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ADDED Recent Encouraging Stories for Hypnosis IBS Audio Program
10/13/14 01:00 PM

September 24, 2014 from Michael P Johnson on IBS Group:
"For those of us who suffer from anxiety caused IBS. I had suffered from IBS for the last 35 years and have tried everything under the sun. I have now found a treatment plan that works for me! I have invested in an IBS sudio hypnotherapy 4 disc set that you listen to once every day that takes you through an easy and relaxing meditative session. These 25 to 30 minute sessions take you through an easy to follow plan that alternates sessions as you go.

September 22, 2014 FIVE out of FIVE STARS from dh on
"Maybe I'm crazy but sorta seems like a miracle cure to me."
IBS Audio Program 100 for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
"Have used this for the past 13 years, have not missed a day of work since or had that horrid pain and gas since. Maybe I'm crazy but sorta seems like a miracle cure to me."

September 19, 2014 FIVE out of Five STARS from Michael in Vancouver, WA on HelpForIBS:
"Excellent Program - Easy to do. I am on my 15th day and I have noticed that I feel better and my abdomen has relaxed with the help of...the audio program. I am using the visualization process and it works."

September 13, 2014 FIVE STARS out of Five Stars From LoveGOODBooks on Highly recommended treatment supplement - life-changing results!
IBS Audio Program - "This has been a life-saver for my nephew, for whom I purchased this item. It is so hard to watch a young person suffer from such an ailment, let alone an older person. But this program has improved his condition radically and has, incidentally, improved his persona (for lack of a better word) in the meantime! Totally, totally recommended."

August 28, 2014 from kaydee82 on "I just started the IBS audio program. It's too soon to say if it works, but it certainly is very relaxing and I look forward to listening every night. I looked at the research on it, and as I recall, there's some decent data to back up its success."

August 3, 2014 from Donna D. in Seattle, Washington, USA via private phone conversation: "I'm only on the 11th day and already I am feeling better and feeling more confident!! I can't wait to continue with the program!"

July 29, 2014 FIVE STARS out of Five Stars from Dolores Lowe in Smyrna, Georgia USA on Amazon: Has helped my IBS.

July 2, 2014 FIVE STARS from Susan in Liverpool, New York on HelpForIBS:
...Only on day 18 but seems to be helping! Fall asleep when listening and wakeup just as it it ending...Thank you so much!!

June 26, 2014 FIVE out of Five STARS from Julie in Wagoner, Oklahoma, on HelpForIBS: I love the meditations. They make a new person of you!

June 26, 2014 FIVE out of Five STARS from Judy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on HelpForIBS: Just a beginner, but have felt improvement.

June 16, 2014 FIVE out of Five STARS from Jans Babkevics on Amazon:
This Was My Last Resort And This Was My Cure
IBS Audio Program 100 for Irritable Bowel Syndrome Self-Hypnosis

I just feel obliged to tell everyone how much this program helped me. I am young 23 years old IBS sufferer who was diagnosed just only 1 year ago, but in 6 months IBS ruined my life. I split with my GF, stopped talking to my friends, stop socializing and quit my job only because of pain IBS was giving to me. I was depressed, my live was a nightmare with constant pain and fear of eating. I lost 20 pounds in 6 months because of fear to eat as I always had pain straight away after meal. There were times when I didn't want to wake up because night time was only time when I didn't feel cramps and pain. So I tried all possible medicines they could offer me, but nothing helped me. So I found this program after a while. To be honest price was a bit expensive to me, but at that point I was ready to pay any money for a relief. So I read all feedbacks right here, and they seemed to be very good and promising. So I bought it from official website with Christmas discount 14%. Believe or not, I got like 75% relief after day 1 of listening.

It was just amazing how hypnotherapy and the way of thinking can affect what you actually feel. I followed all 100 days program strictly listening to recording every day before going to bed. These recordings are amazing! Many times I was just falling asleep in the middle of the session, sometimes I was going through all the session and really imagining all thing he was saying. It was so pleasant to listen to it. Yes his accent was I bit tough to understand. I thing he is from Cheshire (North-East of England) and I am not English speaker but I understood most of what he was saying, and my sub-concious was doing the rest of the job.

