Bloating and Gas Relief!

  • IBS bloating stems from trapped intestinal gas, plus our dysfunctional guts' hyper reaction to that gas.

  • Gas is trapped by the mis-timed, or irregularly timed, bowel contractions that underlie IBS.

  • Bloating is one of the most frustrating IBS symptoms.

  • Relieve Bloating - Try this super easy on-the-floor yoga pose:

    • Lie on your back. Gently bring one bent knee up to your chest, keeping your head and your other leg relaxed on the floor. Hold your knee with your hands as close to your chest as is comfortable. Breathe deeply. Repeat with your other leg. This is called the wind relieving pose for a reason!

  • Drink medicinal strength, high volatile oil, hot fennel tea. Fennel seed tea is a carminative, which means it prevents the formation of gas, and aids in its expulsion.

  • Take an easy walk around the block, or even just around the house.

  • Moving your body stimulates the smooth muscles of your gut, which in turn encourages rhythmic contractions of your bowel.

  • Rhythmic contractions = no trapped gas = no bloating!

  • Prevent Bloating

    • Avoid chewing gum, which can cause you to swallow a lot of air.

    • Eliminate all carbonated beverages. They're a major IBS trigger for bloating and other symptoms.

    • Watch out for rapidly fermenting fibers added to processed foods - inulin and FOS are FODMAPS, and can cause terrible bloating. Psyllium can cause bloating as well.

Tip Takeaway: Watch your diet to help prevent IBS bloating. Use gentle physical movement plus strong fennel tea to help relieve IBS bloating.

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