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Dog obedience classes?
      #240866 - 01/23/06 01:50 PM

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Harley is 18 weeks now and I'm thinking about taking him to dog obedience classes. I found a place that uses positive reinforcement techniques only and they have a class starting 2-15. The classes are 90 minutes each and it is once a week for 6 weeks. The price is $239.00 OUCH! I've never had a dog before so I really don't know how to train one. Harley is a good dog, I've taught him to sit already, he comes 98% of the time when I call him and he is fully paper trained. I take him to work everyday so I need him to mind me, which he does pretty well now but I don't know if as he gets older if he will start to get a mind of his own kind of thing? How important and how useful are these classes? Its a lot of money but I can pay it and still pay my bills without too much of an issue. I guess I'm just looking for peoples opinions who have taken there dogs to these classes before and was it worth it?

Taking it one day at a time.....

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You know, I'd just buy a book new
      #240870 - 01/23/06 02:07 PM

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That seems pretty steep! Have you checked out prices at your local Petsmart? A lot of people attend only one class and sort of take over on their own. It's not like your darling fluffball is going to be a giant when he grows up. You don't need a trainer to take over training for you, right?

I say if you're going to do it yourself anyway, just get a good book or two and read it. You'll want to potty train him (tho I think Harley's already paper trained, right? ), and to leash train him. Also you'll want to teach him basic commands, but that's easier than you think, it just takes 20 minutes and a bag of treats.

I wouldn't pay that kind of cash to do something you can do yourself. Unless it's absolutely necessary that he be able to fetch you a beer out of the fridge and dial 911.


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      #240872 - 01/23/06 02:12 PM

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We took Max to puppy class, and it was the best thing we ever did for him. He graduated "with honors"!

You realize, of course, it's not the dog that needs the training; it's the owner. They teach you how to work with the dog, then after he "graduates," then it's up to you. You have to reinforce what they taught you in class.

We worked with Max for a very long time after he graduated. The cost may seem like a lot to you now, but if you continue working with Harley, you'll see a huge improvement, and then the money will seem trivial, compared with the fantastic obedient dog you'll have.


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Re: Dog obedience classes? new
      #240873 - 01/23/06 02:15 PM

Reged: 05/25/04
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I would definately go. They are so much fun and teach the dogs important skills like how to socialise with other dogs etc.

It would be especially useful for you as you need Harvey to be well behaved at work and it would help minimise the teenage rebellion period that is yet to come.

Getting the basics in at an early age is soooo important and it's better to do the training around other dogs than at home, as there are more distractions.

Working in a kennels I have seen so many small dogs that have not been trained because of their size and I think they have really missed out. There was a tiny chihuahua (sp?) and a Great Dane at my friends training class, which show that size doesn't matter!

OK I'll get off my soapbox now!!!


BTW price seems a bit steep. We paid 65 for 6 weeks and we go to the most expensive classes in the area.

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Re: Never had a dog I didn't take! new
      #240905 - 01/23/06 03:59 PM

Reged: 06/22/04
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Well worth the money and the time. My hubby and I both went so that the dog would listen to both of us. You have to be willing though to do all they tell you to do. I remember taking our golden around the perimeter of our front lawn over and over and over again until he understood that he could only stay on our lawn. It worked but you have to spend time doing it. I'd recommend it highly!!!!


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Re: Dog obedience classes? new
      #240913 - 01/23/06 04:42 PM

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Hi Michele,

I am debating taking Annie to obedience classes, too. She is 2 yrs old and is a very good dog but just needs to know some commands. She has also been barking a lot. I think it might be a good idea and have heard lots of good things about dog obedience. It is important to get a good trainer, though, I have been told.

Anyway, I'm thinking about it, too.

Good Luck


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Anyone know how to teach a dog to speak? new
      #240946 - 01/23/06 07:35 PM

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I'm trying to get my beagles to tell me when they need to go outside. I need to teach them this before we move into our new house. (The door that they will go out is not within our view when we're in the living room). So I'd like for them to bark on command when they need to go potty.

I tried to train them to speak (bark) with a treat. They sit (the one command they do know!), but they just stare at me when I say "Speak." I bark at them, and they look at me like I'm crazy.

I know they don't understand English. How in the heck am I supposed to teach them to bark on command? Barking at them is definitely not working---and I'm sure my next door neighbors in the apartment are wondering what I'm doing barking!!!

Any ideas?

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Re: Anyone know how to teach a dog to speak? new
      #240958 - 01/23/06 09:25 PM

Reged: 05/31/04
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I have no idea, BL, but I know it can be done. My sister's dog lets out one woof to go out, and one woof to be let back in. I think he came already trained that way, but I'll check with her.

Good luck!


Those who can do; those who want it done better teach.

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Too steep IMHO new
      #240977 - 01/24/06 04:05 AM

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Ask Harley's vet if they have or know of any puppy parties. As Harley's responding well to your training what he needs is socialisation with other dogs, people and situations.

I wouldn't pay that much! Archie's classes are unusual in that they are pay-as-you-go instead of booking one block of classes, but that's b/ the instructors are so good there are always lots of people there. And they only cost 3 pounds per dog per class!

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Re: Nelly new
      #240999 - 01/24/06 07:12 AM

Reged: 06/02/03
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"Train him to fetch me a beer out of the fridge and call 911," TOO FUNNY!!! I won't be showing him or anything but I need him to LISTEN and BEHAVE at the office. He does really well right now but I'm afraid when he hits the teenage mark, that he might get a mind of his own! The closest PetSmart that has classes is like 20 miles away, thats about 40 minutes of driving one way, a bit too far for me. I did find someone closer and a little cheaper that I'm going to check out Thursday night!

Taking it one day at a time.....

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