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Positive Success Stories with Mike's IBS Audio Program + FAQ About the Sessions, etc.
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Positive Success Stories with Mike's IBS Audio Program

As many of you know, I have had IBS for over 20 years, and have received just about every medical treatment for my severe refractory IBS; I was almost housebound! At the urging of Shawn Eric and also a result of being a pest to Mike about why his IBS Audio Program 100tm would work when everything else failed, I finally tried it in the summer of 2000 and have been getting better and better ever since. As a result of this, I now help Mike out a bit, and also try to help Heather and Will help others here on the BB, just as I was helped so many years ago.

For new folks who have either just started Mike's IBS Audio Program 100tm, or those just thinking about it, I thought it would be wonderful if those who have been helped by the program would share their stories to support and encourage those who need it. Below are posts from people who have used the program and are sharing their experiences so that others may be encouraged in a postive way.

We hope this thread will be a source of encouragement and inspiration for those who, like me several years ago, were prisoners of their own home, rolled into a ball of pain, and doing their living "through the bathroom door."

Also, I would like to ask a favor of any of you who are willing. If you would like to tell your story of how the IBS Audio Program 100tm worked for you, in any way you want... in depth, in a paragraph, with your name, without it, whatever, that would possibly be used in publications, etc. to help get the positive word out to others, please let me know. These stories would be used in a professional manner. For anyone here willing to share their story in this way, please let me know. There are so many people who are suffering in silence who need to see that this is working, it is real and it is giving people their lives back, so please consider helping us help others.

Her is a A Compilation of Your Postivie posts!! Be Encouraged!!!
Success Stories from Users of the IBS Audio Program 100; Help for IBS Posts

To encourage others, and keep things in one spot for the newbies, I have consolidated all the past positive comments and excerpts posted on this BB forum, from users of the IBS Audio Program 100tm. I hope this post will help others who are suffering to be encouraged, to feel positive, and to feel that there is indeed hope out there.

Please be encouraged by the comments of others, and if you had a positive experience with Mike's program, please share it in the unlocked success stories thread on this forum to help others as you were also helped. As with any treatment method, remember, there is no cure for IBS, there are those who are not helped, there are those who have other health concerns, and no one is the same in their response, however, the good news is, that the vast majority of folks who have used the IBS Audio program have been helped, many have been helped greatly, some just a bit, but any move forward is positive and encouraging, and that's what this thread is all about!!!

Here are success stories from users in the past:

And here are positive comments from folks who have previously posted on this forum:

From jo1978 Feb 2004

I've had IBS-C for about the last 10 years. I did the hypno CD's in the middle of 2003 and it made a big difference to me. I would really strongly recommend it. If you have any more questions, let me know ... although, and this might help sway your mind, today is the first day I've been on here in months b/c my IBS isn't a big part of my life any more!
From DJW Feb 2004

I started the sessions yesterday. What a positive experience! Michael's voice is so calming and there's a nice balance of background music. I'm truly looking forward to my next session. Thank you to Heather & Company for making this available to us.
From Bevrs Feb 2004

I don't need a personal visit to a hypnotherapist. Michael IS an "actual hypnotherapist," by the way, who has successfully specialized in treating IBS for over 10 years -- and he's incredible. Why would I need to find a local hypnotherapist? Even if I did find someone locally, I can guarantee he wouldn't have the background in IBS that Michael has. The program has helped SOOO many people, Kip. You should check it out...

I am extremely grateful to Michael for having given me my life back. My positive thinking now has worked wonders for me; hubby sees a different person in me and comments on it often.
Michael is my hero; he really gave me my life back. Without him, I'd still be locked up in this condo, never leaving it.
From hawkeye January 2004

Well I've finished the program, its been 2 weeks now since I stopped listening. I have to say I have a bit of a mixed report, no miracle results. I haven't posted since I started, and was very uneasy after my first few listenings.

Well I came to really like listening though the only time I found to do it was when going to sleep at night, so I almost always was asleep before the cd stopped.

I think I'm functioning a little better i have ibs-d and there is considerably less "d" lately. However I find my mind racing to negative thoughts about getting an attack from different foods, maybe more often than I used to! I get obsessive about getting sick, either ibs or food poisoning, which I've only had once in my life, but has stuck as a fear.

So, I may do the program a 2nd time in a few months, and maybe I'll try doing it earlier in the day, as I did like being conscious for the cds, and even calling up some of the imagery when I wasn't feeling well or found myself in negative thought patterns. That was hard to do when only my subconscious mind as they always say around here had listened to the track. Thanks to all for listening and to those of you who pushed me to keep trying when I wanted to give up on the program. Dan

From Shellsbells Jan 2004

I have no problem accepting the benefits of hypnosis for IBS. IBS is not a disease but a functional disorder of the gut (for unknown reasons)- a brain-gut disorder. So go straight to your brain for treatment.

The way I think of it (which is way too simplistic, but makes it easy to imagine), the brain works in every respect by sending messages along pathways. Any physical or mental change can only take place if your brain makes a HUGE leap in creating a new pathway, or short-cut to avoid an existing well-trodden pathway (pain, trigger-anxiety-physical response...). Once that jump has been made from one brain cell to another it leaves a 'trace' that this has occurred. Then it happens again, then again - the traces it leaves behind build up (like building a bridge) until it becomes so easy it's automatic, instantaneous and the brain has created a physical, mental, or emotional change - a new pathway.

This all happens subconsciously - hypnosis works by creating new pathways in the brain. So anxiety disorders like panic attacks - the hypnosis creates a new pathway of recognising a trigger - CALM, instead of trigger - ANXIETY - PANIC. That's why so often anxiety panic disorders become worse and worse as time goes by - the brain is following the same old pathway and getting stronger and stronger each time - it doesn't know any other way. A new pathway (of calm) regularly followed will get stronger and stronger and the less the old pathway (bridge) is used it begins to deteriorate and break down.

