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Reged: 05/02/03
Posts: 1372
Positive Success Stories with Mike's IBS Audio Program + FAQ About the Sessions, etc.
      05/23/06 05:30 PM

Positive Success Stories with Mike's IBS Audio Program

As many of you know, I have had IBS for over 20 years, and have received just about every medical treatment for my severe refractory IBS; I was almost housebound! At the urging of Shawn Eric and also a result of being a pest to Mike about why his IBS Audio Program 100tm would work when everything else failed, I finally tried it in the summer of 2000 and have been getting better and better ever since. As a result of this, I now help Mike out a bit, and also try to help Heather and Will help others here on the BB, just as I was helped so many years ago.

For new folks who have either just started Mike's IBS Audio Program 100tm, or those just thinking about it, I thought it would be wonderful if those who have been helped by the program would share their stories to support and encourage those who need it. Below are posts from people who have used the program and are sharing their experiences so that others may be encouraged in a postive way.

We hope this thread will be a source of encouragement and inspiration for those who, like me several years ago, were prisoners of their own home, rolled into a ball of pain, and doing their living "through the bathroom door."

Also, I would like to ask a favor of any of you who are willing. If you would like to tell your story of how the IBS Audio Program 100tm worked for you, in any way you want... in depth, in a paragraph, with your name, without it, whatever, that would possibly be used in publications, etc. to help get the positive word out to others, please let me know. These stories would be used in a professional manner. For anyone here willing to share their story in this way, please let me know. There are so many people who are suffering in silence who need to see that this is working, it is real and it is giving people their lives back, so please consider helping us help others.

Her is a A Compilation of Your Postivie posts!! Be Encouraged!!!
Success Stories from Users of the IBS Audio Program 100; Help for IBS Posts

To encourage others, and keep things in one spot for the newbies, I have consolidated all the past positive comments and excerpts posted on this BB forum, from users of the IBS Audio Program 100tm. I hope this post will help others who are suffering to be encouraged, to feel positive, and to feel that there is indeed hope out there.

Please be encouraged by the comments of others, and if you had a positive experience with Mike's program, please share it in the unlocked success stories thread on this forum to help others as you were also helped. As with any treatment method, remember, there is no cure for IBS, there are those who are not helped, there are those who have other health concerns, and no one is the same in their response, however, the good news is, that the vast majority of folks who have used the IBS Audio program have been helped, many have been helped greatly, some just a bit, but any move forward is positive and encouraging, and that's what this thread is all about!!!

Here are success stories from users in the past:

And here are positive comments from folks who have previously posted on this forum:

From jo1978 Feb 2004

I've had IBS-C for about the last 10 years. I did the hypno CD's in the middle of 2003 and it made a big difference to me. I would really strongly recommend it. If you have any more questions, let me know ... although, and this might help sway your mind, today is the first day I've been on here in months b/c my IBS isn't a big part of my life any more!
From DJW Feb 2004

I started the sessions yesterday. What a positive experience! Michael's voice is so calming and there's a nice balance of background music. I'm truly looking forward to my next session. Thank you to Heather & Company for making this available to us.
From Bevrs Feb 2004

I don't need a personal visit to a hypnotherapist. Michael IS an "actual hypnotherapist," by the way, who has successfully specialized in treating IBS for over 10 years -- and he's incredible. Why would I need to find a local hypnotherapist? Even if I did find someone locally, I can guarantee he wouldn't have the background in IBS that Michael has. The program has helped SOOO many people, Kip. You should check it out...

I am extremely grateful to Michael for having given me my life back. My positive thinking now has worked wonders for me; hubby sees a different person in me and comments on it often.
Michael is my hero; he really gave me my life back. Without him, I'd still be locked up in this condo, never leaving it.
From hawkeye January 2004

Well I've finished the program, its been 2 weeks now since I stopped listening. I have to say I have a bit of a mixed report, no miracle results. I haven't posted since I started, and was very uneasy after my first few listenings.

Well I came to really like listening though the only time I found to do it was when going to sleep at night, so I almost always was asleep before the cd stopped.

I think I'm functioning a little better i have ibs-d and there is considerably less "d" lately. However I find my mind racing to negative thoughts about getting an attack from different foods, maybe more often than I used to! I get obsessive about getting sick, either ibs or food poisoning, which I've only had once in my life, but has stuck as a fear.

