IBS Yoga Poses & Postures for Digestive Health

There are specific yoga poses and also full sequences of postures for relieving and preventing all IBS symptoms, as well as other digestive problems. Try any of the choices below to help stablize your GI tract and start feeling better immediately.

Poses can be practiced individually as needed, or you can follow the full sequences on a daily basis to maintain digestive stability. Try to breathe as slowly and deeply as you can, breathing in and out through your nose, as you hold each pose and move through the sequences.

Yoga Poses for Specific IBS Symptoms
(constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, and more)

Yoga Posture Sequence for IBS

Yoga Posture Sequence for Improving Overall Digestion

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Heather's IBS Diet Cheat Sheet
Excerpted from
Eating for IBS.

Yoga Poses for Specific IBS Symptoms


Yoga Pose (Click on name for picture)


Bow, Corpse Pose, Fish Pose, On your Back With Knees to Chest, Seated Forward Bend, Uddiyana, Forward Bend, Plow


Breath of Fire, Spinal Twists, Triangle, Seated Forward Bend


On Your Back With Knees to Chest, Wind Relieving Posture, Gentle Inversion Poses


Gentle Inversion Poses, Wind Relieving Posture, Seated Wide Angle Pose

Bowel Dysmotility

Locust or Half Locust Pose


Corpse Pose, Mountain, Locust, Seated Forward Bend, Cobra or Upward Facing Dog, Forward and Backward Bends

Overall GI Function

Spinal twists, Peacock, Triangle, Bow, Cobra or Upward Facing Dog, Forward Bend, Plow, Camel


Corpse Pose, Locust, On Your Back with Knees to Chest.

Get comprehensive information about yoga for IBS in The First Year: IBS.

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