Obviously, this is easy to imagine with something like anxiety, but it's potential is limitless, it can work with any process that the brain is involved in - physical or not. It's all about these pathways/bridges in the brain which CAN be changed.

I hope this is in some way understandable, I'm sure I haven't explained it as well as I could!

I'm on day 5 hypnosis at the moment YIPPEEE! ~Shellsbells
From Sek October 2003

I did complete the hypnotherapy some time ago and believe it helped me a lot. I have far fewer cramps and I think the constipation is even better. I still have a ways to go, though.
From Kandee Oct 2003

Doing well thank you, and I might add, the Audio program is the best priced value anyone could possibly ask for! I'm convinced that I will be one of the success stories once I've completed the program.

All I have to do is start listening to Mike's voice and I have an instant "calm" come over me. His voice alone is amazing! I'm hooked and look forward to that daily "time just for me". Even travel does not set me back as I thought it might.
From Kenneth Oct. 2003

I started session 2 and I'm really liking it. It's always such a release.. and its all surrounded by such total positivity and self empowerment...
One thing I've really noticed in the last couple of days is just how much negative energy was perpetuating my symptoms. I had really never thought of it before. I thought I was just reacting "normally" to feeling horribly.. its like I only just figured out that I don't have to feel that way, even if my body isn't feeling 100%.
From Andie September 2003

I used the cd's last spring into early summer. I was/am mostly a gassy IBSer with occasional constipation and very rare (completely food related) D. I used the program after debating about it for over a year. I am SOOO glad I did. It is amazing to this generally skeptical person that it was so helpful, but it was. It is now about 2 1/2 months since I completed the program and I continue to be doing so much better than before listening to the tapes. I can eat a lot of things I couldn't before, although I still have to avoid dairy, caffeine, and very fatty foods. As Shawn said, it works differently for everyone, but as one user, I was and am very pleased! Best wishes to you with it - think positive and be patient! Andie
From: Txmom September 2003

Hi everyone! I am new to the Hypnosis board. I just received my discs and have completed two sessions. I can already feel a difference. I woke up this morning and went two hours without even worrying about the rest of the day. It will be so nice to start making plans that do not revolve around the closest bathroom....

I am only on my second session but I definitely feel more relaxed. I tend to be high strung and worry about IBS attacks a lot. The last two days I have felt a lot less worried. I do not feel cured or anything like that but overall I feel better. I think it is mostly a better mental outlook. Does that make sense? I have undergone hypnosis in the past for a phobia disorder. I wonder if this makes my subconscious more open to this therapy. I will keep updating to let you know how I feel. So far I would highly recommend these discs.

From Mags September 2003

..Anyway, I broke down and bought them, and ever since using them, I hardly ever have D, urgency, general gut yuckiness, etc. anymore. I actually went away for a few days in July, and that was the first time I'd looked forward to going anywhere in years. Last week was the last time I felt bad in a long time. I used to worry every time I had something to do, to the point if I had to leave the house, I would give myself an attack.

Anyway, if you go back and look through old posts on the hypno, you'll see how I progressed through them. And they're so easy to use. All you do is listen.

I'm not sure if you're C or D - I'm D and they helped me, but Kerrie (KinOz) is C and they helped her also.

Hope that helps...if you have any other questions, let me know.

..Almost 5 years ago, I couldn't even make it to the store 5 min from my house without anxiety. Now, in July I went for the first vacation in a couple of years that I actually looked forward to. I'm not cured, but I feel so much better and am able to do so many things now. What helped me was the Audio 100. If you check my past posts on the hypno board, you can see my progress. They definitely helped with the vicious cycle.

and from Mags in July 2003
..Sometimes I was aware of my surroundings, but mostly I'd end up falling asleep, because I did them at night just before bed. Sometimes I'd awake at the end during the countdown.

I definitely noticed how relaxing it was from the beginning, and how relaxed I was while not listening, just doing my daily things. I'd recommend the hyno cd's to anyone.
From Ruchie July 2003

The very first time I sat down to do the first tape, I was nervous and fidgety. I didn't know what to expect. I tried it with my hubby in the room, and I kept laughing. Finally, I decided this was important to me, I'm a grown woman, and I can do this...and it was SO WONDERFUL! It was like Mr. Mahoney was talking directly to me when he said "This time is your time..." I felt so GOOD! This idea that it was ok for me to make time just for me...what a revelation!

I LOVE the tapes! I did stop in the middle and now I've started again. I feel relaxed when I do the tapes. I know I will have some time just for me. I would be more specific about certain sessions...but I don't want to ruin for others.

From geekgirl July 2003

I'd used hypnosis tapes in the past for other things so I knew what to expect. However I have found these CDs to induce much deeper relaxation than any I've used before. In that respect I was conscious of my surroundings at the beginning and end of a session but not during the middle. That hasn't bothered me - it's just like having a little snooze.

One other thing I've noticed is a sense of journey through it. This has been especially noticeable in the final two sessions - a feeling that as the sessions are coming to an end so are my problems.

Today is Day 94 and I'm getting excited about finishing! geekgirl
From KinOz July 2003

never felt out of control or unsure and liked it straight away. I have had previous experience with HT though so maybe that helped as I kind of knew what to expect. Kerrie

... On Friday afternoon I listened to the last scheduled session of the IBS Audio Program. I must say I was a bit sad as I have come to look forward to those times.

To anyone who is considering ordering the program I would say go for it. It has really helped me with the way I deal with my IBS. It just doesn't bother me so much any more and I feel so much more positive....
From BQ August 2003

In brief, I felt completely relaxed. I was so relaxed I would typically fall asleep! I had no anxiety about the process whatsoever.
No It wasn't what I thought it would be. I thought I would have to make more of an effort other than just listening to the sound of his voice. So I was pleasantly surprised at how little effort it actually took.

