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Uh Has Anybody Here Actually Recovered From IBS Or Is This Just a Myth?
      #357921 - 04/20/10 07:37 PM

Reged: 02/16/06
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You know, what I am about to say might ruffle some people, but I've had it.
I came to this site 5 years ago as a 21 year old frustrated because despite working out in the gym, I still had a large gut and skinny bones because of IBS.

I was desperate for any help and have read, re-read, and followed Heather's advice. I tried to keep a smile and tell myself it's not cancer, but I've had it.

I am sick of the cliche expressions

substitution not depreviation


the happy truth is that eating safely for Irritable Bowel Syndrome does not mean deprivation, never going to restaurants, bland food, or an unhealthily limited diet. Nor does it mean living on "rabbit food" available exclusively at health food stores, or following brutal elimination diets, or keeping endless food diaries for the rest of your life.

Do you know what a pain in the butt IBS is, has been, and continues to be?
I'm 26 years old, but I act like I am a senior citizen with all my dietary restrictions, potions, pills, and other guidelines.

I spend 5 hours a week in the gym working out, and yet despite becoming a social hermit, my IBS continues to wreak havoc on my body.

There are days were I am so bloated and distended, I look like a complete lardbutt who does nothing but drink and eat fastfood.

Yea I came to this site believing if I applied my determination I'd succeed, instead as I have been taking that IBS Survey advertised here, I realize how little progress I've made, how IBS continues to be a central theme clouding me everyday.

I see other guys my age, and they all look cut and trim. Then there is me, who doesn't drink, who diets and works hard, and what do I have to show?
I'm all work and no play...where Heather...who besides "Heather" has actually gotten stable and their life under control?

1) Bought YOUR books
2) Read YOUR books FOUR Years ago
3) Have tried various probiotics (Align/VSL 3/jarrowdophillus)
4) Tried various solubale fiber supplements (including your Acadia which did nothing...I now take benefiber)
5) I do not have any
redmeat, food with more than 25% calories from fat,
no whole grains, as little as possible AIs, no dairy,
no alcohol (which has destroyed my ability to freely socialize and unwind)
6) I am in psychotherapy
7) I've tried various GI and psychiatric meds

The result is in NOTHING WORKS...sure I might get SOME relief..SOME..OCCASIONAL relief, never any sustainable net improvements.

It feels like ALL the time/money and energy spent has been a waste.

I'm 26 years old, I'm resided to looking like a skinny fat kid because of IBS and having to live like I am in a test tube, except I do not have the excuse of saying I have cancer.
I wish I did have cancer, I wish I did, because it sure beats having IBS.
At least with cancer you get empathy and people understand why you are sluggish, wobbly, have a fat belly, but with IBS you're just a perfectly normal person who has no good excuse.

Worse...because of IBS I can not get my chronic muscle pain in my chest (costchondtris) treated BECAUSE NO pill besides an anti-inflamatroy exists.
IBS is interefering with my ability to get treated for other problems.
You know what I haven't tried?
I haven't tried

1) Peppermint pills
2) Yoga
3) Hypno
4) Acupuncture

To me...this sounds like a RACKET.
A clueless racket...try this...try that...NOBODY has any clue or any idea on how to treat.
You have made me a 26 year old lamo with no social life and an unattractive body...I came here to get help...what difference does it make?

I ask, WHO HAS ACTUALLY stabilized from anything on here?
I am sick of bloating and distenstion.
Sure...I can try Yoga/hypno/acupuncture/peppermint...but I don't feel that the results of all the time, effort, and money spent so far warrant it.

I feel it will be a waste of time and energy, this is just more of a racket to sell an illusion.

So after 5 years of all the soluable fiber potions, probiotics, socially restrictive dietary modifications, HOW CAN YOU DARE TO CLAIM WITH IBS YOU CAN LEAVE A NORMAL, HAPPY LIFE?

I bought your book...WHERE ARE MY RESULTS?

IBS-C and Bloating

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Re: Uh Has Anybody Here Actually Recovered From IBS Or Is This Just a Myth? new
      #357922 - 04/20/10 08:02 PM

Reged: 03/22/10
Posts: 80
Loc: Nevada

First of all, I am sorry that you are feeling so bad and haven't had any significant improvement in the way you feel, despite your efforts. I know how incredibly frustrating IBS can be and have felt "rock bottom" many times myself.

