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New...Help w/ diet questions for conflicting illnesses?
      #173005 - 04/23/05 05:43 PM

Reged: 04/23/05
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I have severe IBS-C or colonic inertia. The nerves in my intenstines are shot and there is likely some paralysis there. I'm currently on zelnorm twice a day and miralax 3 times a day and I still don't go much and have really bad bloating. This diet is my last chance before having a marker test and considering surgery.

This is my predicament:
I have diabetes so should go low glycemic but I have gastroparesis (paralyzed stomach) so I can't tolerate insoluable fiber. I'm hypothyroid so I can't eat soy in any form except soy sauce (it affects the medication). I have Addison's disease so I need protien.

The IBS diet matches up with the gastroparesis diet which is great. I don't digest meat, so after the two weeks I need to have protein (60-90g a day). I've been taking whey protein and milk. Sometimes I can only tolerate a liquid diet or I vomit. But... still have problems. Maybe that was all the milk plus the whey protein.

Where would I get rice protein and what sweetners are ok? How do they get protein out of rice when it doesn't have hardly any?

Any ideas on if I need a sweet fix? I've got $10 worth of Splenda in my cabinet. Anyone here use stevia?

I hope I can make it on solid food for 2 weeks. I'm really, really hoping this will work for me. I appreciate any suggestions.

Wendy in Oklahoma

IBS-C since 1978

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Hi Wendy! new
      #173010 - 04/23/05 06:26 PM
atomic rose

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Welcome to the boards!

I don't have any specific diet advice for you, since I'm not dealing with any of those other conditions, but I wanted to weigh in on the two specific questions you have.

I'm not sure how they make rice protein powder, but it does definitely exist. I've seen some in my local health food store. If yours doesn't carry it, ask - a lot of times, they'll special order things if they know you'll definitely be buying it. I forget the brand name of the one I've seen, but it's completely vegan and IBS-safe.

Second, stevia is the only safe non-caloric sweetener for IBS. (Other safe sweeteners in general are sugar, honey, and maple syrup.) I use stevia, but not for *everything*, just because the cost is prohibitive for me right now. It has an herbal taste that takes a little getting-used-to, but I really like it.

Hopefully someone else will come along and have more input on your other questions and concerns... just so you know, it's quiet here on the weekends, so don't be too surprised if you don't get much of a response until Monday or Tuesday.

Welcome again, and don't hesitate to ask more questions as they come up!

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Re: New...Help w/ diet questions for conflicting illnesses? new
      #173017 - 04/23/05 07:31 PM

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I use Nutri Biotic Rice Protein Powder (58 cal./scoop; 12 g protein). You can get it at a Natural Food Store. There is no soy/wheat/whey/corn junk/crap in it.

In order to extract the protein from the rice, they "isolate" the protein from the carbohydrate molecules in the rice to give you rice protein.

It's totally tummy friendly, trust me...I often can only consume protein powder too.

Re: sweeteners. Stevia's pretty safe. I prefer it to Splenda.

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Re: Hi Wendy! new
      #173023 - 04/23/05 07:55 PM

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I use rice protein powder--I'm also on synthroid. No thyroid for me! It's yummy. Any HFS should have it. I also do Steiva b/c I don't tolerate sugar. It's not a direct one-to-one correspondance....IE: 1/4 cup sugar does NOT equal 1/4 cup steiva. I made bread the other day and couldn't tell the difference.

For IF, what about pureeing your veggies/fruit? I can tolerate much more that way...even refried beans are better than solids for me. I can tolerate V8 type drinks in small doses.

Let me know if I can help more. I am also a strict vegetarian who is dairy and mostly gluten free.

IBS-C with major bloat!
Gluten Free Vegan

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Hi Wendy new
      #173024 - 04/23/05 07:59 PM

Reged: 10/27/04
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I'm curious what you are eating for your gastroparesis. I also have delayed gastric emptying, but not a severe case. My doctor thinks it was caused by my years of anorexia.