I felt good about doing something good for me.
I felt more relaxed outside of the sessions and had a much more positive outlook on things.
From Galwae August 2003

I just started side 5 today. I feel more positive and calm about the ibs since listening to the HT: I'm more aware of when/where I'm holding tension in my body and then try to focus on letting it go. I've also tried doing daily affirmations with my digestion. So far, so good...

From Tim G August 2003

I am just finding the whole experience ultra-relaxing. I have consciously listened to each of the three lessons (that's all I am up to!!) probably 2-3 time, for the rest of the time I typically fall asleep and my subconscious obviously kicks in.

The defining fact for me is that I am 'able' to fall asleep. Before I started the CD's I found it
hard to get to sleep (thinking about work..etc) and was such a light sleeper that if a mouse broke wind, it would wake me up. Now I am getting a great nights sleep almost every night.
From Nikki August 2003

I always felt very relaxed when i was doing (the program). I always felt safe.
ColbySD July 2003

I just wanted to say I received my tapes, and started them this past Saturday. I have already been able to benefit from the tapes as my ability to relax was nil. Now I have about 30 minutes of the day I am able to let go of everything. Thank you so much for recommending the tapes, I look forward to that time each day. ... Colby
POADB June 2003

Believe me, I read skeptically too. I read the (IBSAudioProgram100) website page for page 3 times, and then even printed it for a deeper/closer look.

Please don't bank on the tapes curing you. They help. and that's what Mr. Mahoney says it does. Hypnotherapy is known to reduce symptoms, not cure them.

But here's the sweet thing. You will learn about your subconscious, and the subconscious is a magical thing.
Michael Mahoney will explain in the introduction what your subconscious is doing right and wrong. It is designed to protect you, and doesn't like change, so naturally, the thought of you buying the tapes and being skeptical about them, is your subconscious working correctly.

you will also learn about the theory of how the mind effects the body. And it does. You may already know this due to words: Nerves and Anxiety. Both are things created by thoughts. Excitement is another.

Hypnotherapy uses these techniques to create positive thoughts that create positive reactions in your body. You will fall into a state of mind that will relax you and soothe you. Your subconscious will learn and adapt, and adopt the positive thoughts thus reducing your symptoms.

Medically proven, Anxiety has been linked to Diahorrea. and Depression has been linked to Constipation. If these feelings can be reduced, then so can the symptoms.

Believe in the tapes.

and also:
Hi. I would just like to add my thoughts and opinions to the Audio Program 100.

First off - Do I feel better?
A: Yes. I expected the tapes to cure me, but I was being wishful thinking. I understood that my mind was causing most symptoms due to how the body reacts to the mind. In this case, the mind/body thing, I feel the tapes have helped. I feel I am more in touch with my body, however sometimes I am still effected by my thoughts.

I think that if I was to learn a new diet to work around the foods I know make my IBS worse. My IBS would be pretty much gone, a part from anxiety etc... And this is why I have come to this board.

Did I feel hypnotised?
A: No. Not once. Never. I never felt hypnotised what so ever during any of the tapes. However, I felt guided. I followed Mr. Mahoneys instructions and made my mind effect my body in ways that would make me feel better.

Hypnotherapy has taught me to understand how the sub-consciencious works and I have an understanding to the theory of hypnotherapy. But cured, I am not. Symptoms reduced. Indeed. And that is what has made this program worth it, because it has reduced the symptoms and made IBS that little more tolerable.

Next Step?
A: To occasionally listen to some of the tapes to help build on the sub consceincious, and get a new diet.

I want to learn more about the foods that effect me, and the foods that helps. The aggressors and non aggressors.
So far, I have learnt that I can tolerate Fibres.
But I have a Lactose intolerance, so I cant have milk or diary products.
Greasy foods give me those symptoms where you HAVE to go to the toilet to relieve the big daddy of stomach aches (spasms).
Fizzy drinks are also a nightmare.

but I'll post more about foods in a different thread. See yo around.

And by all means, try the hypnotherapy tapes. £65 is well worth it, considering you have a set amount of days.
I was quoted £45 a session by a local hypnotherapist, and he couldn't estimate how long I would need the treatment. But lets say it would have taken 100 days, like the audio program. 100 X 45 = 4500..... Yeah Right!
Go with the tapes.

And thought I would add a few words from Mike's posts here as well to provide further encouragement:

From Mike Mahoney: Author of the IBS Audio Program 100

....The thing is we do have control of our thoughts, unfortunately we seem to be able to do it easier with negative thoughts than positive ones, this is because we are much more used to running negative thoughts and expecting negative things to happen than the positive ones. So we can learn to be positive. The great thing about being human is if we learn to do something one way, we can learn to do it another way. So that’s what to do, easier said than done, but it is possible. Now think about this, everything we do today is result of us getting it wrong yesterday. We had to learn to sit up, crawl, stand walk we banged and hurt ourselves in the process, but we persevered and then we learned to run, hop, skip jump, we learned the alphabet and then words and sentences but we had to learn to do it. So the first thing to remember is this, don't be afraid to make a mistake. Do what you think is right with the knowledge and information and experience you have at the time, if it works out then great if not, learn from it and then move on. So as far are controlling thoughts, begin by expecting yourself to be able to do it - you can, but it needs practice, you are unique, we are all unique, because of that we are a one off, we can't be compared to anyone else because, we are a one of a kind individual. We do things our own way we think in our own way, sometimes we take on limitations from other people or from our own thoughts. So, start by recognisng how unique and precious you are. Then think about some of your talents, and gifts and positive learnings. And then decide if it is time to move on, away from the old thoughts and learnings. When we were kids we learned nursery rhymes, we don't need them now, so we let the drift away. They were once important, but no longer. And as we make our journey though life we can decide to let go of things that are no longer needed. Persevere through the program, decide to allow yourself the time to consider the possibility of change, with the change comes confidence, and the confidence in yourself will allow you to move on further. But like any journey there will be set backs, but the definite way is forward. Trust yourself, you are grown up now, the thoughts are from the past. You can allow yourself to let them go. One thing for sure, is you can look forward to life unfolding and great joys to be experienced. Give yourself a little time you will get there, in my experience people usually do. M.

