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Reged: 05/02/03
Posts: 1372
Some More Encouraging Positive Stories from users of the IBS Audio Program 100
      07/15/10 10:43 PM

Here are a few encouraging stories from users of the IBS Audio Program - I do hope they provide some encouragement... All the best!

18th June 2010 from Jo. W ~ Worthing UK ~ Email into Healthy Audio Offices.

Hi Michael,

I wanted to send my very heartfelt thanks to you for the life changing effect your IBS audio programme has had for me. I completed the 100 day programme a few weeks ago now and I cannot believe that I actually feel free of IBS!

I really had reached a very low point after suffering, and it really is suffering, for over 10 years. I read about your CD's on an IBS forum and to be honest if I had not been feeling quite so desperate I probably would have dismissed it as I never realised the true potential and healing power of hypnotherapy.

Well, it has amazed me, I started to feel better in the second week and my scores went from 8,9 and 10's to 1, 2 and 3's by day 27, I really couldn't believe it.

Now I would say I am consistently at 0 or 1 and very occassionally on a bad day, (which I've had about 4 of in over 3 months were it was pretty much a daily occurence)it might reach a 3.

It has truly changed my daily existence. I am soo much happier and calmer and enjoying life far more!

My partner has commented that I am like a different person, the real me!

Thank you for your efforts in developing this and I cannot sing your praises highly enough.

I found myself telling someone on the street about it the other day as I know it can help so many people. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jo, age 38 and reborn!!!


April 21, 2010 Excerpt from Lisa on HelpForIBS -

Stable since July 2007

I HAVE stabilized. I'm not cured; there is no cure. But I've learned what I need to do to control my symptoms and lead a semi-normal life.

You probably don't want to hear this but the hypno program is what did it for me. I completed the entire thing three times. THREE. Each time I saw a little more improvement. Do what you want with that information, but I swear that's what made the biggest difference. I would encourage you to give that an honest try before throwing in the towel.


March 17, 2010 Email to Healthy Audio From J.Fallon UK
Dear Healthy Audio,

Can you please pass this email to Micheal Mahony. I had been suffering with IBS for the longest time, when my daughter purchased the IBS Audio Program 100 for me.

I was sceptical but she paid for it so I owed it to her, and myself to give it a try. And what a powerful message this is.

I could hardly believe it within the first week I was seeing changes and feeling better, I think I did after the first few days (that introduction is just so amazing) but I thought it may have just been me hoping it.

Within a month I felt brilliant, by the end of the program it was such a relief to know I could feel so much better.

I finished the program 10 months ago, and I have never looked back. I found the content was excellent and the listening schedule was so easy to follow, and yet it kept me on track and it made so much sense too.

So Micheal and all your team, thank you so much, from a very genuine and grateful user THANK YOU.


March 10, 2010 From Elly Rothbard, The Villages, Florida

Dear Michael,

I hope you do not mind the informal way I am addressing you. It would seem strange to be formal with a person who has spoken to me every day for one hundred and seventy days.

Yes, I am still listening to your program even though I feel I have recovered from IBS; I believe that all the symptoms were gone by the time I completed one hundred and twenty sessions.

I thank you for what you have done for me! After three years of being on a very strict diet from Heather Van Vorous' book," Eating For IBS", I decided to take Heather's advice and I ordered your program through her website.

At first, I didn't think you developed the program for someone like me because there were many things that you said that didn't seem to apply to my situation. I called Heather's office and I was told not to worry about everything that was said on the CDs because you were addressing my subconscious and that would not always make sense to my conscious mind. It was explained to me that you had to cover a wide range of people who were suffering with different problems that caused their IBS.

Then I was concerned about the fact that I wasn't feeling any different when your session began with you saying that I must be feeling different by this time. Now it was time to call the number on your program cover and ask more questions. I was lucky enough to reach Marilyn.

Marilyn put everything into prospective when she told me her story. I stopped worrying about failing when I reach one hundred sessions. Marilyn also made me aware that by keeping to a restrictive diet, I may have been reinforcing the IBS. I began to realize that the stress of wanting to get rid of my problem was actually causing the IBS to stay with me. Now, when I listen to your program it all make so much more sense. It reminds me of how I understand the beginning of a novel after finishing the book and rereading the beginning!

I can eat most things now but I still am afraid to try milk products because I don't know if I am lactose intolerant.. The IBS started with problems with yogurt and soft cheeses. However, in a month or so I will try milk products because I really think my reaction to them in the part was the IBS.

I am planning to get in touch with the health editor of our local paper to share my wonderful experience with your treatment with others in my community who may have the same problem. The reaction of all my friends and family is heartwarming. Everyone wants to know if you have a program for every other problem imaginable!

Thank you, thank you,

Elly Rothbard

February 9, 2010 From Sam

I used the IBS audio program 100 and just completed the 100th day a week ago. That program is wonderful and really helped me a lot. Even after completing 100 days, I listen to my favorite tracks.

As I like the IBS audio program, I am also planning to buy & use the Confidence & Self Esteem program by Michael Mahoney.

January 6, 2010 From Shoreham, NY:

As a former sufferer of IBS, I consider myself stable now after having followed this100-day program, even though I often fell asleep while listening to the hypnotherapy CDs.

