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LOL!! I was just thinking the same thing! -nt- new
      #155470 - 03/01/05 03:02 PM
atomic rose

Reged: 06/01/04
Posts: 7013
Loc: Maine (IBS-A stable since July '05!)

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Re: REPORTING IN - 3/1/05 new
      #155494 - 03/01/05 03:43 PM
Shell Marr

Reged: 08/04/03
Posts: 14959
Loc: Seattle, WA USA





My goal today is to drink 136oz of water!! That is only 24oz more then 2/28/05!!

32 down....104 to go!! (it's only 10:50am here...plenty of time!)

56 down....80 to go!! (12:36pm here....)

Be sure to let us know how many trips to the bathroom you made today!

I've already lost count.... at least once for every 16oz so far!! LOL


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You are NOT destined to become overweight! new
      #155501 - 03/01/05 04:01 PM

Reged: 01/16/05
Posts: 520
Loc: Norman, Oklahoma

If you don't mind me asking, what made you choose 1600 as your calories per day? If you don't mind, how tall are you, how much do you weigh, what is your activity level and are you trying to lose or maintain?

(If this is too personal, ignore it, but I thought I might be able to help...)

Have you thought about trying to include more protein in your diet? These last few days, after a regrettable experience with a piece of key lime pie on Friday night, I've been eating nothing but safe foods, which means virtually no protein. As a result, I've been ravenous and have eaten more cals than I really should. I think my normal levels of protein keep me full.


all those years it wasn't IBS - it was celiac!
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Re: REPORTING IN - 3/1/05 new
      #155503 - 03/01/05 04:10 PM
Little Minnie

Reged: 04/16/04
Posts: 4987
Loc: Minnesota

had 2 bowls cornflakes, 2 bananas, luna bar, 2 pieces (small) leftover pizza, few pretzels and bought 25c worth of skittles from a candy machine! Also had coconut shrimp rice and broccoli for dinner with too many pistachios (was out of peanuts- d--- those pistachios are yummy!) Got kind of loogy after workout this morning. Was hungry and then felt dizzy. Then I got a little gassy and now I am a little bloated. Am going to have tea now. Also rehab workout went pretty good. Only biked 20 minutes because a smoker started biking next to me and it made my lungs hurt. Just saying. Sorry but it is true. No offense.

IBS-A for 20 years with terrible bloating and gas. On the diet since April 2004. Remember this from Heather's information pages:
"You absolutely must eat insoluble fiber foods, and as much as safely possible, but within the IBS dietary guidelines. Treat insoluble fiber foods with suitable caution, and you'll be able to enjoy a wide variety of them, in very healthy quantities, without problem." Please eat IF foods!

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Re: REPORTING IN - 3/1/05 new
      #155520 - 03/01/05 04:38 PM

Reged: 12/18/03
Posts: 2439

Ok, I need to lose about seven pounds. I kept putting it off, but I'm going to give it a go for real now. Yell at me if I disappear.

So far today:

frozen lunch: 6
snack pack o' cheese nips: 2
virgin bloody mary: 0
"chicken" fajita- 7
total: 15

I will edit to add dinner in. Yesterday I had about 13
points and for some reason was REALLY not hungry at dinner. I think I was too exhausted to be hungry.

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Re: You are NOT destined to become overweight! new
      #155524 - 03/01/05 04:58 PM
atomic rose

Reged: 06/01/04
Posts: 7013
Loc: Maine (IBS-A stable since July '05!)

Nah... it's not too personal. I had someone on here, LauraSue, calculate my BMR for me, and it came out to roughly 1600. I'm not especially diligent about sticking to it, but I try not to go more than 200 calories over, *net*, on any given day. (If I exercise, I DO eat more.)

I am 30, 5'2" and 125lbs, and NOT looking to lose weight. The thing is that I'm basically sedentary, because ANY exercise, even nice gentle yoga, triggers a D attack. Because I don't reliably *do* anything on any given day (I'm housebound and unemployed), the calories are on the low side. Like I said, I do compensate and eat more on days that I do get up and move, even if it's just housework.

Hope that helps explain myself a little, heh.

You're right about the protein. Looking over what I've eaten the past few days, it's been mostly safe foods, because of a bad attack 2 days ago. Tonight will be the first night I've had any meat since Saturday, and I bet I will feel quite a bit better. Thanks for the reminder!