Michael's voice is so soothing and soft which keeps you relaxed. After being on day 21 I had 90% of my symptoms gone! But it was always like that. Through the program I had ups and downs, some days I had my pain back and some days I was symptom free again. The real magic happened after I finished program. I finished it on April 10th. Now 2 months later I realized that I had no symptoms at all for 2 months! But the most important thing, IBS is no longer in my life. In 2 months I never thought about IBS. Before I listened to this program IBS hosted 95% of my mind. Now its 0%! I forgot what is IBS because I have no symptoms. I know there is no cure for IBS, but who cares if you have it if you don't feel any discomfort? Okey maybe 1 time a month I have few spasms which last 10 second, but it's natural. We all humans and time to time we have digestion problems.

My life has changed completely after this program. This is my best investment in my life! Now I enjoy time with my GF, friend, I go socializing, I can drink alcohol, eat any food I want, I mean any - fast food, burgers, pizzas, spicy food anything, do whatever I want and don't think about pain in my guts. If you tried everything and nothing helped you, you should definitely try this program!

May 17, 2014 from Heather Ann Kimball:
"Good partner with treatment. It is not an overnight fix. My son said he feels it does help. It was recommended by his specialist."

May 17, 2014 from Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
"Found it (the IBS Audio Program 100) very helpful... It was recommended... It helped me on my journey of learning to relax."

May 2, 2014 from CeeBee in Gloucestershire, UK
FIVE STARS - Oasis of calm in a hectic world - IBS Audio Program 100

"Bought this as a last resort for my IBS. Was slightly 'iffy' about home hypnosis but now definitely a convert. You have to follow the program for 100 days but it's only 30 minutes a day which is easy to fit in.

It's along the line of guided meditations. I'm about 40 days in and it seems to be working. I also seem to feel calmer and less stressed generally, which is a bonus.

I found it heavily recommended on a US forum but Mr Mahoney is a Brit practising in Cheshire so it's not 'off the wall' American.

I'm enjoying the experience and looking into a general stress program for my husband now.

Yes I'd recommend it."

May 20, 2013 FIVE STARS from YYDelilah in the UK

"Worth Every Penny - The IBS Audio Program 100

I suffered with IBS for more than 25 years and spent a fortune on drugs which did little to help, spent hours in GP surgeries and months of my life suffering with bloated stomach, pain and discomfort.

Having used the IBS Audio Program 100 in November 2012, I have had not one bout of IBS. It has transformed my life. Try it - for me it has been a revelation."

April 26, 2014 From Ruth Sims in Illinois:

IBS Audio Program 100 for Irritable Bowel Syndrome Self-Hypnosis

"There is no cure for IBS, but these recordings are intended to help the afflicted person achieve control. It does seem to work. I am halfway through the 100 sessions. They have helped me to be calmer, to be able to relax and thus calm the spastic reflexes. Until there is a cure, I think this is a valuable aid.... The sessions usually put me to sleep, during which time my subconsious continues to take in what he's saying. Also, with one of the early recordings, I simply played it in the morning once, while I was fully awake, to discover what he was saying. I didn't do that with the others, but they seem to be just as effective...They have, however, been helpful for me so far..."

April 19, 2014 FIVE STARS From Linda in Vancouver, BC - CANADA
"Would recommend this program!"

April 17, 2014 From CM Bickel in Sandy, Utah - USA

"I purchased the hypnosis CDs in 2007 and used it twice. I've had IBS-D since 1995. Saw Drs. and Gastros to no avail and the hypnosis CDs were the ONLY "procedure" and of course diet change that enabled me to enjoy life as one should. Kudos to Michael and Heather!!"