When I work with people with Chronic Pain, it is all important to get their mind set right. I get people to tell me the size, colour, shape, depth of their pain, and then I get them to change them to something less severe. Pain, if owned, not just tolerated can be turned down, changed and at times removed. In my Chronic Pain 110 Program I explain simply the mechanics of pain, how it works and how it can be changed. .....

....The reason there are days off is to give the subcon time to become familiar with the learnings in the sessions. As human beings we learn in a particular way, where we go back to check one set of learnings before we accept further information relating to the same subject. By taking time off from listenings this processes is enhanced - even though you are taking the day off from listening. The absence of listening encourages the subcon to go over what you already know and helps to 'bed in' the suggestions. Much like when we used to cram at school for exams, we don't do any study the day or night before the exam, for this helps prevent confusion, encourages rest and allows time for the subcon to 'bed in' the existing understandings of knowledge. This is the short answer without becoming boring, The IBS program uses a method I call 'opsim' which takes all this into account and for these reasons I would encourage adhering to the schedule. I am pleased you are pleased with the program, and again thank you for your kind words. Best Regards - Mike
OK, then, I have done my bit, searching through 28 some pages here. Now it is up to you to encourage others along!!! I remember back when others helped me out, it really does make a difference to learn about positive progress and support from others who have had encouraging experiences with the IBS Audio Program. Thanks ever so much gang, you are the BEST!!

~ Marilyn
Bev's Success Story; Thanks Michael!
I suffered from IBS long before I got my final diagnosis, just a few years ago. I bought several books on IBS and read them all, especially Heather’s, which I found easier to read and understand. Although she made a lot of sense, and I pretty much followed her program, I was still in denial to some degree about my IBS. I thought I could "cure" my IBS by cutting out the things in my life that were causing my stress. I quit my job, sold my home, and moved to Washington State, where I could pay cash for a home, thus relieving me of stress over money.

What I was not aware of at the time was that my stress had nothing to do with my job, my house payment, or money issues. It wasn’t until I began having panic attacks that I realized my stress had everything to do with my fear of having an attack where I was most vulnerable, away from home and the security of my bathroom.

The attacks were violent and often. I began thinking this was how I was going to die, unaware that this happens to people much, MUCH younger than I, and has nothing to do with my body “breaking down in my old age.” By this time, I had turned down many social invitations and never EVER went anywhere that I knew had no public bathrooms. Invitations to go fishing in the woods were all declined, despite my love of the water. I had been an avid rower and used to compete with several crews, but I had to give it up for my IBS. I lost my social life, I lost my self-confidence, and I lost my friends.

I had realized that I was inadvertently “scouting out” public bathrooms, but I did not know how seriously my fear had overcome my rational thought process until one day when I was up in Canada, shopping at Home Depot, and had a panic attack. Suddenly I felt heat rising up through my body, flooding my face, worse than any menopausal hot flash I’ve ever had, and I thought I was going to faint. I ran to the ladies’ room, where I sat inside a stall, holding onto the walls to keep me from falling over. I was sure I was going to die, right there in a foreign country, far, FAR from my home, not knowing anyone. When the panic finally left me, I quickly left the store, and drove home as fast as I could. That was the last time I left the confines of my little condo in several MONTHS. I was too scared to go anywhere, not even to the grocery store or for a walk in the neighborhood with my husband and beloved puppy dog. Whenever I ventured out, I got a block down the street and the diarrhea overcame me; I had to run back to the condo, just in time.

I again turned to Heather for help. She had tried a year ago to convince me to join the boards and learn about others who suffer and what fixes they had discovered, but I declined. Heather told me about Michael’s self-hypnosis program, and, although I was skeptical, I was ready to
give it a try. I also decided to follow her other advice and joined the boards.

Michael’s program helped me immediately learn how to relax. I had known for a long time that I had a problem with relaxing, but I did not know how to solve it, opting to wear myself out with exercise or jumping in the outdoor spa (which, unfortunately, I left behind me when I moved to Washington State). After several weeks of following Michael’s program religiously, I noticed a big change in myself. Hubby noticed too, and commented on it often. First, my anxiety disappeared completely. I felt quite comfortable leaving the confines of our little condo and
going for walks with hubby and puppy, going grocery shopping – even house-hunting. I wasn’t ready to cross the border into Canada again – memories of that last anxiety attack stuck with me – but I was grateful to feel good about driving 30 miles out of my way to go to the health
food store, shop, and drive 30 miles back home, all without needing a public bathroom. Wow, what a treat. Hubby commented that I seemed a lot happier and a lot less “up tight.” I enjoyed things a lot more, and I had more confidence about our future.

By the time I finished Michael’s program, I had gotten to the point where my whole body would relax the minute I plugged in the earphones; as soon as I heard his voice, I was asleep. I took him to bed with me every night. Even my morning cramps seemed to disappear, and when I did have them, they went away with each elimination. Wow. Unbelievable.

A side effect for me to Michael's program is my newly-developed positive thinking. It made sense to me that the mind controls the body -- ALL of the body -- but for some reason I still didn't get the connection between thinking positively and the body performing positively as a result; I just did not realize the damage that thinking negatively can do. My New Year's resolution was to think positively, and with Michael's help, so far it's been very easy to do. The results have been amazing; I love the comments I get from others about the change in me.

