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Assume that restaurant food is trouble, and do everything you can to prevent problems in the first place.

Be proactive! Before you even leave for a restaurant or order take out, take a dose of your Tummy Fiber Acacia.

Bring your own high volatile oil fennel or peppermint teabags with you and just ask for hot water to brew.

Remember that fennel is best for bloating and gas, peppermint is fantastic for pain and spasms. Or mix and match both in the same cup if you get hit with all of the above.

Personally, I've had some of my all time worst IBS attacks in restaurant bathrooms. (Why were they always painted bright pink?) It was usually while everyone else was still at the table enjoying their meal. And then eventually they'd eat my meal as well when I never came back from the bathroom.

So now, I'll do whatever it takes to keep that from happening again. And as always with IBS, it's much faster and easier to prevent problems in the first place than to stop an attack in its tracks.

You don't need to be afraid to eat out and treat yourself. Just take extra measures to keep your gut calm in the face of restaurant meals.

Find more help in the restaurant section of Eating for IBS.

You are not alone!

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Heather Van Vorous
Heather Van Vorous
Over 40 years dealing with IBS
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