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      #162342 - 03/19/05 11:18 PM
Snow for Sarala

Reged: 03/12/03
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Loc: West Coast, USA

So I am having a hard time falling alseep these days. And I eat when I'm awake cause I'm depressed and worried...which is why I'm up in the 1st place!

I've heard that in some countries people drink wine before bed. Wine does NOT hurt my IBS...and it takes less than half a glass to relax me enough to allow me to get drowsy. Any ideas on this? (NOT for an every night affair mind you...)

I KNOW I am having anxiety probs. We are about to move and it' just NUTS! Would less than half a glass of wine before bed hurt me?

Mon night I will starting glycine so I would only do it until then....or until the glycine begins to take effect. I do NOT want to do ths every night...but for emergencies is this safe?

Desperately needing to chill out....your friend, Ruchie

Formerly known as Ruchie

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Re:! new
      #162345 - 03/20/05 12:29 AM
atomic rose

Reged: 06/01/04
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Loc: Maine (IBS-A stable since July '05!)

I know it's not "proper" advice, but if it doesn't bother your IBS and doesn't interact with any meds you're on right now, I don't see why not. I'd try it if I could! (Lucky you, says I... I'm in the same boat, and I can't tolerate even a drop of booze, sigh!)

Sweet dreams & hope you got some rest!

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Casey.... new
      #162347 - 03/20/05 12:34 AM
Snow for Sarala

Reged: 03/12/03
Posts: 5430
Loc: West Coast, USA

I'm you have time for an e-mail? I don't want to add to your if it's not the best time just say so!

Still awake...1:30am here *sigh* Too much on my mind I say!

Still contemplating some wine...I'll let you know if I decide to have some

*hugs* Hope you sleep well and have sweet dreamds too *hugs*

Formerly known as Ruchie

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Re:! new
      #162357 - 03/20/05 03:53 AM

Reged: 08/05/04
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Loc: Michigan

if its safe for your IBS.. why not... I can't sleep because of post accident aches and pains.. I sleep till the meds wear off and then can't get up to get more and food at the same time so wind up just getting up.. I think I may take some this afternoon and then again tonight so I can nap during the day.. I was amazed at how well I slept last night but it only lasted 5 hours... then I spent 3 wimpering and DH slept through it thanks to his breathing machine being louder then me. he got up to go to the bathroom and was worried about me... told me I shouold have poked hima dn I said I couldn't move that much- he said I should have kicked and I said I tried but he was too far away on the bed. anyway- once I'd had the heating pad for an hour or so I got up. been here since...


Dietetics Student (anticipating RD exam in Aug 2010)
Dairy Allergic
Fructose and MSG intollerant

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Yes!! new
      #162358 - 03/20/05 04:38 AM
atomic rose

Reged: 06/01/04
Posts: 7013
Loc: Maine (IBS-A stable since July '05!)

I totally have time for an email - my inbox is open! I feel horrible that I still didn't answer your last one. Time passes without me knowing it, I swear.

I slept for about 3 hours. Blah. Hope you did better than me! *hugs*

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Re:! new
      #162362 - 03/20/05 05:32 AM

Reged: 02/04/04
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Hey sis,

I have chronic insomnia so I can relate to not being able to fall asleep. I don't have insomnia every night but more often than not.

I have heard every suggestion in the book (yoga, baths, reading, tea, etc.) I would avoid sleeping pills. I've tried lots of OTC ones and a few prescription ones too and for me they just leave me too messed-up the next day. Valerian and some of the natural ones are good but don't seem to be strong enough for me. They do help relax me though.

If a glass of wine is all you need, go for it! Red wine is good for your heart too.

Good luck getting some much-needed rest.

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Something that may help.... new
      #162391 - 03/20/05 08:21 AM

Reged: 01/04/05
Posts: 700

I haven't read the rest of the thread so hopefully I'm not duplicating, but I have the same probs with my anxiety - drinking Valerian tea 1/2 hr before you go to bed, you can also get caps and a tincture (in a dropper) to put in water as well, its pretty good stuff and have slept properly for the last 2 nights! Linz recommended it. May be worth a try.....xx

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Re:! new
      #162412 - 03/20/05 10:50 AM

Reged: 02/14/05
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Hi, Ruchie!