I have a lot to thank Michael for. I have my life back. My so-called friends are gone, but I have myself now, and I am no longer afraid to enjoy myself. My attacks are few and far between, and I can almost always attribute them to something stupid I have done. I have purchased several of Michael’s other programs and am anxious to begin them all. I have certainly come a long way in a very short time, such that I can’t help wondering why I wasn’t ready sooner.
From Shawn Eric: 02/25/04

Here are many more including my own.;f=11;t=000017

(Note that first post is from January 2001 - )

From Crampgirl: 03/25/04:
Well, so far I am only on day 14 or so, so really don't know if it is going to help my IBS yet. What I have experienced is just how relaxed it makes me. When I first listened and took the three deep breaths I noticed that I felt better and more relaxed after the breaths. After about day 4-5 I didn't notice a big difference in feeling more relaxed after the breaths BECAUSE I was already relaxed before I even started. I look forward to the sessions and love the time to just drift off with his soothing voice. I am on tape 2. I too sometimes fall asleep so try sitting in a reclining position rather than flat which helps some. I fell asleep a few days ago and the tape had gone beyond tape 2 part I and I woke up to part II which sounds just as good but I shut it off till I'm ready to get there. I had a patch of anxiety panic attacks 14 yrs ago or so when I first got IBS from all the stress of not knowing what was going on with me, physically and also job problems. It was mostly always while I was driving to work (lots of stress there ). Hadn't had them since but then they just reared their ugly head a few mos ago as I had a really scary auto incident and a few break downs on the freeway. Again, only when driving. I'm finding since listening to these tapes they are happening less frequently. I'm hoping for more improvement. At first the price made me balk but now I'm thinking it is really pretty inexpensive when you consider what in person sessions would cost and maybe have someone who really didn't do it right for IBS. Also, think about how much we all spend on pills and potions for this. I would recommend it for anxiety/stress if nothing else.
From Lori: 04/07/04:
"I haven't posted to any of the message boards for the past few months and felt kind of bad! I posted a lot more when I was feeling bad, but when I started feeling better, I quit. I want to encourage people to use the hypo CD's. I finished using them about two months ago. I didn't see any difference for the first 2/3 at least of the program, but now I haven't had a stomach attack in about 3 months. I'm eating pretty normally - I follow some of the IBS diet as needed (mostly low fats, no salad, no chocolate, low insoluble fiber), but otherwise can eat quite a bit of normal stuff. I've had IBS for 35 years, since I was 10. I'm not saying my stomach always feels completely fine, but it's not enough to change my life much anymore. I honestly wonder if the hypnosis can really do this, but I didn't do anything else different!! Hope this encourages all of you who are doing the program to keep at it!
Lori "

Update from Norb: 04/09/04:

"Just thought I'd tell everyone that it has now been 3 years since starting Mike's tapes and I am still totally symptom free and like a new person.
I have been having some other health problems lately and it appears that I will have my Gallbladder removed. The HIDA Scan yesterday to check for Gallbladder function took two hours of laying still under a Gamma-ray camera, something I could never have done while still suffering IBS/D problems.
I sure suggest that anyone suffering IBS symptoms give themselves what I consider my best gift. Get Mike's tapes and start on the path to a better life.
Norb "

Info From ShawnEric:April, 2004

You might also want to read this site from a major expert on hypnotherapy and IBS.

Why Consider Hypnosis Treatment for IBS?
by Olafur S. Palsson, Psy.D.

Hypnosis is only one of several approaches to treating irritable bowel syndrome and may not be the most suitable option for all patients (click here for discussion of treatment options for IBS). However, hypnosis treatment has some advantages which makes it an attractive option for many IBS sufferers with chronic and severe symptoms:

- It is one of the most successful treatment approaches for chronic IBS. The response rate to treatment is 80% and better in most published studies to date.

- The treatment often helps individuals who have failed to get improvements with other methods (see for example: Whorwell et al., 1984, 1987; Palsson et al., 1997, 2000).

- It is a uniquely comfortable form of treatment; relaxing, easy and generally enjoyable.

- It utilizes the healing power of the person's own mind, and is generally completely without negative side effects.

- The treatment sometimes results in improvement in other symptoms or problems such as migraine or tension headaches, along with the improvement in IBS symptoms.

- The beneficial effects of the treatment last long after the end of the course of treatment. According to research, individuals who improve from hypnosis treatment for IBS can generally look forward to years of reduced bowel symptoms.

What can be done to improve Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?
By Olafur S. Palsson, Psy.D.

Last updated: August 2002

Traditionally, physicians have had a great deal of difficulty coming up with adequate medical treatments for IBS. Medications used to treat the disorder have generally been aimed at treating single symptoms (such as pain or diarrhea) of this complex syndrome, and have often proven limited in effectiveness even on those symptoms. Among medications with most consistent effectiveness on IBS symptoms (Camilleri, 1999) are Loperamide and antidepressants (the latter help not only symptoms of depression in depressed IBS patients, but also improve pain and diarrhea in some individuals). Overall, the response of the syndrome to medication interventions has been inconsistent and disappointing, leaving a substantial proportion of patients with little or no lasting relief. Dr. Grant Thompson, one of the world's authorities on IBS, concluded in his review of pharmacologic management of IBS: “The sheer number and variety of drugs sold …for IBS treatment are testimony to their collective uselessness" (Thompson, 1994).

This pessimistic picture might finally be changing to some degree as new classes of medications have emerged that seem to be able to address this disorder. The first among the drugs, Lotronex, was introduced with much fanfare in the Fall of 1999, but was was pulled voluntarily off the market less than a year later by Glaxo-Wellcome, due to concerns about several deaths which may have been attributable to the effects of this medication (see link to CNN story below). Many regretted the loss of this first medication specifically designed for IBS treatment. In a remarkable and unusual reversal (see link below), Lotronex has now been reapproved for use by the FDA, and reintroduced on the market with extra precautions to address the risks previously identified.

