Eating for IBS Recipes ~ Beverages

The all-around best beverage for IBS is a cup of hot, strongly brewed peppermint tea. The worst is a three-way tie between coffee, alcohol, and soda pop. Are there any other choices? You bet there are.

Blended beverages are a wonderful way to eat fresh fruit, as the insoluble fiber in foods like strawberries and peaches is much less of a trigger when it's finely pureed. Ingredients such as ginger and fennel are very soothing to the GI tract, and lend themselves deliciously to a wide variety of teas.

Creamy drinks are a breeze with soy milk or tofu, and additions such as bananas and almonds add lots of soluble fiber. Remember that it's safest to drink fresh fruit beverages with meals, and that ice-cold liquids can cause problems on an empty stomach, but feel free to enjoy the hot teas at any time.

High-energy banana carob breakfast shake

Virgin strawberry daiquiris

Soothing sweet peppermint green tea

Mexican cinnamon-lime horchata

Indian chai milk tea

Spring blossom tea

Chinese green tea with honey

Rainy day lemon and ginger tea

Tart cranberry, lime, and honey refresher

Mandarin ginger zingers

Summer peachy lemonade

Fresh mint-leaf lemonade

Strawberry-banana smoothie

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