Top 10 Questions About IBS Your Friends and Family Need Answered

  • 1. What is IBS? What physically goes wrong? (Show them this page with the graph picture if it helps)

  • 2. Is there a cure or any medical treatment?

  • 3. Can you prevent IBS attacks? How can we help you do this?

  • 4. What type of diet do you have to follow? Why? (Hand them a diet cheat sheet if it helps)

  • 5. Is stress a big trigger? What helps you deal with it? How can we help with this?

  • 6. Can you still go out to restaurants? What will make this easier for you?

  • 7. What about holidays and parties? How can we help make these occasions safe for you?

  • 8. What would you like us to do for you when you're at home?

  • 9. What would you like us to do for you when you're in our home?

  • 10. What would help you most when we go out together?

  • If you or your friends and family need more information, check The First Year: IBS book.

Tip Takeaway: I know - it's tough to talk about this. But you'll help yourself greatly by telling friends, family, and close co-workers. Tell them how symptoms affect you and if they restrict your life. Thank them in advance for their consideration and support. Don't downplay or dismiss your need for understanding and help. You deserve it.

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