To be fair, though, Heather has never claimed to be able to cure anyone, and I don't believe there are any false promises in any of her advice. I, for one, have had one of the best months of my life since finding Heather's books and this website. There is NO cure for IBS, and I think all of us are (painfully...pun intended) aware of this. There are only ways to help reduce the discomfort, severity and longevity of our episodes. Are you 100% sure that you have nothing else going on besides IBS? No allergies, intolerances, etc...? You told us what you don't eat, but what DO you eat? Are you posting back here because you want more advice and support, or do you just need a place to vent your frustration?

IBS-A since 1986 (age 8)
Recently realized I could do
something about it!

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Re: Uh Has Anybody Here Actually Recovered From IBS Or Is This Just a Myth? new
      #357924 - 04/20/10 09:19 PM

Reged: 02/16/06
Posts: 856

I'm posting out frustration and also for feedback.
I'm 26, IBS restricts my ability to get treated for muscle spasms, it hinders my social life and work life.

Heather keeps making claims about how IBS can be controlled and how people can manage it, I've tried to follow HER diet for five years (I can post you a log if you'd like).

The only other option is to go shell out $$$$ to see one Heather's recommended RDs/GIs...try yoga/hypno/acupuncture...try teas...try peppermint...but after ALL I have tried it seems to be more or less a waste.

IBS refuses to get better, I think Heather's quote is full of it.
I'm glad life is all well and good for her, frankly at age 26 I WISH I HAD CANCER.
I don't want to live another 50 years if it has to be with IBS.

Why would Yoga or Hypno help if a restrive diet/exercise/psychotherapy haven't?

I'm glad Heather got lucky, but the rest of us ain't so peachy.
I'm tired of spending Friday nights in because "I can't drink with IBS" and yet still looking like a fat out shape couch potatoe because "IBS causes more bloating and distension."

What Heather? What do you have to say?
Try 10 more things, devote more hours and time??


IBS-C and Bloating

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Re: Uh Has Anybody Here Actually Recovered From IBS Or Is This Just a Myth? new
      #357925 - 04/20/10 09:35 PM

Reged: 03/22/10
Posts: 80
Loc: Nevada

I really think you are unfairly laying blame with Heather here. Some people are sicker than others, some people have better results with treatment than others, but to generalize and say that you're "glad Heather got lucky, but the rest of us ain't so peachy" doesn't seem fair. I've only been around this board for a month or so, but I'm inspired by people's claims they are stable now. Hell, I'm inspired by the changes that have happened in my own body in the last few weeks. NO medical or non-medical treatment is going to work perfectly for every person who has a go at it - that's just an unfortunate fact of life. I know you are angry, but I think your anger is misdirected.

Your complaint about shelling out more money are not entirely accurate. Peppermint can be bought in bulk to make in to tea for very cheap and you can find yoga techniques and routines all over YouTube for free. Why not give those a shot? What have you got to lose?

IBS-A since 1986 (age 8)
Recently realized I could do
something about it!

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Re: Uh Has Anybody Here Actually Recovered From IBS Or Is This Just a Myth? new
      #357928 - 04/21/10 01:28 AM

Reged: 06/07/06
Posts: 883

Hi Naturapanic, I don't post here as much anymore but I couldn't not to when I read your post. I feel your pain and frustration, I've been/am there, too. I started realizing my problems when I was about 21 (got worse around that time, too). I was like you when you were that age (I'm 30 now) - active, slim, with a bloated stomach. I know what it's like when you just don't feel good about your body. People would tell me stuff like "oh, you have such beautiful long legs", or "you're so skinny, whatever you put on looks good" - but noone knew that I was constantly hiding my gut because it was sticking out so much! I wanted to have a flat stomach, abs to show off...I felt like I deserved it because I ate healthy, excercised....I think those talks about how we shouldn't be vain and care about how we look are all bull, because who in their 20s (and later) doesn't want to look good, right?

I hated how I couldn't eat what everyone else ate when at a party, or even in the school caffeteria....I didn't want to drink much because I was scared (and actually certain things such as wine - even the good quality stuff - makes me suffer later), and while everyone was having a good time, I was getting bloated, I was in pain, gassy, and just wanted to go somewhere alone where I could lay down and relax...IBS definitely took a toll on my social life.

