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  • No. It's pure fat, and all fats are GI stimulants. They can cause cramps, diarrhea, pain, rebound constipation, and worse.

  • A low fat - NOT fat free - diet is important for keeping IBS calm. The fats you do eat should be heart-healthy plant or fish choices. Coconut qualifies, but it's still a potential trigger.

  • Coconut cream and milk are also high fat. Coconut water, however, is virtually fat free, and safe for IBS.

  • Coconut oil may actually have anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal benefits. But, by definition IBS does not involve inflammation or a fungal overgrowth. A finding of these would preclude a diagnosis of IBS in the first place.
Tip Takeaway: Use coconut oil in small amounts only, always with your soluble fiber foundation foods, just as you would other heart-healthy plant fats.

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