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Re: Please, any other C's want to post? Sure... new
      #227624 - 11/27/05 04:01 PM
Johnny T. Reb

Reged: 07/09/05
Posts: 987
Loc: Lake Linden, Mich in the U.P. IBS-C

Hi Cyndy,I hope you are doing better!Right now, I'm doing
one dose of miralax a day, and eating what the hospital
calls power pudding, a mixture of pureed prunes, flax seed,
and bran. It actually tastes pretty good. I also get a small
bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I eat the hospital's high
fiber diet, not high by our standards, maybe 20 grams a day.
Additionaly, I've been drinking decaf coffee(and loving it
) , along with some regular cappaccinos at times,
which I've found delicious. Like I said in my latest post,
it's got me going regularly, but I'm still having to strain
a fair amount which my rehab doc says I can't afford to do
anymore. My BP readings have been over 150/90 after BM's.
This is all due to my perineal descent problem, which when
I told my GI doc's associate made his eyes bug out and say
WHAT?! He immediately said to take down my fiber intake
significantly and just use Miralax and more of it as needed.
He was quite surprised that the problem had not been adress-
ed considering my GI doc here and in Chicago have known
about it since the end of last May. It is the reason why
I've had to dance around to generate BM's and squat in order
to poop them out. Right now, my rehab doc is upping my Paxil
dose by 50%, and has me taking 2 Zanax a day, in order to
stop the straining. -Bob

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Re: Do you think.. new
      #227704 - 11/28/05 07:34 AM

Reged: 01/11/05
Posts: 85
Loc: Indiana, USA

I could probably go without the Miralax...I've actually considered that just recently too!! I don't know why I haven't increased my Acacia and decreased my Miralax, I guess probably just b/c it has been working!! I have to get a prescription from my doctor for that, and I don't really need any other refills, so I've considered just not using it.

Its hard to say what type of BM's I have....but, at this point, I am happy when I get anything out - a little or a lot! (Sorry, I know thats probably gross. )

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It was something with protease new
      #227738 - 11/28/05 09:52 AM

Reged: 07/13/03
Posts: 25
Loc: South Carolina, US

I just remembered it was something that protease and anelase (sp?) in it that increased C.

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

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Re: IBS-C and supplements survery new
      #227776 - 11/28/05 12:08 PM

Reged: 09/28/05
Posts: 5

I have IBS-C. I began treating with the diet, zelnorm, and acacia (2 tbls twice a day, decrease to 1 tbs twice after stable). I quit Zelnorm after one month of feeling stable. Don't like taking drugs indefinitely. Went without, than tried Digestive Advantage, not helping with stomach pain, but constipation is gone for the most part. Just starting acidolpholous actually for a yeast infection, but read about it working well for IBS, hopefully. The fiber has really seemed to help the constipation, although the stomach pain has not subsided for the past week and a half. That is the worst part. I don't think the Digestive advantage is a keeper. I have been taking Magnesium and Flax oil but sometimes I wonder if that makes my stomach worse. I forgot to take for a few days and my stomach pain subsided. UGhhh!

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Are you taking the flax oil or capsules? new
      #227783 - 11/28/05 12:34 PM

Reged: 10/27/04
Posts: 5807
Loc: Illinois

The straight oil could be too much fat. So you think the magnesium is also hurting you? How much and what kind are you taking? Perhaps you are taking too much? What do you mean by them maybe "hurting you"...which symptoms are worse?

I agree...the jury is still out on Digestive Advantage, but I don't think it will be a keeper with me.

~ Beth
Constipation, pain prodominent,cramps, spasms and bloat!

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So Bob... new
      #227805 - 11/28/05 03:01 PM

Reged: 03/05/05
Posts: 1301

Is the SFS not good to take with Miralax? Are you going to stay off the Acacia forever now? Should I stop my 15 mg of fiber SFS?

How would I know if I had a perineal descent problem?

Hope you are all areas of rehab and potty!

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Re: IBS-C and supplements survery new
      #227841 - 11/28/05 06:19 PM

Reged: 01/19/05
Posts: 62
Loc: Mississippi, USA

Your symptoms sound awfully similiar to mine. Stomach cramps would keep me in the bathroom most of the morning. I tried Benefiber for a while but it did not work for me.


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Re: IBS-C and supplements survery new
      #227844 - 11/28/05 06:47 PM

Reged: 12/28/04
Posts: 184
Loc: chicago, il

I think over the past almost 10 years I have purchased every supplement listed on this board, used them in every combination and tried every script. I was a severe C with debilitating bloat and fatigue. Nothing got me going. Sadly (and hopefully this will change) I've found the only thing that really helps me is eating a VERY soft SFS diet. I eat almost NO IF. I know IF is supposed to help you go, but even small amounts stop me up. I can't even tolerate acacia, benefiber or most of the other sfs. I eat a lot of bread and butter (dairy doesn't bother me) and a lot of pasta and chocolate. Not very healthy, but at the moment it has taken care of most of my symptoms. I also take peppermint caps to break up the minor gas bubbles, but I think it makes me fart like mad!!! Just a thought, if nothing is working, try eliminating all fruits, veggies for a stint and see if that helps.

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Re: So Bob... new
      #228366 - 11/30/05 04:06 PM
Johnny T. Reb

Reged: 07/09/05
Posts: 987
Loc: Lake Linden, Mich in the U.P. IBS-C

Hi Cyndy,no, it's fine, but you have to drink a ton of water
which I find too impractical.If you've had children, it's
very possible and not at all uncommon. It is easily detect-
able by a simple DRE.(THE Perineal descent that is). rehab
is going better than the potty, but the potty problems are
not too bad. Thanks for the well wishes! -Bob

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Re: A few questions Boo! new
      #228412 - 12/01/05 02:46 AM

Reged: 10/29/05
Posts: 75
Loc: Butte Montana

Cyndy, I finally saw this. We were snowed in at our sons's house in Lewistown, MT. I take: 3- 4oo mg Magnesium oxide ( pure, I guess so):>) plus 2 Cal Mag with 333 mg. Ca and 133 mg. Magnesium oxide. Currently Spring Valley, cheap at Walmart. 2 to 4 1000 mg. Triphalla pills Planetary Formula or NOW 500 mg./about 6 of these. For the 500 mg. directions: take 3 tablets one to three times daily between meals. Bob's Red Mill organic ground flaxseed, 3 T all at once in rice milk. This can be very flexible, whatever you want to do. I'm not sure about this, but it works for me. It all seems harmless, except for maybe too much calcium, which is constipating. Donnatol is working very well, only wake up once or twice a night with cramps. I still had to take 4 T Milk of Mag this week to get things moving. Hope this helps. Bette.


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