October 30, 2023


We have our new machine up and running and we are shipping out Tummy Tamers as fast as possible.

We never expected it to take this long to get our brand new capsule machine working and I am still having nightmares about it.

We have been struggling desperately for nearly two years with this machine. It came with so many defective parts, and had one problem after another, to the point that it became clear the company had sold us a used machine.

We replaced so many elements over so many months that we basically rebuilt the entire machine. We had to replace the drives, the dies, the gears, the sensors, the motors, the thermometers, rollers, brushers, and even (rusted!) bearings. I don't think there is anything left on the machine we did not have to repair or replace.

But finally, finally, there is good news. We are back in full production mode with new Tummy Tamers, we have the lab results for our first lot, and everything has passed all the QC checks. That means we can bottle and ship out those peppermint capsules starting now. We'll be in production continuously moving forward.

I am really excited about our new Tummy Tamers. Bringing production in house has let us make some huge improvements. We are now using local peppermint oil, steam distilled from peppermint fields right here in Washington's Columbia River Valley. This means we can spec for peppermint oil with the best volatile oil profile from each harvest, for the highest medicinal strength.

We are also now able to use a patented, very special enteric gelatin to improve tolerance for those prone to heartburn or reflux. This gelatin has enteric properties built right in, for better protection against heartburn than simple enteric coatings.

So Heather's Tummy Tamers still use the same formula, but now they have a new look!

You are not alone.


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