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Not This IBS-er new
      #228401 - 11/30/05 09:36 PM

Reged: 11/04/03
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Loc: Northwest Washington State

And yes, you're doing it right.

<img src="">Bevvy

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Re: Kitty-Kate! new
      #228406 - 11/30/05 10:44 PM

Reged: 02/14/05
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And the good thing about having a cat is that you can blame it when you fart. Depending, of course, on fart dynamics.

Not that I have ever blamed my cat Sofia! Well, I did once when my dad was over, fell asleep on the couch, and passed some gas. The cat was right next to him, I had visitors, I knew he might be embarrassed. It was such an easy decision, a perfect cover. I just said, "Sofia!"

Of course, I immediately felt guilty. Later, I tried to make it up to her by getting her some special kitty snacks, but the treats ended up giving her gas.

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Re: Bevrs, I'm blushing... new
      #228411 - 12/01/05 01:31 AM

Reged: 05/25/04
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Loc: Cambridge, UK


I can't have children either (combination of biology and personal circumstance). I am finding it quite hard at the moment when I se my little nephews and nieces, as (although I don't want children) I seem to be able to get on with them really well.

Getting Lucy (dog) and the cats has definately filled a large hole in my life. It instantly makes the house feel like a home and we feel like a family unit now.

Animals also make you look after/think about something than yourself - which really helps if you are depressed, when all the little things in life seem to drag you down.

Anyway, sorry to babble on ... but basically if you can make the commitment to look after an animal properly (and they can be hard work and expensive) then they give back SO much in return.


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Re: Pet Pix! new
      #228414 - 12/01/05 03:16 AM

Reged: 03/31/03
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Loc: Aberystwyth, Wales

Here are a couple of Madison (the dog) and Kiala [Kee ala] - don't quite know how to spell it - it's some word in Hawaiiian meaning wave or surf or something (the cat).

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Me neither new
      #228416 - 12/01/05 04:37 AM
atomic rose

Reged: 06/01/04
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Loc: Maine (IBS-A stable since July '05!)

Never had a single one in my life!

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ROFL!!! new
      #228417 - 12/01/05 04:39 AM
atomic rose

Reged: 06/01/04
Posts: 7013
Loc: Maine (IBS-A stable since July '05!)

THAT is priceless! LOL!!

My cats have horrible farts. The only thing worse than the two of them is my mother's dog... horrible. So yeah, they're easy to blame. Not that I've ever done that, of course. *looks innocent*

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Empty "nest" thoughts (to Bevrs) new
      #228418 - 12/01/05 05:02 AM

Reged: 04/02/05
Posts: 3178

I'm seriously considering the hypo-cat. I am increasingly were of my "alone-ness" because it's winter (and colder/darker!)

Like you, I don't miss the physical nastiness of bleeding monthly--it's a huge relief. I miss blaming PMS, I miss the hormones. I miss feeling younger.

Re: the missing chunk of hair

I saw 2 specialists a few months ago about this as it happens to various degrees, the last time being the absolute worst, periodically. I might go through a few years without
losing it and then look like I've had cancer treatments. I have "alopecia areata" (an autoimmune disorder), I now know which involves significant hair loss (not total in this case). Basically, my immune system starts attacking me and my hair follicles show it, i.e. they stop growing suddenly.

It was evil when I was in University. My M.D. thought I was an obsessive-compulsive hair puller. However, that isn't the case. I have wigs for years like this (don't wear them!
if it's cold, i put on gypsy scarves. ). Because I'm skinny, if I'm bald, I get a lot of cancer comments--which is everything but the case.

Stress, sadness...they just get mirrored in my immune system.

Anyways, when I was bald rather recently, I was at the point where I was beginning to see myself, mentally, as an alien sex-goddess. I never expected hair to all of a sudden grow back. It's challenging to not even come close to any of the "models"/ideas of what is attractive in this society. It was so hard to develop a self-image/concept of actually being attractive to the opposite sex when my body betrayed any notion of the traditional. (okay, it still does, but I have enough hair to hide behind).

I just miss "normal" sometimes--whatever that is! I miss looking normal enough and as soon as I get it it seems to vanish.

Yes, I need a cat to discuss these things. I am afraid to love, Bevrs. I haven't hugged anyone in at least 5 weeks.
Definitely time to get a cat and have perfectly poetic T.S. Eliot days and nights.

(I still would rather be a cat mummy though!)

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Re: Just a question for someone new
      #228419 - 12/01/05 05:17 AM

Reged: 04/02/05
Posts: 3178

Never had one, either!


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Maria (& the BARF diet)... new
      #228420 - 12/01/05 05:28 AM

Reged: 04/02/05
Posts: 3178

My brothers used to religious feed their dogs the BARF diet (raw meat, etc.--basically mostly human food) I guess your Sofia-fart story reminded me of that.

They used to bring their dogs over for dinner and p.u. Holy stinky sometimes!

I need a cat to bake cat-cookies for. I had a warped creativity moment a few years ago and actually made homemade dog biscuits. It's funny, though, seeing dogs eat Quaker oatmeal and tuna-noodle salad/casserole.

When they come over here, the dogs (Kayla, Apple and Kona) love stinky foods involving cheese. They also really like soy milk/soy icecream/soy foods. Don't ask me why.

But yes, I've been blaming the ghost cat for alot of these farts lately. It's funny, but when you've been eating alot of potatoes, you have alot of french-fry farts.

Often when I cannot sleep I watch Star Trek TNG reruns and am totally mesmerized by Data's relationship with "Spot."


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Kate-farts... new
      #228422 - 12/01/05 05:31 AM

Reged: 04/02/05
Posts: 3178

Having IBS-D makes me really anal retentive--I wish I could just let one rip! I've only started farting again, lately.
(I am elated)

It always amazes me how unself-conscious animals are--they just let 'em loose.

You're right, though--cat farts (woof!).


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