February 24, 2014 FIVE STARS from Evelyn in Orland Park, IL - USA

"Love the CDs - Fabulous results, I have told 5 friends about it!"

January 3, 2014 5.0 out of 5 stars Helpful treatment, From JoAnn Duda

Amazon Verified Purchase:

IBS Audio Program 100 for Irritable Bowel Syndrome Self-Hypnosis

I found these tapes to be extremely helpful and would recommend them to anyone suffering with IBS. You must be willing to put in the time.

December 20, 2013 From Diane in Williamstown, Ohio:

IBS Audio Program - FIVE STARS

"I am feeling so much better since I started using the CDs for IBS. I play the selection for the day right before I go to sleep and rarely hear the end, but it still works!"

December 14, 2013 From Susan in Toronto, Canada:

IBS Audio Program - FIVE STARS

"I am very pleased with the audio (program)... I have now concluded day 15 and so far I am finding it extremely relaxing and helpful. I would and have recommended it highly. I am so pleased with your total website. It is very professionally done, and makes life so much easier than one could even imagine. Keep up the good work."

November 20, 2013 FIVE STARS From Paula in Granby, Connecticut:

This program has brought me - and others - such peace and comfort! I can't recommend it highly enough!

My IBS/diarrhea was out of control and, out of sheer desperation, I tried this program. I hadn't expected it to work, but I gave it a try. I loved it! I looked forward to my session each day, and felt restored at the end of it. When my sister confided her intense constipation, I sent her a copy and she also felt restored and at peace, and looked forward to each session. When I wore out my first copy, I ordered another. I can't possibly recommend it highly enough to those suffering the effects of IBS. Try it. May it bring you the peace and comfort it brought me and my sister!

November 9, 2013 FIVE STARS - Mary from Greenville, South Carolina:
"Great Service! Great product!!"

October 30, 2013 FIVE STARS - From Jeanne in Brentwood, California:
"I truly believe this Audio 100 Program is helping me cope with IBS..."

October 27, 2013 FIVE STARS - From Dawn in Green Bay, Wisconsin:
"Coolest Thing EVER. I am telling everyone about this (the IBS Audio Program) even my mom wants me to get this for her - she doesn't suffer from IBS but she liked how it calmed her. I will be ordering again soon - I even love the fact that it explains IBS to those around me."

October 15, 2013 From Gerri in MIchigan:

"...I was very happy to speak with Marilyn. She is a kind and helpfull person. I have never contacted a company that had expressed such sincere compassion and just willing to help me find the best program.
I have used the IBS program for years and it has helped me
more than I had immagined. My husband listens to it and it helps him to relax. If we have a bad day, he'll say "put Michael Mahoney on"

I really wish he had much more exposure here in the US. I had tried many programs ove the years and his really worked where the others failed.

Again, Thank you all so much for helping me with this. I am so encouraged and looking forward to receiving it.
God Bless,

October 15, 2013 From Kathryn M. in New England, USA, regarding her teen daughter's recovery from IBS using the IBS Audio Program 60 for Children as a Pre-teen and the IBS Audio Program 100 as a Teen:

"My daughter is truly the best she has been since I first contacted you, years ago. She has had no symptoms (that she has told me about) for over four months now! That's a record. And she has not listened to any of the sessions during that time, either. Since (high) school has started this year (a month and a half ago), she hs not missed any school, at all. She eats virtually everything now, including raw fruits and vegetables, which she is VERY happy about as she really missed them... We are both wondering when she will feel comforatble saying 'I used to have IBS' instead of 'I have IBS' when the topic comes up at the doctor's office. And you know as well as I do that doctors did not help my daughter when she desperately needed help; you did!"

October 14, 2013 From Sassie in the Netherlands: "Day 100 - Yes, today I finished the CDs (the IBS Audio Program 100). I am feeling much better...Can I just keep on going to listen to parts?... I just like listening in bed. Almost everytime I just fall asleep. Very relaxing."

