Eating for IBS Recipes Corrections

Early editions of Eating for Irritable Bowel Syndrome have the following misprints:

1. Page 23 ~ The bowl of Cantonese Jok Rice Porridge Soup referenced is on page 149, not page 168.

2. Page 70 ~ Pizza Party Snack Mix. The last sentence says "Sprinkle soy Parmesan and buttermilk powder..." but it should say "Sprinkle soy Parmesan and soy Romano..." If soy Romano is not available in your area, simply substitute extra soy Parmesan.

3. Page 204 ~ Vietmnamese Lemongrass Ginger Chicken. The recipe calls for 1/3 cup Thai or Vietnamese Fish sauce. This is a huge mistake. It should only be 1 Tablespoon of fish sauce.

4. Page 206 ~ Orange Glazed Chicken Breasts. Baking time should read "...bake for 45-55 minutes, until chicken is just cooked through."

5. Page 254 ~ Double Decker Sweet Potato Pecan Pie. Filling bake time listed is 50-60 minutes, but it should be 60 minutes to 75 minutes.

6. Page 197 ~ Easy Peachy Chicken Breasts. "Preheat oven to 450" should say "Preheat oven to 375."

7. Page 195 ~ Lacquered Five Spice Chicken. Baking time should read "...bake, covered, for 45-55 minutes, basting frequently, until chicken is just cooked through."

8. Page 179 ~ Mustard Dill Salmon with Roasted Potatoes and Greens. Recipe calls for "1/4 tablespoons packed brown sugar." It should be 4 tablespoons of packed brown sugar.

9. Page 252 ~ Pumpkin Spice Pie with Praline Topping. Filling should call for 1 1/2 packages of 12.3 oz. Mori-Nu Lite Firm Tofu.

10. Page 69 ~ Home-Dried Sweet & Chewy Banana Chips. Do NOT spray the cookie sheets with cooking oil.

All recipes included in Eating for IBS have a nutritional analysis per serving of calories, protein, percentage of calories from protein, carbohydrates, percentage of calories from carbohydrates, total fat, percentage of calories from fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, and total dietary fiber. (Analysis provided by NutriBase Nutrition Manager software.)

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