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Aww Casey
      01/20/06 04:43 PM

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Hey Casey,
I'm sorry you are feeling blue. I know it has been bothering you that you haven't seen the results you want to see. I feel the same way, and have fallen off the wagon big time. Boo.

I haven't been reporting in because I've been pretty depressed about this... I was just going to keep it to myself, but I thought I'd get your input, if anybody has any.
Even if you are feeling down, don't ever feel like you can't come here.. even if you don't want to report in all the time, you can still talk to us about what's going on! We are here for you allllllways.
I've been maintaining my calories at around 1400 (which sounds low, but trust me, this is my BMR + activity - 500 for weight loss, based on my age and whatnot) and doing tae-bo, as well as making myself more active around the house. I thought I had lost 5lbs, but it turns out it was just a temporary fluctuation... after 3 full weeks of this, I haven't lost a single d*mn pound.
That sucks. I can totally understand how disappointed you must be. Does your weight normally fluctuate a lot? I ask because I have been having such a hard time tracking my weight as it will fluctuate more than 5 lbs daily. Maybe you are just retaining more water right now or something like that?
I've never had this experience before. While I've always had weight problems, I've NEVER had problems dropping at least a few pounds when I have the discipline to stick with it for more than a couple days. In the past, I could have counted on 10lbs of loss for 3 weeks of dieting.
I guess there are loads of reasons things could be different this time... age, the ups and downs of all your tummy problems (which I imagine has done all types of things with your metabolism), fluid retention.. lots.
I was thinking, though, even though you have been able to drop that much weight right away in the past, I think that is quite rare. Especially for women. I am pretty sure that if I told someone my goal was 10lbs of weight loss in 3 weeks, they would tell me that is completely impossible. Any weight lost would almost surely be water weight, so maybe you are just retaining more fluids this time and in the past it has been more like water weight loss? Either way, a lot of people have no results for the first month while their metabolism catches up with them and then suddenly they start to drop the lbs after that. You never know!
Seriously. So I'm really at a loss as to why I CAN'T lose weight now.

Could it be because of the Lexapro? Anyone on antidepressants experience difficulty losing weight because of them?
Yep, I started putting weight back on when I went onto anti-depressants. Unfortunately, I went off of them and noticed no change in my weight so it wasn't like I could un-do it, grrr.
Could it be because of my birth control? Anyone have input on THAT? I HAVE noticed that I've gained weight differently since starting B.C.... I always had a nice hourglass shape, even when I was 270lbs , but now I have no waist and a huge belly, and it's really depressing me.
A girlfriend told me that you can expect to put 10lbs on with birth control. I think birth control also plays a big part in fluid retention.
I've never tried losing weight while on medications like this, so it's the first thing I thought of. As of my checkup this past summer, I didn't have anything physically wrong to speak of, including thyroid issues. I will be seeing my new doctor next month sometime, and I'll mention this weight problem, and see if anything else has to be ruled out. I really doubt it, though. I think I'm just destined to be fat now.
I don't think that's true! By exercising and watching what you are eating, you are doing a lot more for your health than just your weight! Don't give up, Casey, most hard things in life take more than 3 weeks! Even if the ideal weight you've set for yourself will take a lot more work, you will still see good benefits the longer you keep it up.
I'm sorry to ramble on about this - I just needed to vent. It's really, really frustrating to deprive yourself of sweets and junk and things you really want to be eating, and make yourself work out when you'd rather be knitting, and then have all that deprivation not amount to ANYTHING. I've been so depressed that I don't even want to leave the house, because of how horrible I look.
***big hugs*** I feel exactly the same ways. I have turned down so many invitations to go out with people who haven't seen me since I put on all this weight because of how I look now. I keep telling myself all the dieting and exercising will pay off, and that even learning to be patient for what you really want will be good for me too... Most of the time, I can try and accept that but sometimes I don't buy it and eat something awful or just sit and cry for a bit.
Try and do all that "positive thinking" and keep your thoughts on your goals and how well you are doing every time you choose something healthy over something not-so-healthy and when you do your Taebo and everything.

Phooey. (And that sad face isn't even sad enough for how I feel right now... how lame is that?)
It's not lame at all! It is okay to feel sad and depressed.. everybody does! Just try not to let it change your mind about the healthy choices you are making in your life and get you too far down to pick yourself back up again.
We are all here for you, and I am not gonna let my new weight loss buddy disappear after only a few weeks!

~~I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell-I know right now you can't tell~~Matchbox 20

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