The next medication to arrive on the market for IBS is Tegaserod, produced by Novartis, which has just been released in the U.S. This medication is marketed under the name Zelnorm,and is specifically intended to relieve constipation-type IBS problems. Zelnorm has been demonstrated to have effectiveness above placebo in tests (see link to story below). It will also be prescribed only for women.

The availability of Lotronex and Zelnorm heralds a whole new era in IBS treatment: For the first time ever, IBS-specific medications are available to physicians. However, although promising, these drugs are likely to prove to be far from being the final answer in IBS treatment. Both are only effective in women, have relatively small impact on symptoms in many patients, and only about half of patients respond in a beneficial way to these treatments.

Apart from medications, common methods used to attempt to control IBS include changes in diet, various alternative medicine methods, and psychological approaches.

The most common symptom-inducing foods for IBS patients are spicy foods and food with high fat content. Often patients can get at least temporary relief by reducing the amount of such foods in their diet. However, such adjustments in diet rarely lead to lasting improvement in the condition. Increasing fiber in the diet, with fiber supplements of at least 12 g per day (Camilleri, 1999) helps many patients with constipation- predominent IBS.

Many IBS sufferers who have not had good luck with regular medical management of their symptoms try various home remedies and alternative medicine medicine regimens. Unfortunately, they often fall prey to unwarranted claims for symptom relief from anything from herbal and homeopathic medications to colon cleansing, spending a great deal of money and may possibly suffer harm from the effects of such therapies. Among alternatives to medication, only psychological treatments and peppermint oil have the research base to back up their use in IBS.

Among psychological treatments tested for the disorder, hypnosis treatment has shown the highest success rate in replicated studies, with studies commonly showing an astounding 80-95% of patients improving and improvement lasting for at least a couple of years. The other effective psychological treatment for IBS is cognitive therapy. Brief psychodynamic psychotherapy has also shown some success, but less research has been done on that form of IBS treatment to date than on hypnosis.

May 29, 04
One lady recently mentioned that she was
much better since she started Mike's program. She only started on the second session but was feeling better already. She's been going out of the house for the last 2 weeks and feels more relaxed. When she startrd to feel that "oh no" coming on she just said in her head "oh well, I'll worry about that later" and it goes away!!! She says "it's just so nice not to feel panicky so much."

Just thought I would share a bit of that... ~ Marilyn

From Ralph/RGS August 12, 2004
i too am getting great results from the audio program. Just curious about the other programs of Michael's that you mention, and where i might find info on them.
thanks lots
You will find Mike's other programs here:
as well as the websites mentioned on the inside covers of your program booklet. Take care!
Hypno Improves Skiing!!!

From Ralph/RGB August 30, 2004
Well actually, it doesn't, my skiing skills have not improved since last year, however, i have just finished the hypno course, packed the fibre and went south for a weeks skiing with friends.
Hard skiing everyday, followed by much eating and drinking, and i have to say that the digestive system has never behaved better, found i was congratulating myself (and of course the sub-conscious mind)every day on a fine job, and how well i felt, even though i think i was jet propelled down some of those blue runs! Well you gotta have some reaction to beer after all!
I have never followed a particular diet, except low fat, and excluding trigger foods identified (especially reef fish,i consider that a bout of ciguatera poisoning 30 years ago was the start of the IBS), but i think the hypno along with increased and regular (used to forget a bit) use of fibre has really done the trick.
THANKS MIKE! You've provided a great service for myself and many in need.
all the best
Amazing improvements so far (1/3 program finished)
September 1, 1004 Posted by: Dagenj1
It seemed like once I hit Session 3, I had BMs daily like clockwork, with absolutely NO D and very little gas and bloating.

The funny thing is, I still haven't heard more than like 5 minutes of each of the sessions, I have NO idea what Michael is saying to me while I sleep. :-)

From Ivy, 9/13/04

That is great news! I'm on round 2 now and am waiting for similar results.

Just curious...have you been doing other things alongside of the hypno, like meds or the IBS diet?
From Dagenj1 9/15/04
I am not on the IBS diet because my trigger foods are pretty limited and easy to avoid. Most of my attacks happen in high anxiety situations too, so I mostly just don't eat during those times.

At any rate, I am on Effexor which has helped relax me quite a bit. I started that after about a month of hypnosis, so I know that the hypnosis was working before the meds.

Also, the only other thing I do is drink Tummy Mint tea before bed which is gross (I hate tea), but flattens my tummy so it's not bloated all the time.

Good luck to you!
Thought we could use some more positive reinforcement for any newbies - here are some more taken from other threads:

October 25, 2004
it does keep on getting better. I also
like to remember some key moments from the tapes,(CDs) my favourites are the
pedals/wheel, and if i feel any stirrings, i like to tell myself that
"its ok because my subconscious know's exaclty what to do, it's permanently coded there now" !
Also if anxiety is a big issue go back to the cart and well and throw heaps of bags labelled anxiety into it and wave them goodbye.
I have just spent three weeks touring around the countryside towing a van and covering about 4000 km, and i've gotta say my system performed brilliantly, and travel is traditionally pretty good at upsetting routines.
All indicators are that IBS is rapidly becoming something in my past, and i am determined that this is the case.

persevere with it (listening to the IBS Audio Program) and good luck


Posted Oct 28, 2004

....this has to be what it feels like! I have (thankfully) never struggled with depression or serious anxiety, so I've never experienced life on any of those medications, but on day 34 of the program, I feel amazing. I have noticed over the last week or so a huge change in my mood, especially in my reactions to stressful situations. I have not had an IBS attack in FOREVER, so I don't even think about that anymore, but I wasn't expecting all these other benefits. Normally, something like breaking a glass, or having to deal with an extra wait at the pharmacy, or just missing the subway, was enough to ruin my mood for at least an hour. I'd stamp my feet, get cranky and pouty, and not be able to enjoy myself. Now, all three of those things have happened in the last week, and I've been so calm and unbothered. I haven't had to tell myself to calm down or anything ... I just think oh, broken glass, I should pick it up .... oh the pharmacy made a mistake, I'll come back after class ... oh, that train is already leaving, I'll get the next one ...
I feel so Un-Amanda-New Yorker-Stressed out law student! I never thought I was a bratty or moody person before, but looking back I definitely see a favorable change in my general mood.
I love these CDs. I've actually been using them for more than 34 days -- I listened to C and 1 intermittantly over the summer, before I could commit to a routine (schedule was crazy). I really began the program probably 50 days ago, but have missed days here and there, sometimes a few at at time, and have had to go back and re-listen. I can't wait to see how I feel at the end of the 100 days.


