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Reged: 05/02/03
Posts: 1372
A few encouraging stories - feedback for the IBS Audio Program 100
      08/23/06 09:42 PM

Here are some postings from other sources regarding feedback for the IBS Audio Program hypnotherapy treatment for IBS - this program works for the majority of folks who try it - it is not a cure, but is very helpful in addressing the mind-gut aspect of IBS as well as anxiety and 20 various IBS symptoms. Sometimes it takes some time for the program to be fully effective - and for folks like myself, an additional round or 2 may be needed. But MOST people do find the beginnings of some relief within the first month or so - remember, everyone is different, has varied degrees of severity and longevity of IBS, so we can't always compare progression evenly. Just know that others have had success in feeling better, and there is hope!

Feel free to post here if the program has been helpful to you - Positive feedback here only, please - for questions or concerns, please make a new thread.

I have tried not to duplicate feedback that is already in the featured success thread - but there may be a few repeaters here and there - please pardon!

Hope this will provide a bit of encouragement ...


From April 2005:

I want to go on record as one of those helped by Mike's tapes. I followed the printed schedule completely two times and found them most helpfulin getting rid of the pain and discomfort. They were worth the time I spent listening to them.

I'm glad others in the medical profession are encouraging the use of hypnotherapy. I'm using Mike's tapes right now and I have very high hopes for them.

I'm on session 3 so far, and I am a LOT less stressed out - when IBS kicks in, the chances of me having a panic attack or just getting really nervous over what will happen...has gone down a lot.
Still have the symptoms of IBS although I think they are slightly changing...IBSD with constant cramping and pain...but now it seems the pain is getting worse (or I'm possibly just noticing it now?) but the cases of D are definately getting I feel I'm headed in the right direction...

Sorry for rambling on there about my progress, but I'm very thankful to Michael Mahoney for really caring about IBS sufferers and for the hypnotherapy tapes he's created, and I'm glad doctors are taking IBS seriously and trying to find something that will work to make us all feel better.

Posted May 25, 2005 by Johndee:

This is the best for IBS
I have had IBS since I was a teenager, I have tried every medication,test and specialist out there. I found out about the IBS audio program 100 through this site and all I could say is WOW! I am on day 25 and my only regret is that I wish I would have heard about this sooner. I finally fully have my life back, IBS no longer makes my decisions for me. Even if you are skeptical like I was you have got to try this. .... It's quite remarkable. It has certainly helped me tremendously. Good Luck!

Dee May 18

Very relaxing and helpful!
This CD set was a great help to me. When I first started using it, my symptoms actually intensified for about a week. But then things started to get much better. Michael Mahoney has a very soothing voice and makes the listener feel at ease about the condition. I found I could use visualization and relaxation to ease my symptoms when they popped up. I also have noticed that I don't have as many problems with IBS as a result of listening to this set of CDs.

From Julie,

Taken from a thread on the discussion forum.

Every time I read your posts, I think "that was me!!!"

Please believe this ... when I first found this BB in summer '99 I could have written
the exact same post as you, except I had been in that horrible place for years, not

And what "did it" for me was the Hypno Tapes ... as well as helping to reduce my
symtoms by around 80%, within a couple of weeks (tho I think this is an unusually
quick response) I was getting out of the house, and feeling perfectly calm and
relaxed in doing so. I felt mentally normal for the first time in a very long time. All
the "what ifs" and the "I can't do that becauses" just disappeared as if by magic.
To this day I still don't fully understand why this happened - I can get a hold of why
and how the tapes work on the physical symptoms, but it's like I just woke up one
morning wearing my "old" head again.
From Scotcat-UK, 2001

About a year ago I was suffering very badly with IBS-C and was in constant pain. (I'd
suffered on and off for many years but never with continuous pain lasting many weeks)
After finding this website, I phoned up for the IBS tapes and spoke to Mike personally.
Although I was very sceptical that they would work, I was getting so desperate that I
would have tried anything!
It must have taken about three weeks before I started to feel any real benefit from the
tapes, although I was enjoying doing them anyway as it gave me some time through the
day to switch off and relax. I finished the tapes in late September and, by then, all my
IBS symptoms had gone. Before I started the tapes, my IBS used to flare up when I
would go round to friends' for a meal. I had even been known to resort to lying down flat
in their bathroom in an effort to get some relief from the pain. Now I can enjoy my
evenings out without worrying any more.
In the 6 months since I have finished the tapes, I have had only occasional, mild
cramping, but it has always gone after a day or so. I've even had a major holiday to
Florida without any symptoms. When I'm feeling stressed at work or home, I make time
to listen to my favourite session(s) again, and that always helps. What I'm trying to say
is please stick with the tapes if you are trying them. It might not be instant but it certainly
does work. I'd also like to say thanks to Mike - you've turned my life around.