Anyhow, I was told to eat whatever I want. Now, I have read on my own that fiber is not recommended for gastroparesis, but it is recommended for IBS! Especially in the form of a Soluble Fiber Supplement. So, I don't know how to incorporated this IBS diet with my gastroparesis.

I am also IBS-C (constipated) and thought that fiber would be very helpful for the constipation. I was never told that insoluble fiber was worse for gastroparesis than soluble fiber was. I thought they were both discouraged for gastroparesis. But since I am constipated, I try to get as much insoluble fiber in that I can in the form of cream of brown rice cereal with flax, cooked nectarines and plums for breakfast, low fat potato chips or cornmeal cereal, millet cereal, millet and flax bread, white rice breads, cooked quinoa and millet, baked apples, cooked zucchini, spinach, carrots, green beans, squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, blueberries, etc...

I do not take a SFS even though this diet recommends it. But if I do not eat fiber in my diet, especially insoluble fiber, I would be even more constipated than I already am.

So, what did your doctor recommend to eat for your gastroparesis? It doesn't sound like it is helping your constipation. Have you ever tried eating more insoluble fiber? What happens?

Do you have a severe case of gastroparesis? I'm assuming that it is caused by your diabetes. You must have juvenile diabetes, right?

You say you don't eat meat, but can you have the chicken, fish, and egg whites that are allowed on this diet? That would give you some protein. And quinoa is a complete protein grain which is soluble fiber, so I would recommend that as well.

Is there any chance that if you started eating more, your gastroparesis would lessen as it gets used to having food in your system? I would hate to have to eat my calories in liquids for the rest of my life. I hope my situation does'nt come to that point. I am hoping that over time, with food in my system, my body will begin to function correctly again and start emtying normally. Do you think this might be possible?

~ Beth
Constipation, pain prodominent,cramps, spasms and bloat!

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Re: Hi Wendy! new
      #173030 - 04/23/05 08:09 PM

Reged: 04/23/05
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Loc: Illinois

Thanks everyone for the responses!

Am I correct in assuming the 2 week IBS diet should only be the foods on the list? I figured it was like an elimination diet and if I was better after the two weeks I could start adding stuff in carefully and see how I react.

If I could have rice powder and V-8 now I would.
But I'm willing to do whatever it takes to do this right. It would beat the heck outta surgery!

As far as the IF goes.. I just have to be careful and see if I throw it up or not. (eww)

IBS-C since 1978

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For your hypothyroid... new
      #173038 - 04/23/05 08:31 PM

Reged: 01/16/05
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what medicine are you on? I'm on Levoxyl and I was never told anything about not eating soy... in fact soy is a huge part of my diet.


all those years it wasn't IBS - it was celiac!
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For Augie - Re: Hi Wendy new
      #173046 - 04/23/05 09:01 PM

Reged: 04/23/05
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Loc: Illinois

Anorexia can cause GP and GP causes anorexia as well (not nervosa). Looking back I've had GP symptoms since I was a teenager and dx'd with IBS at 15. We thought the doctor was crazy and laughed all the way home. We had never heard of IBS before. It was 1978. I have nerve problems and endocrine diseases which affect the gut. Mine is not diabetic GP. I'm type II diabetic since my 30's.

If you are IBS-C w/ GP then you also have GP w/constipation. Different name, but may mean your nerves are affected in you intenstines as well as the stomach.

Don't worry about the IBS diet. The same foods recommended for GP are on that list. I'll put the link in here at the end. I'm happy for you that you are eating solid food. The reason doctors tell you to eat whatever you want is because everyone has different trigger foods and there is such an issue with malnutrition that they don't want you giving up a food that you can tolerate just because it's not on the "list".

That being said....there are definite guidelines. People with GP that can eat solid food do not tolerate foods that are difficult to digest. Fat, meat, veggie fibers and whole grains. Veggie fibers and whole grains are particulaly problematic because they can sit in your gut and form a ball called a bezore. Sometimes these will be thrown up like a cat vomits a fur ball. Other times they have to be removed surgically.