You're lucky you can tolerate wine! I miss having it with meals.

I know I'm rather new here and I don't know you that well, but I don't know that drinking wine to help you relax or sleep is a good idea--especially if you're suffering from anxiety. I'm not saying you would become an alcoholic, from what I've read you come across as a really strong, smart, and responsible person, but I do worry that the alcohol might eventually increase your anxiety and disrupt your sleep even more. I'm also suffering from anxiety; so, I wake up a lot during the night worrying, thinking. I've found that taking the time to write down my worries and anxieties before I go to bed helps a lot. I recently started an anti-anxiety medication (short-term treatment), which I wouldn't recommend for everybody, but (after trying self-hypnosis with a counselor, self-help books, and such) I realized I needed a little more help to get me through this time.

I hope you find something safe that helps you! Isn't it the worst to wake up in the middle of night? It can feel so lonely and frustrating!

Take care,

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Re:! new
      #162432 - 03/20/05 12:38 PM

Reged: 06/27/04
Posts: 406
Loc: Milwaukee WI

Hello friend Ruchie-
My only caveat about wine is that alcohol is a delayed stimulant- it knocks you out immediately, but then 4-5 hours later you're up like a pup because of the delayed stimulant effect. I stay away from it fairly consistently because of the havoc it wreaks with my sleep pattern. I'd suggest trying something else, like Valerian, f'rinstance.

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Fraid I agree with this... new
      #162466 - 03/20/05 02:39 PM

Reged: 09/01/03
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Loc: England

...and with what Maria said. Although sometimes it makes me sleepy, it's makes me hyper or blue almost as often! And getting drunk (which is REALLY easy when you've been cutting out the booze, trust me! ) can totally mess with you stage 4 sleep.

PLUS...I actually find alcohol makes me ache (fibro). I have no idea why, but it always does. Not much, but enough to notice.

Keep that in mind, okay? Are the herbies not working for you anymore? HAve you trid aromatherapy? I love it...and lavender on my pillow is a grea way to chill my mind out.

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Thanks everyone..what I decided: new
      #162548 - 03/20/05 09:40 PM
Snow for Sarala

Reged: 03/12/03
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Loc: West Coast, USA

First of'e all GREAT!!!!

I decided NOT to do it! I decided to talk to hubby this morning and to release everything with him (meaning letting him know what is keeping me awake), instead of turning to something else...including herbs!

I think I'll sleep great tonight...if not...I'll decide what to do then. For now...I hope everyone sleeps great...and for my insomniac pals *big hugs* and sleep tigh tonight!

Formerly known as Ruchie

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Re: Sleep--Sleep new
      #162553 - 03/21/05 12:57 AM

Reged: 10/15/03
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Loc: Las Vegas,Nev.

What is sleep,I would give any thing to be able to sleep,
It has been so long since I have had a good night sleep,
When I can,t sleep I just get up an read the IBS living room
board,my legs an feet hurts me so bad that I can,t sleep,
but tonight I think I,m going to try a hot bath because I,m so tired maybe it will help me,good luck Ruchie I hope you get some sleep,try the wine a little glass won,t hurt you,I don,t drink but if I did I would try it,I have sleeping pills so guess I,ll take one tonight,with the hot bath an pill maybe I,ll get some sleep,

Neta G.Yale

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Good decision, Ruchie new
      #162599 - 03/21/05 07:09 AM

Reged: 10/27/04
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Loc: Illinois

I personally think you made the wisest decision! How did you sleep last night? Like a baby, I hope. Let us know, sweetie! We want you healthy and happy and sleep is a vital component to both our mental and physical health.

Take care of yourself!



~ Beth
Constipation, pain prodominent,cramps, spasms and bloat!

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