You cannot relate to this part but I wanted to share anyway, I'm pregnant now and I finally feel good! I'm more or less managing and pain, and who cares about bloating now? Now everyone wants to see my tummy! I can finally wear what's comfortable, I can wear fitting tops and the bigger I look, the better. Obviously this will pass but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

But this just shows how important it is that we feel good about ourselves, and how much IBS can affect our lives psychologically.

Now I know you're frustrated, and I don't think you're really mad at Heather, I just think you're mad at the whole IBS in general. The diet probably worked for Heather as it is because while it might be a good place to start, it needs some personal tweaking. Someone who's IBS means diarrhea and no bloating needs a slightly different approach than someone with lots of bloating and constipation. Some people swear by yoga but I don't think it'd help me. I'm active enough, and I hate yoga, tried it a couple times and it didn't work. Hypno CDs didn't work for me, either. I'm sure they've helpled others but one size doesn't fit all.

I've never wished for cancer but every time I'd gone to the doctor's I was praying they'd find "something". I was so happy when I leardned about different intollerancies and celiacs! I was convinced I had one of these, that I would just cut something out and that'd be it. Yeah, right...healthy as a horse. Except for this damn IBS.

Honestly, I don't think there's a cure. I think there's a "stable" place, although that means different things to everyone else. But just realizing this made me feel better. People have various health problems; I have IBS. Sucks. But I can't do anything about it so I have to manage it the best way I can.

Right now I don't take supplements (well I do take Mg before bed but that's it), and I don't really exclude any food groups from my diet (meaning I don't eat fast food, lots of processed food, etc. but I don't obcess about gluten, small amounts of dairy, etc. in my food). I hated how every morning, I would start with a glass of metamucil/citrucel/benefiber, then wait for a bm that wouldn't happen, then force myself to eat a bowl of oatmeal with flax seed (I like oatmeal once in a while but not every morning, I often felt like something else but was afraid to eat anything else), not go out with my colleagues for lunch but eat at my desk, felt guilty about a cookie in the afternoon, refused a birthday cake at the office, rushed to the gym right after work......and didn't feel better! And felt much worse mentally, like I was trying everything, cooked special meals (gluten free, dairy free, low this and that....), food was always on my mind and it wasn't working!

So I decided to just deal with it and I've felt much better since. I eat wheat, I do eat things from Heather's no-no list (coffee, dairy - this is why I don't post much anymore, lol). I am sticking to the basic general idea, soluble fiber base is the key for me, eating a large salad for lunch with nothing else would kill me, I don't eat much red meat or fried, greasy stuff...and when I slip and eat potato chips, I pay later. Then again, I "paid" when I was eating dry rice cakes, too, so go figure. I'm enjoying life again. Of course, I do get frustrated sometimes, I cry and vent to my husband. It's all a part of it.

I've been following this girl Kim at She has IBS-C, bloating, just like me. She's managing it pretty well but still has problems sometimes. See for yourself but she's really inspired me.

I just wanted to say that you're not alone.

IBS-C, bloating, cramps

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Re: Uh Has Anybody Here Actually Recovered From IBS Or Is This Just a Myth? new
      #357930 - 04/21/10 08:09 AM

Reged: 05/12/08
Posts: 1088
Loc: canada

I feel for you and I really feel for anyone who deals with IBSC.
It is so much harder to deal with that than IBSD,which I am.
Yes I totally stabilized with this diet.I go through spells where I am fine and can eat or drink whatever but...and here's the key...when in times of stress where you are more prone to eat junk food to make you feel better...the key word is stress...I totally relapse and have symptoms again.

This is my theory on IBS and you can take it as you like.It may help it may not.

I don't think it is food related.I think it a combination of all the chemicals put into our environment,food,air,soil,water that has destroyed our bodies.
Combine that with stressful situations and emotional trauma that you may THINK you handle well but the body has other ideas.

So we have destroyed out bodies by filling it with chemicals and in turn our systems can't handle what life throws at us.

My opinion .

Things like yoga and relaxation cds or hypno cds are just a way for you to get back to listening to your body,calming it down so it can deal with

So what do you do now?
Its trial and error isn't it.Obviously what you are doing isn't helping you.So read what others do and try it on.Give it time.It's so easy to be angry at the word because you should be enjoying life at this age but even that stress adds to your problems.

Remember that everyone has some type of food they can't eat.healthy or otherwise.
Every person that has cancer is treated differently because no two people react the same way to the same treatment.

