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Ibs & heart palpatations new
      #12745 - 06/29/03 10:42 AM

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Hi everyone, I am new to the board and I have been recently diagnosed with IBS. My story is as follows.

A year and a half ago was what I consider my first attack. I came home from work late one night very hungry and looking back on it now I know that I ate my dinner too fast. With in five minutes of eating all of a sudden I had a severe attack of heart palpitations (pounding heart rate). I was so scared, I thought initially that I was having a heart attack. My heart rate eventually drooped back down and I was left with a very sick on edge nervous feeling. From that point on I started having Diarrhea, gas and bloating. I had no clue what was happening to me. I went to the doctor he did an EKG, which was normal and referred me to a cardiologist. The cardiologist ruled out any heart problems. The endocrinologist ruled out thyroid. Doctor after doctor could not find anything wrong I guess do to the fact that the palpitations would come and go, I would not have any chest pain or shortness of breath. I was told that it was in my head. At that time, although I was also having what I now know are IBS symptoms I did not discuss any of this with my doctor due to the fact that for me the heart palps were the issue and I ignored the other symptoms.

Over the course of the next year I just dealt with my symptoms hoping that eventually it would all go away. Things, did improve however a year later I still have symptoms and one thing that I noticed was that my heart palps continued to happen after I ate and or depending on what I ate. I noticed that spicy food would trigger an attack. I would also get heart palps while having lots of gas and bloating once the gas is relieved my heart rate dropped. In the morning I would have explosive diarrhea at times. On one occasion I went to the bathroom and IBS-D and there was bright red blood.

I finally spoke with my doctor and he diagnosed me with IBS, he has put me on a beta-blocker for my heart and next week when I go to him he will give me something for the IBS.

This IBS has really affected my life. I am glad for a diagnosis but it is still frustrating. I have to eat very slowly and little portions or my heart rate would go up. When I am in public sometimes I have an attack and I feel like I have to go.

I feel like I am the only one experiencing this.

Has anyone have the same symptoms especially the heart palps, My doctor believes that it is all related. I am curious to know.


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Re: Ibs & heart palpatations new
      #12755 - 06/29/03 12:17 PM

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Hi Tamara, the UNC is North Carolina is a top gi research center for IBS.

They issue a free newsletter called "digest." I highly recommend getting it free. You can get it here and there is also a lot of information on their site.

and the site

The new newsletter listed this.

In the new UNC digest newletter they list 26 non gi complaints more common in IBS then normals.

heart palpitations
back pain
shortness of breath
muscle ache
frequent urinating
difficulty in urinating
sensitivity to heat and cold
constant tiredness
Pain during intercourse -sex-
trembling hands
sleep difficuties
bad breath-unpleasant taste in mouth
grinding your teeth
jaw pain
flushing of face and neck
dry mouth
week or wobbly legs
scratchy throat
tightness or pressure in chest
low sex drive
poor appetite
eye pain
stiff muscles
eye twitching

"Symptoms, such as pain, sweating, heart palpitations, and feeling faint are related to the exaggerated nervous system response to eating that occurs in people with IBS."

Douglas Drossman, professor of medicine and psychiatry at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and co-director of the UNC Center for Functional GI and Utility Disorders.

Its still very important to work with your doctor on this one as it may have other causes and because you should be checked for anything to do with the heart.

Hope that helps though.

My website on IBS is

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Re: Ibs & heart palpatations new
      #12763 - 06/29/03 02:02 PM

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Hi Tamara,
I have suffered with panick attacks since i had my little girl nearly 4 years ago and the symptoms your describing sound very simular - i read somewhere too that panick attacks and ibs come hand in hand - you feel an urgency to go so u panick hense triggering off an attack - i am fairly good at dealing with these now and rarely get a big panick attack anymore - But i do get the odd one where ive eaten something bad or too much and i have to rush to the loo starting off a huuge panick attack and sending me in floods of tears ! its really hard as i know ive had people say its all in your head but you know its not so keep pursuing it and eventually someone will listen to you as they did me - i was offered anti depressants for panick attacks but i refused as i had heard bad things about them i chose to deal with them naturally and i have - it is possible but it takes alot of tears and frustration and alot of determination! you can get through this though and we are al here for words of comfort :O) chin up hun xxx

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Re: Ibs & heart palpatations new
      #12803 - 06/30/03 05:46 AM

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Hi Tamara,
I am relatively new to the board myself. Reading your symptoms, it brings to mind episodes I have had in the past which may have been IBS related but I thought were palpitations. When I used to party a bit more than I do now, I would quite often get what I thought were heart palpitations. I went several times to cardio's who did tests and then looked at me like I was wasting their time! The most recent one ended with the result that I had "a heart like an ox". Even so, I was convinced that I had a heart problem.

Since I have been diagnosed with IBS, I can't help but to think that these past episodes may have been indicative of some sort of spasm in the colon. These feelings in that region of the body still feel the same but I now believe that they were not the heart. Certainly, the fact that your symptoms occured after eating suggest that it could be the gastrocolic reflex (I hope I spelt that right) causing a spasm as your stomach sends the message to your colon to make room for the latest input to your stomach. As Shawneric has indicated, heart palpitations certainly seem to be a possible indicator of IBS, but it could be that your colon has been in spasm.