I live in the Big Apple, but I don't eat the skin

Anyone else who has had some good results from the program and hasn't shared, please encourage others here - or if you have a positive update, let us know!

Take care and happy journey! ~ Marilyn

From Kitb in the UK, Nov. 30, 2004:

Just to add my thanks for the improvement that I have benefited from since doing the CDs. The first time round I saw huge improvements. I am IBS-D and got to the stage that I could hardly leave the house. I had a few "safe" trips where I had it in my head where the public toilets were to run to when I needed and that was that. I couldn't travel to see my family, go to the cinema etc. Not long after I started the CDs things got much better and I was confident enough to increase my numbers of journeys (car journeys were definitely the stressful trigger that set me off). I was out of work at the time and had time to take proper care of myself. Then I had to move house when my husband got a new job, this involved loads of traveling round when house hunting, I found this really hard …. but I managed, and I managed the new journeys involved to the train station when job hunting and even living at my in-laws for a time. But then I had a bit of a set back, I had just finished the program and I think upheaval was too much. But as soon as I was able to re-start the CDs things seemed to settle back down again. I have managed to survive the interview process and get a new full time job, cope with the journey into work & even traffic jams (the journey is only 20 mins but I couldn’t have done that a year ago), travel with colleagues on short journeys to other sites, and I have even booked a short holiday for next week ….. so wish me luck but I am sure now I have improved this much I will be fine on the 3 hour drive.

I am on the last session so just have a few weeks to go now. If anyone is at the considering stage with purchasing these CDs then go for it! They have made a huge difference to me. I haven’t really made any diet changes, I think I had already worked out that high fat foods made me feel dreadful so avoided them but I do religiously take a small does of Heather’s Tummy Fiber twice a day and I think that this too had helped settle things down.

Dec. 14, 2004
This just in ~ Thank you Kathleen!

I have suffered with IBS for over 30 years – I was diagnosed as a teenager with Crohnes Disease and then “Informed” in my 20’s that I really didn’t have Crohnes – I had IBS and Fibromyalgia. I have
struggled through never ending pain and diarrhea for so long and didn’t think it would ever end.

Last year I heard about Michael and sent for the program! I’ll have to admit I was very skeptical and my husband was even more so. BUT – I tried it and it WORKED! I am 1000% better. When I’m feeling down or stressed out I put in one of his tapes and feel so much better.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is suffering from IBS symptoms. I am eternally grateful to Michael for his work and dedication in helping end the suffering. Any really, suffering is the only word to describe what one goes through. This program has also had
a positive effect on my ability to deal with Fibromyalgia.


Kathleen M. Johnson

Thank you to Suzanne for sharing her story with us:

I wanted to take this time to tell everyone how Mike's IBS Audio Program 100tm has helped me feel like a normal person again. I have suffered with IBS for many years thinking that I was not normal and feeling guilty when I had to change anyones plans or interrupt family travel to rush to find a bathroom.
My life got to the point where I would travel with a hospital bed pan in my car trunk for fear that I would not find a bathroom in time.
While scanning the internet I came across the Help for web site and Mike's tapes. My daughter being a Hypnotherapist checked out the web site and told me to order the tapes immediately.
When I received the tapes I moved into the spare bedroom so I could have all my attention addressed to Mike's tapes. I saw changes immediately in my thought patterns and how I handled stressful situations. It has been four months since I finished the tapes and can honestly say I have
had only three out breaks of IBS. I even flew to California to visit my daughter.
For anyone suffering with IBS please do not hestitate to get these tapes. You are worth every penny spent and Mike's approach is so gentle and comforting you will look forward to each session with him. Words are not enough to thank him for giving me back a life I can now enjoy.
Suzanne Bartlett
Sheffield, Vt.


As you know, Mike has a very busy practice in his medical centre in England where he sees all manner of patients with various problems, in addition to IBS - though IBS is one of his specialties! But I thought I would include here a random sampling of notes written to him by his "in-person" patients with various concerns - it goes some way to show just what a caring person he is - and who better to entrust your healing to! For the majority of us who can't travel all the way to merry England - how lucky we are to have his program available here!

Just a small sample of thank you notes to Mike over the years ~ Be encouraged!! ~ Marilyn
Just a small card with a “BIG THANK YOU” for the help, advice and support you have given to me over the last few months. I feel so much better and can look towards the future with a special calmer self. Once again THANK YOU. The help is very much appreciated. Very Best Wishes – CE

Dear Mike, just a little note to say thank you for all the support over the time I have been seeing you. Once again thank you for everything. H

Dear Mike, with grateful thanks for everything you have done for me. – RC

To Mike,
Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for all your help. I am well on the way in recovery and getting back to normal – whatever normal is. In my hours of need you listened, talked, helped me and most of all made me laugh. – M

To Mike – Thank you.
Just wanted to say thank you very very much for all your help. I feel totally like a different person, I’m confident and learnt how to relax again. I don’t think I would be doing so well at all if it wasn’t for you. – CT

To Mike, A profound thank you for your help, guidance and understanding during the long process of healing many deep wounds of insecurity and feeling so of worthlessness. Thank you so much for helping me to rebuild a belief in myself. IN friendship and appreciation. – AT

By putting such effort into my thanks to you, may go some way to express how much these two little words mean ‘Thank You’.