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Oh, and...
      #155525 - 03/01/05 05:02 PM
atomic rose

Reged: 06/01/04
Posts: 7013
Loc: Maine (IBS-A stable since July '05!)

Heck, why not keep getting personal? Heh.

The reason I'm paranoid about becoming overweight is because I've been clinically obese most of my life. I spent a good chunk of my 20's at 180lbs or more, and several years as high as 260lbs. Last year, a bad bout of IBS left me at about 105; I've gained back up to a healthy 125, and I want to stay there. But with my history of overeating and obesity, and the fact that I still can't seem to reliably exercise... well, you can probably see why I'm concerned.

Now that you know my life story... heh.

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updated report
      #155532 - 03/01/05 05:34 PM

Reged: 08/05/04
Posts: 3612
Loc: Michigan


breakfast- cereal with rice milk
snack- luna bar
lunch- leftover pulled chicken, 3 little rolls, and half a baked potato (ate too much)
so far I've skipped my afternoon snack- still feel full from lunch

dinner tonight will be with my daughter, but i don't know what I'll be eating yet..

Well I did eat that luna bar- good thing because we didn't get to dinner right away.. DD's fiance's car got stuck in the driveway!

then I had a chicken on the barbie with plain baked potato at the outback steakhouse and ate it all.. but we were there for almost 3 hours!

I need to take my sfs- not sure in what, it might just be tea.

Dietetics Student (anticipating RD exam in Aug 2010)
Dairy Allergic
Fructose and MSG intollerant

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Re: REPORTING IN - 3/1/05
      #155586 - 03/01/05 10:01 PM
Shell Marr

Reged: 08/04/03
Posts: 14959
Loc: Seattle, WA USA

OK... here is my reporting in......
My BMR = 2408 + I burned 1015 calories 60 minute Power Sculpt Class & 20 minutes on Elliptical - 1246 less calories to get to my goal = 2177 calorie food budget .

POWER SCULPT Class designed to utilize Group X equipment for resistance training. Band, weights and tubing will be used to sculpt and define.

Breakfast: 170 calories Toasted Nuts N' Cranberry (1/2 older & 1/2 new kind....I just did a visual and taste test on the old vs new.... the older one looks dryer and the texture is not as light feeling (NOT like a RKT anymore)...and not as sweet...but that is not a bad thing either.... I like them both. Would prefer the old but will still eat this one for sure)& Water

Lunch : 297 calories Subway Sandwich (6" White bread w/Tuna, Easy Lettuce, & Pickle) & Water

Snacks during the day: 320 calories 5 Gummy Heart, 1/2 oz pretzles, 1oz Rice Sembei Snacks - Tamari (soy sauce) (YUMMERS!! I got them at PCC) & Water

Before Working Out: 190 calories Amazake Rice Shake - Chocolate Chimp

Dinner: 297 calories 1 Plain Pita , 1/2 portion Turkey Kelbasa and Rice & Water

Fiber Pills: 2.25 calories total

Without any more snacks at all....(subject to change) = 1276.25 calories

Total Water intake = 130oz SO FAR

I WILL have UFO w/more water. That added 250 calories for a total of 1526.25. Still in my food budget!!


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      #155591 - 03/01/05 11:50 PM

Reged: 03/10/04
Posts: 2696
Loc: Vancouver, Canada

Exercise: None!

So my food budget for today is: 1225 calories.

Breakfast: LemonZest Luna Bar = 180 calories

Lunch: Two slices fresh french bread with ICBINB, 30 g baked lays, 2 arrowroot cookies = 476 calories

Dinner: Apricot glazed turkey breast with sweet potato (slow cooker recipe, my Dad made it for dinner.. I should post the recipe, it's really good) = 257 calories (I only ate a very small bit, and it said one whole serving is 357 so I am sorta guessing).

4 UFO, some jellybeans = 450 calories

For a total of... 1363 calories! 136 calories too many.

I forgot to report in yesterday, I didn't count calories but this is what I ate basically.. 2 slices white toast w/peanut butter, chicken fajita deli meat sandwich, sushi (rolls) for dinner (I had kappa rolls, avocado rolls, and a chicken teriaky roll) - it was SO GOOD.

Must get back on track tomorrow - must get over personal crises long enough to do some actual exercise and pay better attention to calories and stuff!


~~I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell-I know right now you can't tell~~Matchbox 20

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