I hope that this is of help. I only know these things from reading Heather's books!

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Re: Ibs & heart palpatations new
      #12824 - 06/30/03 11:09 AM

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I have heart palpitations. I always thought they were related to my IBS but the docs say no. I do know that Vagus nerve that runs from the Anus to your heart can trigger heart palpitations. My sister who is a nurse said they have to be care when administering enemas because hitting the nerve can cause heart problems. My cardio didn't tell me the heart palpitations were in my head. He did tell me that weren't not frequent enough to require medication. He also said it was common in women and that I'd probably grow out of it. I am very paranoid becaus I come from a long line of horrible heart disease family history. I have not had my thyroid tested yet, but I am going to ask the doctor because my mother has thyroid problems. I often have the heart palpitations without an IBS attack. Last Monday my heart rate was 150 while skipping beats, Saturday it was doing the same thing. Both of these instances I was sitting down doing not much of anything. When I am having a bad attack, with cold sweats and severe pain, I sometimes have heart palpitations. I would ask him if he thinks maybe the cramping &/or bloating could be affecting the Vagus nerve. Just remember that noone knows your body better than yourself. I often ask the doctors to explain to me why it can't be this or that or why they think it is this or that.


Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission - Eleanor Roosevelt

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Re: Ibs & heart palpatations new
      #13339 - 07/07/03 11:11 AM

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Thank You all for the information regarding ibs and palps. I hope you are all feeling well. I myself have not been doing to well, I had a couple bad attacks this past week. I have an appointment to see my doctor next week and he says that he will be perscribing more drugs. I hope they help.

Thanks again everyone


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Re: Ibs & heart palpatations
      #13435 - 07/08/03 12:42 AM

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If i were you, id be getting a doctor to get you a genetic test for hemachrorortosis (im pretty sure i spelt it wrong). its a disorder that causes iron to not be disposed of properly in your body and then that iron runs havoc creating all sorts of symptoms including heart ones (and liver problems, wich can lead to diahorrea etc). get the iron level in your blood checked, and if the iron level is too high get a genetic test for the disorder to confirm it.

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Re: Ibs & heart palpatations new
      #57201 - 04/02/04 09:45 AM

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I'm 29. I was diagnosed with IBS less than a year ago. I've suffered with off and on heart palpitations since i was 18 and it was ALWAYS gas related. Sometimes if i was especially bloated, if I bent over the wrong way my heart would take off racing. I ended up in the emergency room having a panic attack (which was not diagnosed at the time) at 18. They dosed me up good with I don't know what, and got everything stable. My heart was beating 160+ BPM laying down. The doc told me I needed to relax. I was then taking gasx with every meal to keep gas bloating under control. I worked out a lot in the ensuing years and i rarely had an incident. Then, around 25 or so, I started focusing on my career a lot, and let my health start slipping. About this time last year i ended up in the emercency room again. Heart racing again, blood pressure high. This time with a terrible knot in my stomach that was causing great pain. This now had been present for about a week. sometimes the pain was so bad I would break into a pouring sweat sitting still. So one night (NEVER DO THIS) I decided to lay on my stomach with a pillow under it... I guess I thought I was trying to "force out" anything that was stuck. This was the trigger that sent me to the emergency room. Over the last year, I hooked up with a Doc that is well known as the best gastroenterologist in the area. When I saw him, right away I mentioned the heart issues. He didn't seem to have ANY knowledge of IBS causing this, though he diagnosed IBS with no tests. I was afraid of some kind of cancer because of family history. I was scared to death. So as it stands even now with this doc, he wants me to take fiber. He said there was only one kind of medicine he could give me, but because of my heart rate being fast and blood pressure being high, he didnt want to give it to me. So over the last year since my emergency room visit i've went from that pain-state, to nearly no pain (thank God), but I'm now facing increasing anxiety and increased freq. of IBS attacks. I've also had a very stressful thing happening in my life lately which I'm sure has made it worse. I've hit such low points in despair. I've spent a lot of time back and forth from despair, to anxiety. I really hope that someone else who has been through this reads this message. I think there is hope. The fiber has helped. Metamucil is what I've been taking. It seems that the fiber gives my belly something to do. At this point, I can't eat any vegtables or I will pay. Same with something as simple as red seedless grapes. Over the last week, I've had two bad attacks brought on by stress. I end up feeling like I have a knot and bloating just below my sternum. That's always where the problem seems to be centered, and where the "pinch" seemed to happen that would trigger the racing heart. To try to clear it out i took phazyme for gas which is pretty good. There are limits on how much you can take, and also it can interact with other meds, so please do check with your doc before you take it. But i still had a knot. Last night, I went to the local health food store to look for peppermint oil since i read a bunch that it can help. I've taken 3 of them now. After the 1st one last night, the knot was gone right away, i'd say 20 minutes tops and i was on the potty right away. Gas was leaving fast and there was diahreah. This was an improvement since i was just feeling all blocked before. Diah. was preferrable to the traffic jam i had going. It flushed me out RIGHT! I was woke up in the middle of the night with some anxiety and bloating. I took another and it helped again. I took another this morning and it helped again. I'm about to take a 4th. Oh, and I hadn't eaten much of anything but soup and crackers and pretzels over the last week during the last attacks. I actually ate some chicken last night and some rice after taking the 1st one and it didnt get blocked. I've ordered a bunch of other stuff too, so if I find more things that help I'll post again. the product I got is called "pepogest" by a company called "natures way". It has some sort of shielding on it to stop it from coming out in your belly and it then discharges in your intestines. from what I read, that's supposed to be better. since it's only been a day, i'll also post again if it turns out to not work or has any side effects.
To summarize my thoughts, I think the medical community is just now getting their arms around it. I'm STILL shocked that this doc (I mean he teaches at the university, top top credentials) didn't have ANY idea about the heart related issues. He was even afraid to prescribe this med he mentioned (didnt tell me the name) BECAUSE of my heart palpitations. Heck, the med may have even helped. I have another appointment in 2 weeks and I'll be bringing up a bunch of this then. any new info I will post. I think that with as many people that are suffering from this IBS, the drug companies HAVE to start paying attention soon. In the mean time I'm going to continue to explore stuff like peppermint. I ordered some fennel tea which is also supposed to help. I see a cycle. Stress=IBS=IBS symptoms=more stress= more IBS. I'm really trying to take my stress to the Lord while I deal with the physical aspects of this. I know that Jesus doesn't want me living in fear. I also feel that I've sinned in not taking it to Him more. His peace drops my blood pressure and heart rate immediately to normal levels time and time again. Yet time and time again I get wrapped up in the anxiety and I dont' just STOP and look to Him for comfort. so that's something else I'm working on, to be strong in the Lord. If you are a person of faith reading this, please pray for me to trust Him and please do the same yourself. Easy to say, hard to do in the middle of an attack. Tuesday night was probably the worst night of the attack. I had palpitations for about 3 seconds straight. Normally it's just for a second unless i get to that pinched state that just sends the heart off to the races. I started to get light headed and I really thought that was the end of the road. I stomped my feet on the ground and exclaimed God please help me! the palpitations passed, but it still scared the heck out of me. I need to turn to Jesus with my anxiety. the body can be managed by medicines and natural remedies. the heart and mind only finds true peace in the Lord in my experience. Take care of your body, and your heart and mind both. I hope that this will help someone else that has been through what I've went through. I went into detail here since when I 1st started researching, it seemed like I was the only one that has experiences this with the heart racing and skipping beats. It's good to know I'm not the only one, and I hope someone else facing the despair and stress relating to the effects of IBS on the heart will see this thread and have some piece of mind. God Bless, Eric

