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IBS Stress Kit
IBS Audio Program,
First Year IBS,
Hot/Cold Packs
IBS Stress Kit
IBS Audio Program,
First Year IBS,
Hot/Cold Packs
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IBS Stress Kit<br>IBS Audio Program,<br>First Year IBS,<br>Hot/Cold Packs $108.66

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4444 Product6653 Patricia from Maple Ridge, BC
Purchased on 1/2/2017
Reviewed on 2/13/2017
I think this is promising because it is so comprehensive.
I will not be able to accurately rate this yet because I've only just received it. But I do think that it's good to see they are trying to attack this dysfunction on all fronts, not just nutritionally but with the hypnotherapy, hot packs, recommendations (such as: more exercise) and a book which educates the sufferer.
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333 Product6137 Wendy from Fayetteville, GA
Purchased on 4/27/2016
Reviewed on 5/18/2016
Re: Audio CD's
The first set I received 3 out of the 4 CD's had a lot of skipping. I returned them & was sent a new set. I asked that they be checked before being shipped. They arrived unopened. The 1st CD was fine. The 2nd one has a lot,of skipping. Called back yesterday & spoke with Bree. I just wanted to make you aware of what was taking place. The CD's are very relaxing until you hit a skipping part. Then stress builds back. Other CD's work fine on my player. Other than this problem, everything else has been top notch. Very helpful when I call with questions,etc.
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Heather says:
Hello Wendy - I am so sorry about the discs skipping. We have sent you a full replacement program. We don't actually manufacture these, Michael Mahoney, the hypnotherapist behind the program, does that. So we cannot open the shrink wrapped packages and test the CDs, or the packaging is compromised and the programs become unsellable. There is quality control done by Michael, and he is going to examine the returned discs to see what went wrong.

Again, our apologies for this, and I hope you are enjoying the program.


55555 Product5000 Billie from Alice, TX
Purchased on 1/2/2015
Reviewed on 1/23/2015
IBS / Stress Hpno Therapy : very good !
I'm only on Day 15 of the Cd's and I would highly recommend this to anyone that needs help. I'm almost afraid to say it out loud that I'm not only doing better but have not taken a prescription pill ( that I had been taking for many months). I'm learning so much from this website : I wish I had found this a long time ago. Thank you for sharing all the helpful information & products ! Please keep up the great help for IBS ~
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55555 Product4998 Marcia from Cleveland Heights, OH
Purchased on 1/1/2015
Reviewed on 1/22/2015
Helpful so far.
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4444 Product4693 Barbara from Burnsville, NC
Purchased on 8/28/2014
Reviewed on 9/18/2014
So far I have used the Audio Program for two weeks. I use them before I go to bed. This is the first time in almost 30 years that I have not had to take any type of sleep aid. I feel the deep sleep I am getting is contributing to my feeling better. I loo
I have also been tested for food allergies and have been off the offenders for 2 weeks. I believe this is contributing to my feeling better as well. I am very happy with the support of your program and have shared the information with a few other people I know with IBS . I am so relieved to know others have had the same experiences as I have and there is more than just hope for a life lived with comfort and freedom. Thank you for all of your kind service.
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55555 Product4192 Donna from Queensbury, NY
Purchased on 2/13/2014
Reviewed on 3/6/2014
I am very happy with my purchase!
Very fast delivery! I am enjoying listening to the audio program and I am committed to following the entire program as scheduled. There is a lot of information in the First Year IBS book. I have suffered from IBS since my youth and I am 67 this month and so desperate for help. No doctor or any medication helped. I am on a strict anti-inflamation diet and feeling better. I am very happy with my purchase! Thank you, Donna
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333 Product3801 Ronda from indio, CA
Purchased on 10/1/2013
Reviewed on 10/23/2013
audio hypnosis
I don't see any difference yet I am about 20 days into program and still need to take med's to relieve myself. I have severe constipation which is why I ordered in hopes of help. Will give it the 100 days and pray it works but as of today no I have not seen a difference in my problem.
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Heather says:
Hello Ronda,

I'm so sorry you haven't seen results from the program yet. It is likely that you will not see effects in just 20 days, the hypnosis simply does not work that way.

If you follow the program schedule and listen to it for the full 100 days, and you are still not seeing any benefits, you are welcome to return the program for a full refund.

Gut-directed hypnotherapy will physically change the way your enteric nervous system (the nervous system of the gut) interacts with your brain. This is why it can take some time to truly show effects

Please let me know if we can help you in any other way.


