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Reged: 08/11/03
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Loc: Richmond, VA
Jamie doesn't like tattoos, Bevrs.
† † † 06/21/04 04:36 AM

let's see.... does it hurt? hell, yeah, but it's not horrible. i'm not going to be one of those people who acts tough and says "oh, it's not painful at all!
but i'm not going to exaggerate, either. i just balled up my fist and talked to the dude. no tears or anything- not even close. the one on my wrist hurt worse than the one on my shoulder. it feels like being stuck multiple times with a tiny needle loaded with paint... that's what it feels like. here's the trick, though- it only really hurts while they're doing it. i don't know that i have the fortitude to tolerate a huge tattoo, but the small ones i have aren't bad. i can't imagine how people do their whole back or arm or whatver. Percocet, maybe!? anyway, afterwards it just kinda reminds me of a skinned knee or a burn from the stove- it hurts if you brush up against it in the way that those things do, but it's not like it hurts all the time. i'll keep a triple antibiotic ointment or intense moisturizer on them 'til they heal, then thereafter i'll keep suncreen on them.

well, as usual with me, i don't care whether people like it or not. it's not a big deal to me! i figure people like me for me or they don't. nothing i can really do about it!

though i did have a little concern--- Angela and her sister (they're my best friends) and their brother (who i also adore) are all getting tattoos next weekend. i didn't know this at all when i got my urge to go yesterday. i found out when i got back. they said "oh my god, we are going next weekend and wanted to know if you wanted to go with us!" well, i think that's a little hokey- the group adventure to get a tattoo. well, mine was a little more of a personal landmark type of experience anyway so i'm glad i went alone. also, i think it would be dorky of me to show up places with my best friends, all of us sporting new tattoos. maybe that's just me! anyway, they're all siblings so i think it's cute that they get them together. i'm just glad i went first...

oh, and by the way, cute bartender has at least 2 tattoos. i don't know (or care) how he feels about them on girls, though, as i already mentioned. then again, just about everyone i know has at least one or some kind of piercing (which i don't have), so it's not unusual. well, i do have a few friends without them, but they're strange!

and you're totally right, Bevrs- when i set my mind on something, WATCH OUT! (poor, poor cute bartender)


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* guess what i "up and did" today!? jenX 06/20/04 04:33 PM
. * You are a wild lady and I love your signature pics! susan127†† 06/21/04 07:09 PM
. * Re: guess what i "up and did" today!? littleone24†† 06/21/04 04:27 PM
. * $300!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!? jenX†† 06/22/04 04:59 AM
. * Re: $300!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!? ibsgrl†† 06/22/04 08:07 AM
. * i thought about that. but STILL!!!!!! -nt- jenX†† 06/22/04 08:08 AM
. * LOL that's a lot of moolah! How much is average for something really tiny, let's.... ibsgrl†† 06/22/04 08:16 AM
. * Re: LOL that's a lot of moolah! How much is average for something really tiny, let's.... PammySue†† 06/22/04 10:13 AM
. * Just what I was about to say! atomic rose†† 06/22/04 10:19 AM
. * should i name a really high price to discourage you!? jenX†† 06/22/04 08:26 AM
. * Re: should i name a really high price to discourage you!? - LIKE THAT WOULD MATTER! hehehe!!! ibsgrl†† 06/22/04 08:46 AM
. * good girl!!!! -mom :) -nt- jenX†† 06/22/04 09:38 AM
. * Re: guess what i "up and did" today!? BL†† 06/21/04 10:54 AM
. * Re: Not everyone takes it lightly lovejoy_22†† 06/21/04 01:48 PM
. * I agree with Jen... atomic rose†† 06/21/04 03:15 PM
. * that is beautiful jenX†† 06/21/04 02:54 PM
. * ha. if you're old enough to be my mom, you started young! jenX†† 06/21/04 10:57 AM
. * You don't look 33 in your picture! ----nt--- BL†† 06/21/04 02:19 PM
. * PLUS... jenX†† 06/21/04 10:58 AM
. * that's true.... BL†† 06/21/04 06:43 PM
. * Congratulations....I loved your post.... Nugget†† 06/21/04 10:34 AM
. * thanks, Nugget. SMOOCHES! -nt- jenX†† 06/21/04 10:40 AM
. * Re: guess what i "up and did" today!? Shell Marr†† 06/21/04 10:19 AM
. * awesome. jenX†† 06/21/04 10:23 AM
. * Re: guess what i "up and did" today!? Janey†† 06/21/04 10:06 AM
. * yay! ladybug-branded ladies unite! jenX†† 06/21/04 10:24 AM
. * Re: yay! ladybug-branded ladies unite! Janey†† 06/23/04 06:01 AM
. * HOORAY! jenX†† 06/23/04 06:19 AM
. * Tattoos! PammySue†† 06/23/04 06:55 AM
. * tatooooooos......... ibsgrl†† 06/21/04 10:03 AM
. * uh oh! i'm a cyber bad-influence!?!?!!? jenX†† 06/21/04 10:22 AM
. * Re: uh oh! i'm a cyber bad-influence!?!?!!? ibsgrl†† 06/21/04 11:20 AM
. * no problem! jenX†† 06/21/04 11:27 AM
. * Re: tattoos! Sheri01†† 06/21/04 09:52 AM
. * Sheri! jenX†† 06/21/04 10:06 AM
. * Thanks for the support- I needed to be enabled! -nt- Sheri01†† 06/21/04 10:25 AM
. * oooh jen, WE WANT PICTURES!!!!!!! hehe -nt- ibsgrl†† 06/21/04 09:12 AM
. * Awesome! Good for you, I'm sure they look great! -nt- Stephie†† 06/21/04 09:03 AM
. * better than me!! bttrfly08†† 06/21/04 08:02 AM
. * i thought of you when i did it! jenX†† 06/21/04 08:05 AM
. * Re: i thought of you when i did it! bttrfly08†† 06/21/04 08:12 AM
. * Tattoos PammySue†† 06/21/04 08:37 AM
. * Problems at work atomic rose†† 06/21/04 08:46 AM
. * Re: Problems at work littleone24†† 06/21/04 04:30 PM
. * Hi! atomic rose†† 06/21/04 04:47 PM
. * Re: Problems at work peaches†† 06/21/04 09:22 AM
. * Tattoos at work. jenX†† 06/21/04 09:45 AM
. * WooHoo!! Jen gone wild !!! -nt- barbie†† 06/20/04 05:38 PM
. * Dang, Jen, I didn't know just how crazy you were!! But they sound AWESOME!! -nt- peaches†† 06/20/04 05:47 PM
. * Re: guess what i "up and did" today!? LauraSue†† 06/20/04 05:16 PM
. * thanks, LS. jenX†† 06/21/04 04:40 AM
. * Tattoos PammySue†† 06/21/04 05:21 AM
. * Re: Tattoos atomic rose†† 06/21/04 05:51 AM
. * tple abx vs. lotion jenX†† 06/21/04 06:17 AM
. * exactly! atomic rose†† 06/21/04 06:26 AM
. * DO IT, DO IT, DO IT! (i'm such an enabler!) lol -nt- jenX†† 06/21/04 06:43 AM
. * We Wanna Picture! Bevvy†† 06/20/04 05:13 PM
. * Jamie doesn't like tattoos, Bevrs. jenX†† 06/21/04 04:36 AM
. * Most excellent! atomic rose†† 06/20/04 04:47 PM
. * awesome. jenX†† 06/20/04 04:50 PM
. * I really don't either... atomic rose†† 06/20/04 05:15 PM
. * Sweetie Pie Jen !!! gigi†† 06/20/04 11:26 PM

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