GP triggers that you are eating....
Brown rice
cornmeal cereal

My gosh girl! Are you really bloated??? Nauseaous? I would be SOOOO sick if I were eating what you eat. I'm really surprised the doc didn't send you to a nutritionist or at least give you the basic guidelines. Do not take the fiber supplement.

Gastroparesis Diet

You also would really benefit from joing this group. It's the biggest in the world and very active support on a daily basis. They can answer any question and know what you are going through.
Gastroparesis Support Yahoo Group

To answer your question about GP getting better if you eat... that is generally not the case. If you force yourself to eat more than your stomach wants to take in you will feel worse. It's best to eat several tiny meals a day. If GP does get better it will generally be because it was caused by a virus, or maybe caused by an endocrine disorder that can be reversed if caught in time. Some people do get better so I don't want to discourage hope. If you have permanent damage caused by the anorexia then the odds of getting better might not be in your favor. Some people never get worse though. We are really lucky that we can eat and aren't on feeding tubes like a lot of GP people. I've learned to try to find the bright side of this.

You asked about protein from chicken etc... I've had GP for 16 months and I tolerate less than I did at the beginning. I can have a small bite of meat on occassion, but that's about it. If I eat any quantity of it I vomit.

Please email me at if you want more help with this. I'd be interested in knowing what your symptoms are and how long you have had GP and how your relationship is with your doctor. You need lots of communication w/ your gastro doc.

You have got to change that diet immediatley. Look at the link I gave you and see the simliarities to the IBS diet. That is why I came here. I looked at the list of foods for GP and will just be eating the ones that are on the IBS list. My primary complaint is my intestines at present.

Hope to hear from your soon Augie and I think you will start feeling better really soon!
(big huggs)
Wendy in Oklahoma

IBS-C since 1978

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Re: For your hypothyroid... new
      #173049 - 04/23/05 09:30 PM

Reged: 04/23/05
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Loc: Illinois

Soy is THE biggest no-no for anyone that is hypothyroid regardless of which medication they are on. This is well known in the medical community. You may want to discuss it with your doctor. Here are some links: (soy)

Soy site.....scroll down to "safety issues"

IBS-C since 1978

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IBS, Thyroid, and Soy new
      #173054 - 04/23/05 10:55 PM

Reged: 03/21/05
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Wow...there's a fairy good group of us here with thyroid problems. I wonder if there is a connection....(human nature to always be looking, I suppose...)

I had a nodule on my thyroid about 7 years ago, which was drained but kept coming back. It was removed (along with half to three-quarters) of my thyroid about 5 years ago. Evidently the nodule was undergoing some form of "transformation" and they could guarantee with 95% certainty that it would be cancerous within a few months. I decided not to wait, and go ahead and have it removed then, but wait and see if the cancer came back (or came...) before chemo, and it never did, so I assumed all was well. I'm not on any thyroid medication.

I guess two thoughts. I know the parathyroid glands (not the thyoid, but attached) regulate calcium absorption. And most sources of calcium (dairy, spinach, turnip greens, mustard greens, dandalion greens, etc) are IBS triggers (well...I haven't heard some of those greens mentioned directly, but I assume they would fall in the difficult insolubables category). Maybe it has something to do with the calcium absorption? Of course maybe not, as Luna bars and fortified stuff seem to alright, although maybe the different form is more accesible. I don't know...just rambling in case someone actually knows something.

And then the problem of soy. I don't eat *that* much of it. But, I certainly have some, I cook with soy milk, and have been eating soy cheese (until I just read that it has skim milk solids???? what is this???), I had tofu for dinner. So I couldn't say that it is mostly what I eat, but I do eat a good bit. No doctor ever even mentioned avoiding soy. I don't take any medication, so maybe it is less of an issue. Although, according to those websites, maybe not...Has anyone here ever had problems related to soy and their thyroid?

~~~Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.~~~

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