55555 Product3038 Deborah from Northampton, MA
Purchased on 3/8/2013
Reviewed on 3/29/2013
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55555 Product1608 Robert from fort mill, SC
Purchased on 5/9/2012
Reviewed on 5/30/2012
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55555 Product1525 Constance from apopka, FL
Purchased on 4/20/2012
Reviewed on 5/11/2012
It's a Blessing!
From the first listening it felt right and it felt good. It is really helping me to do this CD course. I would highly recommend it and it is worth every penny. You are relaxed all day! connie
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55555 Product1077 Tanya from Waukesha, WI
Purchased on 2/13/2012
Reviewed on 3/5/2012
Should of bought right away!!
I have been doing the IBS Audio Program for a little over 2 weeks and I can already tell the difference. I don't seem to be having as many problems as before with my stomach spasms or having a hard time going to the bathroom. My stomach seems more relaxed and I am able to control it more. First year IBS has taught me so much more about IBS and has answered many questions that I have had, it is a great resource to have and I recommend to anyone who has IBS issues. If you think the money isn't worth it, than think again, I wish I only would of found this information sooner
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4444 Product994 Kim from Walnut Creek, CA
Purchased on 1/31/2012
Reviewed on 2/21/2012
I have just begun the hypnotherapy cds. I like the fact that the author explains what is going on rather than assuming the users automatically know.
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55555 Product806 Mary from Sunset Beach, NC
Purchased on 12/29/2011
Reviewed on 1/22/2012
I have been very happy with products ordered.
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55555 Product130 Johanne S.
Reviewed on 7/1/2011
IBS Letter
Dear Heather, You are welcome to use any comments from my letter for any purpose. I am still in a much improved mental and physical state several months after completing the IBS Audio Program 100 course. I am afraid to believe that the course has helped me so much in case I jinx it somehow. I am currently in the midst of moving apartments (movers and storers cleared out our apartment of 34 years yesterday!) and am holding my own, knowing that it has been said that moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences there are. To still be benefiting from this course makes me want to recommend it to any IBS sufferer. Even though it may not react in the same way with everyone, it is worth the effort to try it. Again I thank you Heather for all the help I have found from your web site, news letter and especially your own products. With my sincerest gratitude, Best regards, Johanne S.

55555 Product131 Matt
Reviewed on 2/5/2011
Very Happy
Heather, I wanted to add my voice to someone who has went through the IBS Audio program that you have promoted and is very happy with it. I went through the program last summer and diligently followed the 100 day process. I completed that in early November. It was a slow process but I continued to improve daily, even after no longer listening to the CD’s. I went backwards over the holiday because I lost my father to cancer right after Thanksgiving and the stress associated with it. However, at the end of January I noticed I had not had a bowel movement in 3-4 days. I started cutting back on my medicine; I had been taking 2 FiberCon every 12 hours for 12 years. Long story short is that I have been completely off my medicine for a week and a half now and have not had an IBS attack and have had good regular bowel movements. I recommend these CD’s for anyone and I have grateful that I found them through you. Thanks again for your support over the years, Matthew S. Honolulu, Hawaii

55555 Product132 Pat
Reviewed on 1/10/2011
SELF HYPNOSIS was the charm
HI I have had IBS all my life, but at times I could eat normally, it was very psychological on my part, looking back. Your web site has helped me a lot, but I must say that SELF HYPNOSIS was the charm, and I mean charm. I was dagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer (a particularly aggressive form), in July of 2007. During chemo, my IBS became extremely painful, and constipating even though chemo usually causes diarrhea. I was sort of hurting for cash, but I sprang for it anyway. IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I am still in the midst of treatments, which make you feel like crap anyway, my IBS is even better than before I had Breast Ca. Even with the things I tried from your website and book, I still had some bloating and cramps. But now, wow! I am regular, and only have hard stools if I don't drink enough, no cramps at all, and hardly any bloating. I had to stop the CD's after #3 because the chemo I was on made it very difficult to concentrate, but I am starting again as soon as possible. It also got rid of my migraines, I don't get them anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is to let everyone know that if the sefl hypnosis CD's can help someone with cancer, they damn well can help everyone!!!! The self hypnosis is the best, it helps many of the things that plague IBSers, and helps to calm us down. Pat

55555 Product133 Nancy H.
Reviewed on 12/28/2010
I want to add my testimony
Dear Heather, I want to add my testimony to the many letters you receive about Dr. Michael Mahoney's self-hypnosis program. I have had IBS since a teenager, I'm now 75, with the usual response from doctors "it's all in your head" or "live with it". I found your web site about two years ago and have had remarkable results from your diet and products. Not once did a doctor ever mention diet. I have developed several autoimmune diseases through the years, the worst being Mynoclonus, a movement disorder that cause the entire body to shake when triggered by such things as loud noises, bright lights, heat, cold. I also had to live with exhausting fatigue from Sjogren's syndrome. These condition's left me unable to drive, shop or attend church. I was quite housebound. I was at a really bad low physically and mentally when I decided to try Dr. Mahoney's self-hypnosis program after getting my doctor's eager approval. He teaches in N.Y.C. and tells his students to think "outside the box". Results have been miraculous. The IBS is all but gone, but the real miracle is the effect on the Mynoclonus. Sensitivity to the triggers have been reduced to being almost non-existing. I can again drive, shop and attend church. At the same time as Dr Mahoney's self- hypnosis has given me back a normal life my husbands health has declined. Without the hypnosis and IBS diet we would now be in assisted living. Many thanks to you and Dr. Mahoney for restoring my health. A p.s. to my letter. I have found the different reactions to my results from the hypnotherapy program interesting. From a disbelieving stare to excited interest asking for more information. I wish you and all your viewer's a Happy and Healthy New Year. Sincerely Nancy H.

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