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Reged: 05/02/03
Posts: 1372
More Positive Feedback!!!
11/03/09 01:03 PM

IBS Audio Program Testimonials
There are countless excellent reviews of the self-hypnotherapy IBS Audio Program 100. A small sampling of them are below.

November 2008 From Mary C., North Carolina

I have tried your self hypnosis product and I cannot believe the difference it has made in my life. Though it is a 100 day series, I got relief within the first few weeks.

The IBS Audio Program 100 taught me how to actually stop the thought process of IBS and diarrhea. I should have realized long ago, as your website says "there is no magical pill or diet that cures IBS. You must address the emotional aspects of IBS or you will be a 30 plus year sufferer like I was."

Over three decades of going to doctors, taking medications and undergoing invasive procedures did very little for me. In retrospect, that should have been so obvious to me. After suffering for over 30 years, I can finally go on long walks and enjoy the beach.

IBS Audio Program
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I had earlier tried some of the other cheaper IBS CD products on the market, but I should have remembered the old axiom, you get what you pay for, they did not touch my IBS problem. The cost of your product is minimal compared to my RX medications, and unlike the others, IT WORKS!

After having this problem for close to 40 years, I now consider myself about 90% better, with no more medications. Committing myself to your product and 100 days of your gut specific hypnosis was the best decision I ever made. You directly address the IBS thought process and break the connection between the mind and the gut. Thank you for giving me my life back. I almost forgot what it felt like to be happy and worry free. Also, thanks to your product, I sleep better then ever and I am now brimming with confidence and I can think so much clearer since my mind is no longer cluttered with IBS worries. The side benefits were worth it all by themselves. Thank you again for saving me. I do hope you can help so many others before they waste 30 plus years of their lives like I did.


October 14, 2008 From Peggy Saindon in Seymour, Wisconsin

Never Too Late!

I have a success story to report.

I have lived with IBS-Constipation for many of my 59 years. I never knew what it was until my sister referred me to your book and website. It's never too late to get well!

I was going through a time of extreme highs and lows which included the death of a long time friend, the birth of two grandsons, my son's wedding, the emergency hospitalization of two daughters, a daughter going off to college, and more. I was emotionally and physically spent.

I began to have terrible bouts of IBS-C. The pain was unmitigating. I saw an MD and he put me through all the recommended tests, prescribed medication and finally diagnosed me with IBS. But there was little improvement. I began losing weight; the weight loss precipitated insomnia. Then came the panic attacks. I was a physical and psychological mess.

That's when my sister directed me to your work. I changed my diet; took my emotional troubles to a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who understood the body/mind connection.

For Christmas 2007, my husband gave me the Hypnotherapy CDs by Michael Mahoney and Heather's Tummy Fiber. I listened to the CDs as directed.

I obtained the Peppermint Tummy Tamer capsules from a local health food store and drank Peppermint Tummy Tea constantly. In three months, I was a new person.

I have re-gained the lost weight. The insomnia is gone. I hear myself laughing again. I seldom worry about what I am eating because I have learned to follow Heather's dietary precautions.

As an additional benefit, my 18 year old daughter (who had been diagnosed with serious depression) began the hypnotherapy. Although the CDs are IBS-specific, my daughter merely replaced the words "IBS" with her own particular problem and amazingly she derived as much relief from her depression as I had from the IBS symptoms.

Words seem such a small way to thank you for all of your research and labors of love but I offer them anyway. I hope your work will reach the millions of people who are in need of relief from IBS. I encourage anyone who is wondering whether they can be helped or not to invest in the hypnotherapy program and Heather's wonderful products. Take your life back!

You are most welcome to use my comments. I cannot thank you enough for helping to give me my life back. And, I am not exaggerating. It was a difficult journey but worth the efforts.


Peggy Saindon, Seymour, Wisconsin


April 15, 2008 From Pat R.

Hi Heather, I have had IBS all my life, but at times I could eat normally. Looking back, it was a very psychological problem on my part. Your website has helped me a lot, but I must say that the IBS (Audio Program 100) self-hypnosis program was the charm, and I mean charm.

I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer (a particularly aggressive form), in July of 2007. During chemotherapy, my IBS became extremely painful and constipating, even though chemo usually causes diarrhea. I was sort of hurting for cash, but I sprang for the hypnosis program anyway. IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Even though I am still in the midst of treatments, which make me feel like crap anyway, my IBS is even better than before I had cancer. Even with the things I tried from your website and book, I still had some bloating and cramps left. But now, wow! I am regular, and only have hard stools if I don't drink enough. I have no cramps at all, and hardly any bloating.

I had to stop the program after the third CD because the chemo I was on made it very difficult to concentrate, but I am starting again as soon as possible. The hypnotherapy also got rid of my migraines - I don't get them at all anymore!

This letter is to let everyone know that if the self hypnosis program can help someone with cancer, it damn well can help everyone! Thanks,

Pat R.


