Eating for IBS Recipes ~ Desserts

One of my favorite sayings is "Life's too short. Eat dessert first." For the sake of overall good health I don't take this literally, but I am quite grateful that sucrose, or plain table/baking sugar, is not an IBS trigger (it contains no insoluble fiber, no fat, no caffeine, no alcohol, and has no stimulant or irritant effect on the GI tract). While I do try not to eat desserts with reckless abandon, I have to admit it's a struggle, as it is just so fast and easy to safely modify sweet recipes.

The most common triggers in desserts are dairy and fats, and simple substitutions of egg whites for whole eggs, cocoa powder for solid chocolate, soy or rice milk for dairy, and a reduction in oil is all that's needed to create luscious desserts that are perfectly tolerable for IBS.

So go ahead and enjoy delicious homestyle favorites like Old Fashioned Banana Creme Pie, Chocolate Chip Peppermint Ice Dream Sandwiches, Double Decker Sweet Potato Pecan Pie, and Brer Rabbit Carrot Cake, as well as more exotic sweet treats such as Sultry Summer Mango Sorbet, Mandarin Chocolate Sponge Cake, or Cinnamon Walnut Tart with Raspberry Sauce. The sky really is the limit when it comes to safe, scrumptious dessert choices, so feel free to indulge!

Peppermint fudge cake

Double decker sweet potato pecan pie

Banana butterscotch souffles

Sweet cherry almond cake (plum and apricot variations)

Chocolate silk pudding (ice cream variation)

Tahitian vanilla bean pudding (ice cream variation)

Indian pistachio orange blossom tapioca pudding

Better than cheesecake – with lemon curd and summer fruit topping variations

Sultry summer mango sorbet

Pucker up, Buttercup lemon sorbet

Fresh mint leaf and lime sorbet

Florentine peach gelato

Fresh tangerine gelato

Chocolate chip peppermint ice dream sandwiches

Sweet Moroccan jeweled couscous

Brer Rabbit carrot cake with orange glaze

Old fashioned banana creme pie - chocolate and pudding variations

Mandarin chocolate sponge cake with sweet orange icing

Chocolate pecan fallen souffle cake with raspberry sauce

Pumpkin spice pie with praline topping

Vermont maple pie

Cinnamon walnut tart with cranberry rum sauce

Meltaway raspberry angel kisses (chocolate variation)

Spiced rum strawberry angel food shortcakes

Cloud nine lemon angel food cake with citrus syrup

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