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"Dear Heather, I'm sure you've gotten so many letters like this, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you've done. I am 20 now and although I've had IBS since I was 12, I am just now going through the process of getting diagnosed. Although all these medical tests are torture, your book has been a life saver so far. It's so nice to get advice from an expert who is also an IBS sufferer. By following the advice in your book I feel like I have control of my life again and it has really done a lot for my self- confidence. And the recipes are delicious by the way! I am looking forward to watching your TV show on the internet and I will buy any book you get published. I am also going to write to the addresses you have on your web site (Oprah, etc.) because you definitely deserve to be on the shows and you will help so many people. Again, thank you so much! Although I don't know you, I know you are one of the kindest people I've ever "met." Sincerely,"

Rachel from Florida, IBS Sufferer

"I recently purchased your BOOK! I had stopped eating dairy years ago, and tried unsuccessfully to figure out the other triggers. I had spent the entire month of July lying in bed at night with the sorest abdomen and so many days with no energy and so much pain. so thanks for unlocking the keys for me. I roam the markets with your book in my cart. If you are doing any public speaking in the Seattle area or know of any groups that have taken your hard work a step further I would love to know. Again I hope that this book gives you all of the success that you deserve. Thank you,"

Sue Nathanson, IBS Sufferer

"Dear Heather, Since I was about seven years of age I have suffered these "episodes"of IBS. Over the last two weeks I have had two episodes, one had me in hospital for four days with little answers. For the first time someone realized how sick I was and got me in to an urgent appointment with a gastro specialist. However, all he had to say was that he thought it was IBS and there was nothing he could do for me except prescribe me some anti-spasmodic medication (which does not work). I was initially diagnosed with IBS last year when he ran a series of tests and came up with nothing, even then he didn't give me ANY advice on how to deal with it!! This last episode has left me quite distressed as I feel like I am going to die when I have the episode and yet there feels like there is no one to help. Last night I went to see my GP and said that I need help and asked for him to arrange a dietician for me and some allergy tests and although he was compliant I know he knows nothing and I feel like it is all a lost cause. However, this morning I decided I refuse to let this thing control my life any longer, I am 24 and I need to get out and start living. When I found your site and read what you and others had to say I cried, in fact I am getting teary again !!! Anyway I want to thank you for giving me hope, you have no idea how much this means to me to know that I can find ways to live with this, or better still without it!! Perhaps I will have no more run-ins with doctors who refer to it as just a bit of a tummy problem, we can only hope! Regards,"

Beth Lewis, IBS Sufferer

"Dear Heather, My girlfriend and I have both emailed you and are both IBS sufferers. She recently bought your book for my birthday and one for herself. Heather, the book is so helpful!!! Instead of cookies with my peppermint tea I am gorging on your banana bread. I have made 3 loaves already. Thank you again!! You are beautiful inside and out!!!!! I wish you great success with the book and continued good health !!!! Of course I will take the time to write to Oprah and the other shows for you!!!!!! Your are, after all, our GURU!!!! Thank you for your advice!!!"

Holly, IBS Sufferer

"Hi Heather, I bought your book and I love it. I have been drinking the peppermint tea and it is helping with the gas. I also have been taking two glasses of Citrucel every day and that has been a miracle worker for me. It has been regulating my bowel movements and helping me to go normal. I cannot afford to be sick for my classes. I love your book. It has done wonders for me. You should have your own TV show. Thanks."

Lisa, IBS Sufferer

"Dear Heather, Just found your website and found much relief after reading all the information you provided. Have ordered your book and I am looking forward to reading it too. My daughter has had IBS for 5 years now. Today she went to an gastroenterologist to discuss the problems she has been having, such as not tolerating too many foods and becoming very discouraged. His response was "she would just have to deal with it". I get so irritated with physicians who because of their inadequacies make you the patient feel so stupid and unimportant. Sometimes I wish physicians would just experience what their patients are experiencing just for 1 week and see if they would respond the same way afterward. I really had to calm her down once she came home and finally convinced her that "we" would work on this together. We have a great relationship and I told her we would fight this together. After reading your information I became so excited to finally understand what in the world is happening. Even being a nurse myself, doctors turn us off too!!! I especially liked the part about insoluble versus soluble fiber. I copied all the pages from your website and can't wait to give them to my daughter tomorrow. I plan on going out first thing and buying peppermint tea as well as Metamucil. She had been advised to take Fibercon tablets only. I will try to convince her to follow your plan. Can't wait to get your book. I have faith that this will work out for her and will pass this on to everyone I can. Thank you so much for all."

Eileen M Piet, Hampton NH, Mother of IBS Sufferer

"Heather, My 13 year old daughter has been following many of the directives in your "Eating for IBS" book. Your book is wonderful. I took it with us to her latest appointment with the gastroentrologist. It met with some skepticism but I am bound and determined to do what ever it takes to help my daughter. If nothing else at least your book has empowered my daughter to help herself. It has validated her feelings and given her some control over an illness that was controlling her life."

Anne Truniger, Wausau, WI, Mother of IBS Sufferer

"Dear Heather, Thank you for the relief your book has provided - since cutting out all the trigger foods you mention I have been pain free. I am very grateful. Thank you again."

Mike Bennett, Aberdeen, Scotland, IBS Sufferer

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