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"Thank you from the bottom of my stomach (sorry, couldn't resist). I have just read your web site and will be now purchasing your book. You have opened my eyes to what I have been suffering with for so many years. The testimonials from other readers sound so familiar..."deal with the pain"..."it's all in your head"..."learn to cope", all sound like what I've been told by many doctors for many years. Thank you for your time, your research, your understanding, your compassion. I can't wait to read your book from cover to cover and hopefully one day soon you will visit Ontario, Canada and I will have the honour of meeting you. Your admirer from Ontario, Canada."

Donna Kyle, IBS Sufferer

"I just wanted to write and thank you for writing the best book on IBS that I have ever read. I have lived with IBS and lactose intolerance for 20 years with much confusing advice from my doctors about nutrition and diet. Your book puts everything into perspective for me. Not only is the information the most accurate but your recipes are absolutely fantastic. I now feel I can get off the deprivation diet and join my friends and family in eating healthy, normal, flavorful meals. Thank you so much. As a librarian, I have met several people who suffer from IBS and that come to the library to find information that will help ease their symptoms. Like myself, most of these people are frustrated by the lack of useful information out there or inaccurate information that they receive from both their physicians and from printed information resources. As I stated before, your book in the best and most accurate resource I have ever found. I will be happy to spread the word to as many people as I possible can. Thanks so much."

Paige Anderson, IBS Sufferer

"Dear Heather, I've recently purchased your book and have been reading through it; I commend you on such a well written book. I've been recommending your book to my patients who have IBS (they mark it on their medical history) as they seem to be getting precious little information from their physicians. Your comments in that area are right on. They can't believe that their dentist would be more concerned about their problem than their physician. We even give them a special signal to use during their treatment if they need to use our employee restroom and not draw undue attention. Again, congratulations on your book and best wishes. Respectfully,"

Michael Todd DMD

"Hi Heather, I have just come across your website through the IrishHealth.com site. I must congratulate you on it. My husband suffers from IBS - it has such an effect on our lives. Just reading your site today gives us hope. Is it possible to purchase your book in Ireland? Thanks and Regards,"

Angela McMahon, wife of IBS sufferer

"Dear Heather, I was looking for something to help my husband on the net when I came across your book. I have ordered it and should have it within a few days. I cannot wait to start some of your cooking. My husband has been suffering for over a year now and hurts so bad sometimes he wants to give up. I have taken a few hints from what you have on the net. I can't thank you enough for making this book available to those are hurting and just don't know what to do. Thank you."

J. Dumse, wife of IBS Sufferer

"Dear Heather, Your book has become my eating bible. Your advice has been better than that of my gastroenterologists and that of 2 other books. I feel so much better thanks to you. Your trail mix snack and rice pudding are lifesavers as are many of your other recipes. Thanks again, and I do hope to meet you and have you sign your book for me. Gratefully yours,"

Jil Hauge, IBS Sufferer

"Thank you so much for all the information you have about your book. I am in the process of ordering it. Thank so much for your help and may GOD bless you."

Luisa V., IBS Sufferer

"I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for your book. I'm 31 and have had IBS and ulcerative colitis for about 10 years. It progressively got worse as doctors c/n be bothered with finding out what was wrong with me. It was so inspirational to know so many others have gone through the same pain, embarrassment and frustration. Having to lay in your bed, crying and holding your stomach or always having to be near a bathroom. My gastroenterologist told me to "eat whatever doesn't bother you", but it seemed like everything bothered my colon/bowel. I lost so much blood last year I wound up in the hospital and then had to get iron intravenously for a month. Now it has flared up again and I started to get so discouraged again. Till my best friend bought me your book. I stayed up late reading the whole thing. My new doctor currently has me taking over 20 pills per day and I'm still suffering. You didn't just write a diet book.....you have such a way with words. I all of a sudden didn't feel so alone and I can't wait to try your recipes and get well."

Holly L. Elsroth, IBS Sufferer

"Like so many others, your book has become my "Bible" of sorts and has helped me regain my life. I am deeply grateful."

Jennifer Bascom, IBS Sufferer

"Heather, I finally got your book and have been doing real good with it - almost a month without an attack. My doctor was very impressed with your book (his son has IBS) and he stated it seemed very encouraging and that he was going to buy one for his son and two for the office. I am off all drugs now. Thanks again for a wonderful tool and I am looking forward to hearing from you."

Vera, IBS Sufferer

"Hi Heather, I just finished reading your book on IBS and it is by far the most researched and informative book on IBS that I have read. Congratulations on your great work! Again, a warm "THANK YOU" for being an advocate and educator for many!"

Janet Hall, IBS Sufferer

"Dear Heather, I just visited your website for the first time and was very impressed by the grateful readers of your book. But more importantly, I saw what this could do for my own mother, and I wanted to thank you personally for that. For as long as I can remember, she has disliked, and even feared, social functions, driving cars, and even leaving the house. I happen to have a degree in Psychology, and even I thought she must be agoraphobic After reading the emotional letters of your readers, however; I strongly suspect that she has suffered from IBS for a minimum of 25 years (my entire life). She says so herself. She sent me the link to your site just a little while ago saying that she is going to start reducing the stress in her life and taking your diet advice. I suspect that this will work for her, and in that case you can accept my immense gratitude for changing her life; she doesn't have much after what IBS has done to her, but she has me and I can't wait to see her freed from her pain and suffering and ready to go out and enjoy the world! Thank you for all that you're doing. Sincerely,"

Amy Shannon, daughter of IBS Sufferer

P.S. My mother just wrote me to say that she has not had bowel problems in a week thanks to the advice on your site. She plans to buy your book, and I already have. Good Luck!

Amy Shannon, daughter of IBS Sufferer

"I just had to tell you that your book has made a difference in my life too. My case of IBS is very severe. I have suffered for nearly thirty years and it was getting worse. My job involves travel (much of it international) and I was obsessing constantly about how to work and manage my life facing the classic symptoms of IBS at the most severe level. Things seemed to be deteriorating in the last year (I'm age 52). My doctor prescribed Lotronex last summer and it almost killed me but I was smart enough to stop taking it. I recently scheduled an appointment with my gastroenterologist but of course he couldn't see me for three months. (When I see him next month I will take your book.) My husband saw a write-up on your book. He's been sympathetic (though not really understanding why I couldn't be tough like he is and just manage it) but knowing of my growing despair he bought it for me. We have a commuter marriage and when I arrived home the book was waiting for me. I read your guidelines and began the next morning with your recommended diet (very strictly). I have not had one problem since that day: unheard of for me since I've always had two or three difficult episodes per week. The change is nothing short of miraculous. I believe that diet is number 1, but sleep, minimizing stress (easier for me at this stage of life) and not getting overheated (I continue to exercise but mildly) are all key. I've lost a little weight (which is good) and I am a new person. I'm going to order another copy of the book so that I have one at home and one in the city where I work. I know this condition is incurable and I will have problems. I would have accepted a ten percent improvement but I think I'm going to have at least 90% improvement. You've heard it before but thank you."

Christine S., IBS Sufferer

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