I was feeling quite poorly, I’d been there before
Wanted to stay at home forever, and padlock the door.

My own doctor died, and the work’s Doc NO heart,
My new G.P was hopeless, I was falling apart.

My mind was in turmoil, there was no escape
And YOU were my rock, in the flesh and on tape.

You had the confidence, I couldn’t see
How our progressing sessions, would soon rescue me.

How can I THANK YOU, for ending my strife
You were able to mend me, and transform my life

I still listen to your voice, no I’m not bored with you
As what was quite scary, is now safe and true.

I’m now working in Transport, they seem to like me
I’m restored like the old tram, with some TLC From DC

Dear Mike,
Many Many thanks for seeing me through what must have bane the worst part of my life! I will always be grateful for your help, kindness and understanding – and most of all your incredible patience!
I’m doing really quite well now, but I wont forget it was you who helped me to get to where I am now – and taught me how to interact with a therapist ( remember the eek factor?). I am so glad I met you and was able to have some of your time.
Much Love – RO

Dear Mike,
Just a note to say Thanks You for all the help you have given to me over the last few weeks, for your patience and kindness. Take care and God Bless, Love from - MT

Mike, Thank you for your help and support over the past few months. Kind regards –SHC

Dear Mike. Thanks to you I stopped smoking 3 ½ years ago and saved over £5,000 pounds. I have a lot more holydays, and I also feel and look a lot better. It also took will power, and I didn’t give up., and it has all been worth it. All the very best to you. –SB

Dear Mike,
Remember that mountain I was climbing. The one that I was at the top off but frightened to go over. Well thanks to all your work and guidance I finally gone over the top. Due to a sequence of events which have been an ongoing issue since back in November. I finally faced my gremlins, and came out the other side.
Instead of predicting what would happen and then run the other way rather tan face those prediction. This time I didn’t, I went all the way. I survived, more confident now, proud of myself and most of all love myself.
Without your ever present guidance and support this day would never have arrived. Thanks very much Mike. Now I will continue to go forward and not look back.
Thank you – SR

To Mike, Just wanted to say thanks for my pre-wedding session, everything was perfect. At present all is well and I’m on top of the world. Love KSD

Dear Mike,
Just to say Thank you so very much for helping me to find the light around the corner – if it hadn’t been for you I would still be wandering along that endless tunnel. – J

Mike – Just a note to let you know that I am doing okay still. I have a new position and am looking forward. Once again many thanks for all your help. – MK

To Mike
…….THANKS! Many thanks for everything you’ve done for me, I can’t tell you enough how much you have helped. Wishing you all the best – E

Dear Mike, Well I finally reached the stage of sending you a thank you card. There were times when I thought I would never get there! Thank you doesn’t seem to convey the huge debt of gratitude I owe you – you kept me going through the bad times. You’re a very special person with a special gift … don’t ever loose it! I hope all the people going through what I did, have the good fortune of finding you to help tem. Once more, tanks a million for all the help, guidance and advice you gave me … I’ll never forget it. Its onwards and upwards for me from now on. Cheerio! G

Dear Mike I can’t thank you enough for all the support you gave me. I continue to make good progress and still listen to my therapy tape often. Thank you again - N
An encouraging comment from UBU1 in CT:

posted January 05, 2005 10:53 AM
I started on Dr. Michael Mahoney's 100-day program 32 days ago and it has been amazingly helpful. I have had a normal bowel movement almost every day for 2 weeks, reduced bloating, and less anxiety. I can't recommend it enough.
From AstroChick - January 6, 2005:
I just finished the 100 day program a couple of weeks ago. While it wasn't a cure-all for me, it did help break the anxiety cycle that sometimes overtakes me. I feel like I'm backsliding a bit now because I'm not getting that daily meditation/relaxation/self-hypnosis - time to crank up doing yoga again, I guess!

I continue to use Mike's visualizations when I start feeling anxious or crampy, and they help a lot. I've been able to fall asleep at times when normally I would have to get up and do something to distract myself.

Hypnotherapy is not a magic bullet for my IBS, but it's been a huge help. The combination of it plus Heather's diet plus exercise have made me as close to regular as I've ever been!

Hi Astrochick!
Thanks for sharing your words of encouragement! For me personally, I did the program over again later on because I had so much other stuff going on in my life, and that was back in 2000 - and I am still improving. When Mike did his clinical trials, people still were showing improvement three years later after completion of the program, so there may be added improvement for you yet - and you are right - it is not a magic bullet - there is nothing that works 100% for 100% of the people and there are varying levels of help, but you can still listen to your favorite sessions as you wish in any order, once you have completed the program, if you feel the need or just want the calm! Take care! ~ M.

From Clair in the UK/ Oct. 2004:

I'm now about 2-3 years down the line from using Mike's tapes - i can't even remember how long it has been actually! but I am symptom free and at one point I had pretty severe IBS. It all seems like it happened in another lifetime that's how long I haven't even thought about it.

So to anyone out there who is sceptical that these tapes can change your life - i am living proof! and i remember being the biggest sceptic of all when eric told me about them! oh well i got proved wrong and glad to say so

lots of hugs and love to those people that helped change my life for the better {{eric}} {{mike}} {{marilyn}}
6-30-04 From B.F.~

Doing great. I'm on day 60 or so of the program. The problems of urgency and running to the bathroom are almost totally gone, and my reflexes to panic everytime I hear rumbling in my stomach have disappated. I feel like I am continuing to work toward being 100% normal -- and am very close. Looking forward to finishing the tapes and continuing to get better. I even have a softball game tonight where there will be no bathroom in sight -- before I wouldn't have thought about it -- tonight I'm going happily.

My Journey and Success with the IBS Audio Program Hypnotherapy Program:

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