So, I may do the program a 2nd time in a few months, and maybe I'll try doing it earlier in the day, as I did like being conscious for the cds, and even calling up some of the imagery when I wasn't feeling well or found myself in negative thought patterns. That was hard to do when only my subconscious mind as they always say around here had listened to the track. Thanks to all for listening and to those of you who pushed me to keep trying when I wanted to give up on the program. Dan

From Shellsbells Jan 2004

I have no problem accepting the benefits of hypnosis for IBS. IBS is not a disease but a functional disorder of the gut (for unknown reasons)- a brain-gut disorder. So go straight to your brain for treatment.

The way I think of it (which is way too simplistic, but makes it easy to imagine), the brain works in every respect by sending messages along pathways. Any physical or mental change can only take place if your brain makes a HUGE leap in creating a new pathway, or short-cut to avoid an existing well-trodden pathway (pain, trigger-anxiety-physical response...). Once that jump has been made from one brain cell to another it leaves a 'trace' that this has occurred. Then it happens again, then again - the traces it leaves behind build up (like building a bridge) until it becomes so easy it's automatic, instantaneous and the brain has created a physical, mental, or emotional change - a new pathway.

This all happens subconsciously - hypnosis works by creating new pathways in the brain. So anxiety disorders like panic attacks - the hypnosis creates a new pathway of recognising a trigger - CALM, instead of trigger - ANXIETY - PANIC. That's why so often anxiety panic disorders become worse and worse as time goes by - the brain is following the same old pathway and getting stronger and stronger each time - it doesn't know any other way. A new pathway (of calm) regularly followed will get stronger and stronger and the less the old pathway (bridge) is used it begins to deteriorate and break down.

Obviously, this is easy to imagine with something like anxiety, but it's potential is limitless, it can work with any process that the brain is involved in - physical or not. It's all about these pathways/bridges in the brain which CAN be changed.

I hope this is in some way understandable, I'm sure I haven't explained it as well as I could!

I'm on day 5 hypnosis at the moment YIPPEEE! ~Shellsbells
From Sek October 2003

I did complete the hypnotherapy some time ago and believe it helped me a lot. I have far fewer cramps and I think the constipation is even better. I still have a ways to go, though.
From Kandee Oct 2003

Doing well thank you, and I might add, the Audio program is the best priced value anyone could possibly ask for! I'm convinced that I will be one of the success stories once I've completed the program.

All I have to do is start listening to Mike's voice and I have an instant "calm" come over me. His voice alone is amazing! I'm hooked and look forward to that daily "time just for me". Even travel does not set me back as I thought it might.
From Kenneth Oct. 2003

I started session 2 and I'm really liking it. It's always such a release.. and its all surrounded by such total positivity and self empowerment...
One thing I've really noticed in the last couple of days is just how much negative energy was perpetuating my symptoms. I had really never thought of it before. I thought I was just reacting "normally" to feeling horribly.. its like I only just figured out that I don't have to feel that way, even if my body isn't feeling 100%.
From Andie September 2003

I used the cd's last spring into early summer. I was/am mostly a gassy IBSer with occasional constipation and very rare (completely food related) D. I used the program after debating about it for over a year. I am SOOO glad I did. It is amazing to this generally skeptical person that it was so helpful, but it was. It is now about 2 1/2 months since I completed the program and I continue to be doing so much better than before listening to the tapes. I can eat a lot of things I couldn't before, although I still have to avoid dairy, caffeine, and very fatty foods. As Shawn said, it works differently for everyone, but as one user, I was and am very pleased! Best wishes to you with it - think positive and be patient! Andie
From: Txmom September 2003

Hi everyone! I am new to the Hypnosis board. I just received my discs and have completed two sessions. I can already feel a difference. I woke up this morning and went two hours without even worrying about the rest of the day. It will be so nice to start making plans that do not revolve around the closest bathroom....

I am only on my second session but I definitely feel more relaxed. I tend to be high strung and worry about IBS attacks a lot. The last two days I have felt a lot less worried. I do not feel cured or anything like that but overall I feel better. I think it is mostly a better mental outlook. Does that make sense? I have undergone hypnosis in the past for a phobia disorder. I wonder if this makes my subconscious more open to this therapy. I will keep updating to let you know how I feel. So far I would highly recommend these discs.

From Mags September 2003

..Anyway, I broke down and bought them, and ever since using them, I hardly ever have D, urgency, general gut yuckiness, etc. anymore. I actually went away for a few days in July, and that was the first time I'd looked forward to going anywhere in years. Last week was the last time I felt bad in a long time. I used to worry every time I had something to do, to the point if I had to leave the house, I would give myself an attack.

Anyway, if you go back and look through old posts on the hypno, you'll see how I progressed through them. And they're so easy to use. All you do is listen.

I'm not sure if you're C or D - I'm D and they helped me, but Kerrie (KinOz) is C and they helped her also.

Hope that helps...if you have any other question