change as easily and deliciously as possible.

When it comes to reducing or eliminating IBS trigger foods from your diet, I really sympathize. At first glance the IBS diet changes can seem overwhelming and just too difficult. By nature most of us are resistant to any great transformations of our lives. It's almost always easier to not alter a habit, inertia takes less effort than action.

But I really can't stress enough that the changes in diet required for IBS do NOT equal deprivation.

You do not have to simply give up all the foods you love, and eat a tasteless starvation diet instead.

These changes are in fact a terrific opportunity for a better life, as you can easily learn how to eat safely for IBS without giving up an ounce of flavor, fun, favorite restaurants, or delicious home cooking.

It is simply a matter of substitution, of replacing IBS trigger foods with safe choices. Remember that the only thing you're really giving up is the constant worry and dread of attacks, as well as the pain and agony they cause.

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Read on for the comprehensive list of IBS trigger foods...

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