I can't give any tips because I don't know what to do about IBSC but I have friends who struggle with it .Even my daughter has bowels issues and has to take benefiber everyday....she is about that?

I hope you can find help and that may not be here but don't give up!You WILL find what works for you.



IBS-D since 1999...mostly stable..i do cheat too.Bad me.

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Recovery is tough ... new
      #357933 - 04/21/10 10:16 AM
Double J

Reged: 03/09/06
Posts: 900
Loc: High Rocky Mountains ibs-d

Naturapanic … first young brother, I am sorry your having such a rough time. It really is not easy.

I would put my arms around you and hug you if I could … just to lift some of your load.

Yes, I've recovered from ibs … just like I recovered from being a drug addict.
I stay away from those things, and practices that would halt both of my "recoveries". Both are still ongoing recoveries and will be forever.

Learn to live with that.

But what are the choices … I could be sitting on a toilet for 16 hours, or waking up in an emergency room with a heart out of rhythm, or getting stitches because I thought I was superman … again.

My ibs and yours … and my drug recovery are livable if managed correctly.
Yup… Good and bad days all the time.

And yes, I am a senior (broken and beaten up a bit), but when my grandchildren come over I can run and play with them … get down on the floor with them, throw snowballs, or ride a horse without messing my pants… or worry about scaring them because my brains are frying.

Have you really been taking care of yourself? Physically and mentally…

Ask yourself that question.
Set down in your most comfortable chair and ask that question again. And again…

Make notes … make a plan. Make it better…

It's your life and no one else is responsible.

Time to take control and make it better.

Easy … it never will be. But worth it forever though..

How? Listen to Heather and others here and practice what they teach.
Is it going to happen over night … no.
5 years… no.

Recovery is on going … it's forever.

Time to start.

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow”. Mary Anne Radmacher

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what an uplifting post Double J-nt new
      #357937 - 04/21/10 01:13 PM

Reged: 03/18/09
Posts: 88
Loc: Erie, PA

IBS-D & bloating.

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Re: Uh Has Anybody Here Actually Recovered From IBS Or Is This Just a Myth? new
      #357942 - 04/21/10 03:20 PM

Reged: 06/21/09
Posts: 1285

What you have to say does not "ruffle" me, but saddens me. Why would you want to wish cancer upon yourself? IBS is not a death sentence, but cancer certainly could be.

I wish I had some answers for you, but I don't. I could give you some Pollyanna, count your blessings, pep-talk, but I know that would not help you. When you are angry and frustrated, and want to beat the world up for your misery, that is the last thing you want to hear.

I am constantly looking for answers, and yes, have spent much money on remedies. I am still pretty much where I was, so I do understand. I am still bloated and C, most days of my life, but I do experience the surprise D in the most inconvenient situations. Joy of joys!

However, lashing out at Heather and making her the bad guy is not your answer.

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Re: Uh Has Anybody Here Actually Recovered From IBS Or Is This Just a Myth? new
      #357943 - 04/21/10 03:37 PM

Reged: 02/16/06
Posts: 856

Well Zara, what you describe is exactly how I feel (minus the pregnancy).

I'm deprived of socializing or having fun because inevitable SOMETHING diet related will get in the way.
I'm saddled with an ugly physique, which no matter how many weeks I spend 5+ hours in the gym, WILL NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

It is just do discouraging, it makes you wish you had cancer. I don't feel like living another 50 years, I really don't.
It just seems nothing I do, nothing I deprieve myself of works.

I really resent Heather, because I do think she tries to sell us this notion or belief that if we put a nice positive spin on it, we'll be fine.
She makes quotes like "substitution not depreviation" or "living with IBS does not mean you can never eat out, go out, or have to be a hermit" yet despite following the EFI for FIVE YEARS that is exactly how I feel.

I feel lost, hopeless, and frankly, why they heck should I try yoga? I hate yoga, I don't feel like learning it, I'd rather spend my spare time watching TV or having fun, not devoting more time and resources to an endless lost cause.
Frankly I don't get how yoga would help, the mind body link seems to me to be code for "hey we really don't know so lets throw it in this misc category".

I'd like to see what Heather would say. Glad things worked out for her, I'm still missing out on life and not getting any better.

I feel like a retard trying to do calculus. No matter how hard I try, I just won't get it, and the tutor/instructor does not get it.

IBS-C and Bloating

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