October 13, 2013 From California:

I do find IBS audio program 100 CD's helpful, especially for sleep. I used to take sleeping pills but not anymore. I don't know if they are helping my symptoms but at least they help with sleepIt looks like I have IBS since there is no physical problem. I did test positive for h pylori but could not handle the treatment.

October 1, 2013 From B. K. in Louisiana:

"I have been a 'mouthpiece' for the success of the IBS Audio Program, having told my doctors about it as well as friends...God has certainly given Michael a special gift. I have always considered the IBS Audio Program to be the tool that God wanted me to use to overcome IBS. I think the stress program is another tool. I wish people would believe. However, many are probably skeptical for a variety of reasons, maybe partly because they think you need medicines for everything, or because it seems too easy, or they feel it contradicts their faith. I prayed about each new session, and I felt God's peace. I guess it's like having faith in God's miracles for which he often provides people and even programs to carry out His work."

September 19, 2013 From Bonnie in Bainbridge Island, Washington

IBS Audio Program

I have only been using this program for 3 weeks, but I had instant results from the first session. Not only does it help the IBS, but it also calmed down my non diabetic neuropathy. I do think both conditions are related in some way, as the neuropathy always flares up when I am having an IBS flare. I am looking forward to finishing the program and getting serious relief for my IBS.

September 11, 2013 From Robin in St. Petersburg, Florida:
"It is very relaxing. I am very hopeful it will resolve symptoms. Thank you."

September 9, 2013 From Sally in Knoxville, Tennessee:
FIVE STARS - IBS Audio Program Works!
"I am about halfway through the 100 day IBS Audio Program and it has made a difference in my IBS symptoms. I have the constipation dominate variety with lots of gas and bloating. I was skeptical but willing to try the Audio Program because I was running out of options. Almost from the very beginning of the Porgram I began seeing improvement. I'm so glad that I gave it a try!"

August 28, 2013 FIVE STARS From Patricia in Buffalo Grove, Illinois:
"Just in the beginning stage [ of the IBS Audio Program 100] but have noticed definite improvement. More helpful than the health psychologist I am currently seeing. I highly reccommend."

August 5, 2013 From Janet L. Parker:
"Just started this program but I have high hopes that it will change my life around. Will review after a couple weeks."

August 2, 2013 FIVE STARS from Dorothy in Dearborn, Michigan:
"This is a very relaxing program. It is difficult now to hurry and forge on."

August 2, 2013 From KD in the UK:
"I have used the IBS Audio Program several years ago with great success..."

July 23, 2013 Private Email from Jennifer B.:
"...I am doing a lot better since starting (the IBS Audio Program) and am so glad I purchased it! Has helped so much already and I just started so I know down the line it will help even more! Thanks again!..."

July 20, 2013 FIVE STARS From George in Belchertown, Massachusetts:
"IBS Audio Program - I have just finished the first CD and it's benefited me greatly so far."

July 19, 2013 Private Email from David K-C. in the UK:
"Hi Marilyn
Just to let you know that I have finished the (IBS Audio Program) course
My symptoms are much better. I am able to eat and drink without so much stress reaction as before.
My favourite sessions was no. 2 (and the music is beautiful). Best wishes and thanks again."
David K-C.

June 26,2013 From Veona in Youngstown, Florida
"Completed CD 1, feel confident that this will be helpful for my IBS."

June 16, 2013 From K. Tomlinson in Minnesota
"I purchased this audio CD program in 2007 when I was battling IBS. I found it very helpful."

June 2013 From Shawn:
"Excellent Michael!!! Your hypnotherapy almost completely cured my insomnia, like 98%, as well as been a great help in my life and chronic health condition. Even if I didnt have these issues, I would still use your work, just for general good health and my understanding of the power of the mind body connections! Better focus, boosting the immune system functioning, stress reduction, anxiety reduction and all the benefits of hypnotherapy and your work. As always, thanks Michael for all you do and all the people you have helped!

My Journey and Success with the IBS Audio Program Hypnotherapy Program:

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