If you or someone you know suffers with IBS, please take the time to visit this website, view results of the program, and read users' comments and reviews. This is a highly effective treatment for IBS with no risks or side-effects like conventional drugs.
January 2, 2010 From Bettybw53 on

To all that have IBS.... there IS a brain gut connection and there is something that can help you control it. I have been tremendously helped by Michael Mahoney "gut specific" hypnotherapeutic audio program. I am not associated in any way with this product except to say that it WORKS.
There are 4 CD's, 100 days of listening. It is magic how it works. Amazing. I started listening one year ago, for 100 days. I am so much better.

I used to have to stop to go to the bathroom on the way to work, no more.

I used to have gas and bloating, no more.

I used to worry about long car trips, standing in line, where to go after eating out..... the list goes on ... you know.

I now have the tools Michael Mahoney talks about and my mind takes over.... and I am better. Amazing.

December 15, 2009 Excerpt of Letter From Jean on HelpForIBS:

No Pain, No Cramping For Over A Year!

Hello Heather and other IBS friends,

I read this newsletter every month and whether or not you publish my letter is a-ok with me. I cannot tell you how much help finding your website, information and suggestions gave me hope when I first started having the IBS. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time to share all you have learned and all your wonderful products.

I have to strongly, strongly recommend to other folks who deal with IBS the IBS Audio Program 100® (Self Hypnosis). It is fantastic and has served me well for over a year now.
With the help of your site and the help of the audio program I am symptom-free now. It's truly a blessing.
For example: My IBS was so horrible that the summer of 2008 I cancelled my annual summer visit to my sister's in San Diego. And this is the highlight vacation of my entire year, each year.

I had read all the suggestions from Heather and read her books but what really saved my life, literally, was the IBS Audio Self Hypnosis Program.

I know stress triggers my symptoms because occasionally still I will get the gentle ache that is the signal that the unlivable symptoms may begin. I can immediately revert back to what I learned on the CDs and work through it in minutes!

This past summer of 2009 and on my other short trips, and also here at home, everything is wonderful. No more PAIN. No more cramping. No more eternal bathroom visits.
Thank you so much for being available, Heather, and offering life-changing help for those who suffer with IBS…
For those mulling over whether the hypnotherapy CDs are worth the cost, I wholeheartedly say YES! WELL WORTH IT!

I just wanted to add that I have seen many, many doctors prior to using the CDs and I mentioned your name and recommended your site to my Primary Care doc, my GE doc, and a therapist. The therapist was especially interested and wrote down the info.

I wish more professional health care workers knew about you.
Kindest regards,


November 19, 2009 Success - From Lynn on HelpForIBS:

Dear Marilyn,

My life has done a 360 since doing Mike's tapes. I have gone through the program 3 times, and I am 100% IBS free. I know some would say this is not possible and would say you are symptom-free, stable, etc., but I choose to say IBS free, and it feels good.

Mike's tapes were the bulk of my healing, but I also tweaked my hormones. I saw a naturopathic physician, who found I had nil Progesterone. After supplementing with natural (BHRT) cream, that was just the icing on the cake for me.

For those that say hypnosis does not work for them, who do a hit or miss of the program, or stop and start it and then say it does not work, I am here to say it does. You have to stay focused and commit to the program, follow the schedule, and realize it does not happen overnight. Sometimes, as in my case, you may have to go through the program several times. Don't give up too quickly.

Today, IBS is the farthest thing from my mind. I eat what I want, go wherever I want, and travel with my occupation. I am a new person, mostly due to Mike's tremendous contribution to this condition.

Please express my deepest thanks to him. I might check back in, in another 6 months. ~ Lynn


Letter received at Michaels Practice 1 June 2009

Mr Mahoney,

I have suffered with IBS for many years and I’m pretty sure I have tried everything that was ever suggested for relief. I spent nights searching the internet to find any different solutions to try. I tried diets, supplements, even crazier diets, lots of different medication, but nothing seemed to work for very long. I had limited my social life to nearly noting, as I was too afraid to go to far from home. My husband was always mad or disappointed in me because I wouldn’t participate in any outside interests.

Finally, one night while I was searching the internet, I was on the site ‘’ and one entry started with the words – “If you have tried everything else with no relief, you have to try this”. I read on and the woman described your IBS Audio Program 100. I went to the site, read all the information, then checked out your site and learned about you and your qualifications. I ordered the progam and followed it faithfully. I began to see positive results after two sessions.

I have completed your program and have never felt better. I can not express to you the gratitude I feel for you giving me back my life. Your audio tapes (CDs) helped me in all areas of my life, but it is such a great feeling to be amongst the “living” again. I can enjoy some of the food that I had given up and have no fear of eating out or attending social gatherings. I was even able to give up some of the medication that I had been taking for the stomach pain.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!.

My next problem is that now that I can eat almost anything, I am gaining weight. Do you have an audio program for that, also?

Again, the words “thank you” do not come near encompassing the gratitude I feel for the relief you have given me. THANK YOU!!!

Pontiac IL


May 26, 2009 From Ann on

… I tried them (the IBS Audio Program CDs) last year and found them to be very helpful. It helped relieve my anxiety and in turn relieved my symptoms. I highly recommend them.

My Journey and Success with the IBS Audio Program Hypnotherapy Program:

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