Easy IBS Diet Tips & Tricks

* Eat soluble fiber first whenever your stomach is empty

* Chew thoroughly. This will help prevent you from eating too fast and swallowing air, which can trigger IBS problems.

* Eat at a leisurely pace - if you must eat in a hurry, serve yourself half portions.

* Eat small portions of food, and eat frequently - the emptier your stomach is, the more sensitive you will be.

* Avoid eating large amounts of food in one sitting as this can trigger an IBS attack

* Avoid ice-cold foods and drinks on an empty stomach. Cold makes muscles contract, and your goal with the IBS diet is to keep your stomach and the rest of your GI tract as calm as possible.

* Avoid chewing gum, as it causes you to swallow excess air, which can trigger problems.

* Drink fresh water constantly throughout the day (not ice cold). Limit the amount of water or other fluids you drink with your meals, as this can inhibit digestion.

* Only eat green salads - tiny portions, non-fat dressing - at the end of the meal, not the beginning (tell people you're French).

* Peel, skin, chop and cook fruits and vegetables; mash or puree beans, corn, peas, and berries. Finely chop nuts, raisins and other dried fruits, and fresh herbs. Nuts in particular can be quite tolerable for IBS when finely ground. To keep dried fruit from sticking to your knife when chopping, spray the blade with cooking oil first.

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