March 27, 2008 From Sanguine in Oregon

Remarkable Program - Having been diagnosed with IBS, I looked for ways to combat this extremely distressing cluster of symptoms. I am so grateful to Michael Mahoney for creating this CD set. When I saw the price tag I was reluctant to buy, but honestly, I can say this investment has paid itself over in multiple ways. No only did it help my IBS symptoms, it helped the way I looked at my life and the stressors in it. It was a kind of wonderful journey, and along the way I discovered that I ultimately had the power to control how I felt, how I behaved, and the kinds of ideas I chose. The whole program is about self-empowerment and imagination, a way of seeing life in a new way. Halfway through the program I ordered another set of CDs of Michael's because I really didn't want the program to end!

By the time it ended, I felt I had really achieved something. One hundred days of entering into my own creative subconscious and building a strong and accepting view of my life. You will find it helps in more ways than in curing IBS. In my own case, I found that I was calmer, more focused, and more able to acknowledge all the facets of life, good and bad. In fact, the remarkable thing about this program is how little Mahoney directly refers to IBS and instead addresses the overarching elements of mind-over-matter that ultimately determine the way we feel.

I guess I can't say enough about this program. I look forward to starting with another set by Mahoney I've ordered on self-confidence. Most hypnosis programs consist of, at most, two sessions, and this is, by contrast, a graduated series of recordings you listen to each day. Over the course of the 100 days I missed only two sessions. I found myself looking forward to the wonderful ease and relaxation the sessions provided. His voice is calming, sincere, and assuring. I hope you will give this program a chance.


February 19, 2008 - Matthew Smolko in Honolulu, Hawaii

I wanted to add my voice as someone who has gone through the IBS Audio Program. I am very happy with it. I went through the program last summer and diligently followed the 100 day process. I completed that in early November. It was a slow process but I continued to improve daily, even after no longer listening to the CDs.

I went backwards over the holiday because I lost my father to cancer right after Thanksgiving, and there was so much stress associated with it. However, at the end of January I noticed that I had not had a bowel movement in 3-4 days, so I started cutting back on my IBS medicine. Long story short is that I have been completely off my medicine for a week and a half now, have not had an IBS attack, and have had good regular bowel movements. I recommend these CDs for anyone and I am grateful that I found them through you. - Matthew Smolko, Honolulu, Hawaii


January 22, 2008 Update from Lillett

It (the IBS Audio Program) was light the "last stand" for me. I was at my wit's end. Now, I notice that when an attack is coming on, I don't freak out like I used to. I am able to think my way through it. I used to wake up as well in the middle of the night with horrible panic attacks. Now, I do have them maybe once in while when dealing with a ton of stress but I am also able to think my way through it quickly and get back to sleep.

I want to say I cried when I hit the #5 recording. I guess it's because it has always felt like no one really understood what us IBS'ers go through. He seems to understand.


January 7, 2008 Update from Franny in Aucilla River, N. FL

It's been maybe a year since I did the complete CDs again and I am responding wonderfully. A big thanks to Michael once again.


January 7, 2008 from Ginger in Surrey, BC Canada

The IBS 100 saved my bacon after my 2nd was born! It even continued to work after the 100 days were over and I wasn't listening anymore. IBS D since 2004, recovered using Mike's CDs.


December 11, 2007 From CM Bickel - Update

They (IBS sessions) are positively marvelous! The brain/gut connection is so obvious now. I only wish they were available many years ago.


December 7, 2007 From Dajara in Medicine Hat. AB. Canada

I did the sessions last year (my last one was Sept 30th of 2006) and I have been so much better since. I had a couple little snags (extreme stress from a wedding and work caused me a couple months of stress) but going from an attack a week to every couple of weeks to one maybe a month is a huge success in my book. I can even eat things that I have missed like pizza and chocolate sometimes (and always in moderation), there is less anxiety about being out in public and I have found wonderful things that I can eat that aren't triggers in anyway shape or form so I don't have to feel like I'm completely missing out. Things will get better it just takes time. I was starting to feel better after a couple weeks of the sessions.


September 5, 2007 from Liz Dichiara in Sharon, MA

I've been meaning to write for a long time. I agree with researchers who call gut-directed hypnotherapy a "cure" for IBS, because it happened to me.

I was diagnosed with IBS and was helped by your diet, but was still feeling symptoms when I deviated. I bought the IBS (Audio) self-hypnosis program from your web site and listened to the sessions as directed.

I can now eat dairy, raw fruits and vegetables, drink fruit juices, soda, and alcohol, none of which was possible before. I now eat just about anything I want, when I want, and would call myself cured. I do find that I need to listen to the CDs a few times a week, even after finishing the "course" but that is fine because they help me relax and sleep.

A thousand thank-yous, and hugs for your website and for the work and the products you offer. I would be honored if you used my comments on your website.


Liz Dichiara - Sharon, MA


August 21, 2007 From Ginger Hartman, Vancouver, BC

I'm amazed to report that I am only 60 days into the IBS