I finished Mike's tapes about a month ago and I have been feeling wonderful! I was seeing some results while doing the tapes, but since I have been finished I have been doing much better. I didn't connect all of this together until my wonderful husband commented on how good I have been recently...I know that Mike's tapes have played a positive role in my feeling better. I know that I am much less tense about going places and that I don't constantly fear being sick.

Just thought I would share....

...I think the most subtle change that snuck up on me was that I wasn't thinking about it first thing in morning, you know like what was today going to be like good or bad. I just get up and get on with the day. ... I'm just rushing through this getting ready to leave for holidays. That's another thing, I'm not worried about sharing a bathroom with 6 people for the first time in years! Always the damper on my holidays. I feel I am continuing to improve and look forward to listening to the tapes now and then when I feel like it. I highly recomend them for IBS, the way I look at it is, If you have tried everything else without success, what have you got to lose?


Mike, I have recently finished your hypnosis program and would like to thank you for allowing me to be medicine free and feel great after 35 yrs of suffering from IBS/D.
The anxiety level is very low and I've been much more relaxed lately! From reading other posts I know it will only get better. I still listen to side 3 at bedtime because it is so relaxing and lets me sleep like a baby.

Keep up the good work, Norb

Some further encouragement to show that hypno works long term - I put Norb's post from 2001 previously - here is a post from him a year ago!

Be encouraged!


Just thought I'd tell everyone that it has now been 3 years since starting Mike's tapes and I am still totally symptom free and like a new person.
I have been having some other health problems lately and it appears that I will have my Gallbladder removed. The HIDA Scan yesterday to check for Gallbladder function took two hours of laying still under a Gamma-ray camera, something I could never have done while still suffering IBS/D problems.
I sure suggest that anyone suffering IBS symptoms give themselves what I consider my best gift. Get Mike's tapes and start on the path to a better life.
From past post of "Andie" in 2003 ~

...It is so refreshing! I really can't get over how effective hypnotherapy is in general and I have to credit Mike with his program in particular. It's amazing to me! I may occasionally listen to certain sessions in the future - we'll see what my need is. I do encourage anyone who wants relief from IBS to invest in Mike's program. I am as much a skeptic as anyone and as reluctant to spend $ on something that may not be helpful as anyone, but this was well worth the time and money invested. Feel free to share my comments...


Dear Dr Mahoney,

I’m sure it cannot be a rare event for you to receive letters of thanks, but I just felt the need to add my voice to the throng!

I was diagnosed as having Irritable Bowel Syndrome in June 2004, following a sudden onset which I can pinpoint precisely to a highly stressful event in the January which certainly seemed to be the trigger in my case - although I appreciate that stress is not the ‘cause’ per se.

I eventually consulted my GP to find an explanation for the crippling abdominal pain I had been experiencing intermittently for the previous 5 months - frequent episodes of which almost always led on to bouts of tearful and exhausted vomiting. The antispasmodic tablets prescribed by the GP were of little help. I gave up my part-time teaching post as a direct consequence of the condition, focussing instead on my role as an on-line tutor. I would frequently sit at the computer sweating with the pain but of course in this context at least my students didn’t know!

I was lead to your IBS [Audio Program] 100 hypnotherapy programme... and by the time I had completed it my symptoms had reduced by what I considered then to be a miraculous 70 - 80%. The relief from the dreadful symptoms was sustained and the improvement continued after I had finished listening to the CDs. I can now report that I have been COMPLETELY symptom-free for the past 3 months

I suffered from IBS symptoms for less that a year. It horrifies me to read in the literature of people who are enduring this syndrome for year upon year upon year - and it grieves me to think that for 80% of these people relief might be merely 100 days away if only they knew! I’m happy for you to use my name and the content of this letter in any way you deem appropriate to help ‘spread the word‘.

Words are simply inadequate to express my gratitude for the time, effort, and determination you have brought to the cause of bringing relief to IBS sufferers.

Yours Thankfully,

Pam Daniels
Cheshire England

From Barb in FL:
"About ready to do my 4th session with the CD's. I'm really loving that 30 minutes. Already feeling less stressed and sleeping better..."

From Cristopher in New York:

"I totally agree...i have been using them for a while for both IBS, stress reliever, as well as helping you train your mind to focus on specific sources (or not focus at all)...great tapes."

I did the tapes about 2-3 years ago? I cant remember seems like a lifetime ago. My IBS rarely bothers me at all now thanks to the hypnotherapy, its definitely worth a shot...what have you to lose? you only have control to regain in my opinion!

Also I was happy to notice that at my local hospital they do hypnotherapy not just for IBS but for inflammatory Bowel Disease too, so its good to see its use spreading into general medical practice



I am on day 43 of Michael Mahoney's CDs. I am supposed to tak