Stress and IBS. How does getting stressed out affect Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Stressed Out? That's Not Going to Help Your IBS...

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  • Along with diet, stress is the greatest trigger for IBS symptoms.

  • Obvious culprits? Worries about work, money, family, health.

  • Less obvious? Hot and humid weather, travel, lack of sleep.

  • Why? Stress inhibits the parasympathetic nervous system, and stimulates excessive adrenaline production, which upsets the rhythmic muscle contractions of the gut.

  • What helps?

    • Follow the IBS diet cheat sheet to keep your gut calm despite stress.

    • Tackle stress directly:
    • Remember that anything that stresses your body, from your physical environment to emotional extremes (even happy anticipation and excitement), will affect your gut. Plan accordingly.

  • Best bet? Gut-directed hypnotherapy not only minimizes stress, it physically changes the way your gut reacts to it.

    • This is in addition to hypnotherapy's direct regulation of your gut's enteric nervous system, and resulting reduction of IBS symptoms.

Tip Takeaway: Stress directly affects colonic motility and IBS symptoms. Use as many tactics as you need on a daily basis to actively prevent or minimize stress-related attacks.

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