Eating for IBS Recipes ~ Appetizers & Snacks

I confess, I prefer snacks to meals, and I'd rather have a dinner of several different appetizers than one big entree. I don't feel guilty, though, because it's important for folks with IBS to eat small amounts of food frequently, and with so many safe and wonderful treats to snack on, it's a lot of fun, too.

Toasted French bread, baked corn chips, and pitas form the perfect high soluble fiber basis for lots of delicious low fat dips, spreads, nibbles, and noshes. Baked potato chips, pretzels, and corn or rice cereals are fast, safe snack foods when you're on the run, but the following recipes are almost as easy and offer a wide variety of tasty, healthy options.

Smoky eggplant hummus (with pita bread)

Grilled shrimp shish kebabs with Spanish saffron sauce

Portabella mushroom and sundried tomato bruschetta

Honey glazed snack mix

Sweet mango and roasted tomato salsa (with baked corn chips)

Smoky black bean dip (with baked corn chips)

Mexican cumin and garlic refried lentils (with baked corn chips)

Bruschetta with white bean and almond dip

Crunchy garlic bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and basil

Roasted garlic and green pea bruschetta

Smoked white fish and herb bean dip (with sourdough crostini)

Lemon marinated prawns with horseradish cocktail sauce

Fresh Tex-Mex guacamole (with baked corn tortillas)

Summer tomato and cilantro salsa (with baked corn chips)

Tangy Indian tamarind chutney with pappadams

Crunchy pizza party snack mix

Home dried sweet and chewy banana chips

All recipes included in Eating for IBS have a nutritional analysis per serving of calories, protein, percentage of calories from protein, carbohydrates, percentage of calories from carbohydrates, total fat, percentage of calories from fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, and total dietary fiber. (Analysis provided by NutriBase Nutrition Manager software.)

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