Eating for IBS Recipes ~ Main Dishes

Dinner's on! Wouldn't it be great if you could safely eat it? Well, here's terrific news - with these recipes, you finally can. Many people are already in the habit of having a soluble fiber base to their dinners, whether pasta, potatoes, rice, or bread. It's very easy to work from this foundation to create delicious meals while keeping just a few other considerations in mind.

Simple substitutions of seafood or chicken breasts for meat, soy milk for dairy, and the use of low-fat cooking techniques will quickly give you safe dinners with no extra effort. Just remember that main dishes should carefully incorporate as many fresh vegetables as possible (follow the Eating for IBS guidelines), and small amounts of pureed beans or finely ground nuts make healthy additions as well.

There are so many delicious dinner choices to look forward to, from traditional homestyle favorites to exciting ethnic specialties, that the only difficulty you'll likely face is choosing just one to eat tonight. You have many wonderful, healthy meals ahead of you - enjoy!

Thai fried rice with cilantro and shrimp

Linguine with creamy wild mushroom, spinach, and sherry sauce

Chablis chicken

Italian crostini with honey-tomato sauce and garlic saffron prawns

Crispy pizza with shredded chicken, scallions, and smoky sweet barbecue sauce

Mexican sauteed pepitas prawns

Tandoori spiced mango shrimp

Sizzling shrimp fajitas with Baja orange marinade

Barbecued Vietnamese calamari with sweet and tangy dipping sauce

Broiled red snapper with piquant tamarind glaze

Mustard dill salmon with roasted potatoes and greens

Maple glazed salmon with nutty wheat berries

Wok-steamed teriyaki ginger salmon

Teddy's honey mesquite salmon

Herbed Parmesan-crusted bay scallops

Caramelized scallops with garlic champagne glaze

Cornmeal-crusted Cajun catfish

Seared fresh tuna steaks with crushed coriander and citrus miso sauce

Grilled tuna with mustard seeds and ginger honey mustard sauce

Honey glazed sesame tuna

Tangy lemon whitefish, carrots, and mushrooms with lemon-scallion sauce

Simple white fish with lemon and herbs

Chinese black bean steamed cod

Lacquered five-spice chicken

Simple herb baked chicken breasts

Easy peachy chicken breasts

Thai grilled chicken satays with sweet and tangy dipping sauce

Char-grilled Vietnamese chicken breasts with rice noodles and lime dipping sauce

Orange-glazed chicken breasts with onions, mushrooms, and carrots

Jamaican chicken with ginger peach chutney

Vietnamese lemongrass ginger chicken

Bengali spiced chickpeas, tomatoes, and spinach with black salt

Fat rice noodles with sweet black soy sauce, scallions, and prawns

Indian curried potatoes, peas and carrots

Garden veggie lomein

Japanese soba noodles with bonito dipping sauce and toasted nori

Linguine with calamari and garlic white wine sauce

Fettuccine with creamy butternut squash sauce

Spaghetti with Spanish almond romesco sauce

Crispy thin pizza with seafood and dill

Pizza with fresh basil, grilled chicken, roasted garlic, and sundried tomatoes

Crispy thin pizza with wild mushrooms and rosemary

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