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Re: Ibs & heart palpatations new
      #57387 - 04/02/04 03:43 PM

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Eric, a couple thoughts for you. First of all you need to sit down, take a deep breath and relax - calm down. People don't die from IBS, you may feel like you wish you could but believe me, it will get better. Everyone here is wishing you the best and understand what you are going through, we've all been there.

Second, order Heather's book and read it cover to cover several times, until you totally understand what she's saying. Eric, if you simplfy your life and your diet things will begin to fall in place and you will start to feel better.

Once you have your IBS symptoms a little better under control, then talk to your dr about the palps. From the research I've done on this board, most people with IBS do not have palps associated with it unless they are having an attack. The palps could be associated with a vitamin and/or mineral deficiency - which can easily happen to people who have had chronic that is something for the dr to check. I would also recommend Heather's Acacia fiber powder, it works great for most people and personally, I love it.

But the best advice I can give you is to try to calm down, take control of your life and your body and, like you said, give your stress to the Lord to handle for a while. All the best to you, Eric, good luck.


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Welcome, Eric! new
      #57396 - 04/02/04 04:36 PM

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Welcome to the Boards.

You've had quite a time, and I understand you are scared. You came to the right place.

I believe you can get a lot of help with the hypnotherapy program, Eric. I am a D, and I had a bad time of it too, and yes, with the anxiety as well. I was in a foreign country, where I knew no one and was unfamiliar with the area, when my panic attack hit; I was sure I was going to die right then and there. I ran to the public bathroom and in the stall held onto the walls to hold me up. I knew I needed help. When I got home, I STAYED home. My anxiety had gotten to the point where I could not leave the confines of my home. Desperate, I contacted Heather, who turned me onto Michael's hypnotherapy. A lot of us here have gone through the program and have gotten help, and a lot of us are doing the program now. Check the board above for everyone's posts and the link in here to find out more about it.

I truly believe Michael can help you. He helped me more than I can tell you. Before I finished the 100-day program, I was able to leave my home and venture out. Now, after finishing the program (and ready to start another of Michael's), I'm stable and feeling 90% like my old self. I believe I could even return to work now; maybe not full-time, but part-time. That's quite an improvement!

You might consider posting your story in the hypno board, and either Marilyn or ShawnEric can enlighten you even more; they're both very knowledgeable about the program, and in fact you can order it from Marilyn. Both of them were helped by Michael as well.

Good luck, and keep us posted.


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