The 10 Commandments of the Eating for IBS Diet

Have you been told that diet doesn't matter for IBS?

That's hogwash, and most people with IBS instinctively know it.

Certain categories of foods affect the gut in predictable ways. Fats, stimulants, irritants, and insoluble fiber can trigger symptoms. Soluble fiber regulates motility and prevents symptoms. Putting these basic food facts into actual practice is easy!

Just Follow the 10 Commandments of Eating for IBS

1. ALWAYS eat soluble fiber first, eat soluble fiber whenever your stomach is empty, and make soluble fiber foods the largest component of every IBS meal and snack.

2. Minimize your fat intake to 25% of your IBS diet, max. Read labels and at restaurants, ask.

3. Never eat high fat foods, GI stimulants or irritants, even in small portions, on an empty stomach or without soluble fiber. Better still, don't eat them at all.

4. Eliminate all red meat, dairy, fried foods, egg yolks, coffee, soda pop, artificial sweeteners, and alcohol from your diet. This may be the most difficult dietary strategy to adopt, and I know it probably won't be fun or easy – but neither are IBS attacks.

5. Never, never, never eat insoluble fiber on an empty stomach, in large quantities at one sitting, or without soluble fiber.

6. Eat small portions frequently, calmly, and leisurely.

7. If you're unsure about something on the IBS diet, DON'T EAT IT. It's not worth the risk.

8. Food is fun and eating should be pleasurable. Take the time and make the effort to eat safely, and then enjoy yourself.

9. Remember that you have absolute and total control over your diet. No one can force you to eat something you know you shouldn't – if anyone tries, think of them as a drug dealer and just say no.

10. Practice creative substitution, not deprivation. Oat, soy, rice or almond replacements for dairy, two egg whites to replace a whole egg, low-fat veggie versions of meat products. Replace some oil with fruit purees in breads or cakes, use veggie broth instead of oil in sauces, bake with unsweetened cocoa powder (it's fat free) instead of solid chocolate. Use herbs, baking extracts (vanilla, peppermint, maple, etc.) and mild spices generously to heighten flavors.

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If you're currently trying to break the cycle of ongoing IBS attacks, it is best to strictly limit your diet to plain soluble fiber foods and high volatile peppermint and/or fennel tea for several days. This will allow your GI tract to stabilize, and then you can gradually and carefully add in other foods following the IBS diet rules.

At that point you'll be ready to go shopping, re-stock the pantry with your new IBS safe staples, and learn how to cook fast, easy, fabulous meals following the IBS diet guidelines and IBS recipes.

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