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Big Kahuna Kit
All You Need!
Help All Symptoms
Big Kahuna Kit
All You Need!
Help All Symptoms
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Big Kahuna Kit<br>All You Need!<BR><em>Help All Symptoms</em> $97.43

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55555 Product7246 Cheryl from Port Orchard, WA
Purchased on 2/1/2018
Reviewed on 2/23/2018
So far it is working fine.
I still need to get the diet figured out,but just the fiber and tea and pills are working great.
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55555 Product7075 Eugene from garden grove, CA
Purchased on 10/3/2017
Reviewed on 10/24/2017
big kahuna is the best
this product has given me my life back.4 weeks in and i am feeling better today than i ever have. god bless heather and thank you so much
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55555 Product6996 Martha from Louisville, KY
Purchased on 8/12/2017
Reviewed on 9/3/2017
Everything was so helpful. Since weaning myself off coffee, dairy, (almost off egg yolks), fried foods, whole wheat, fats, etc. I've found that I can tolerate small quantities of fried and small amounts of fats like mayo. I LOVE the fennel tea and when I
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55555 Product6837 Cynthia from Argyle, MO
Purchased on 4/7/2017
Reviewed on 5/11/2017
Received the big kuhuna kit.
Love everything in this package. The books are so informative and easy to read. The acacia powder is helping with my constipation problems. I take a teaspoon 3x a day in water. Dissolves completely and has no taste. I love the peppermint and fennel tea. I make a quart with one tea bag of each. Then add some ginger slices. It really settles my tummy. I sometimes add the acacia powder to a glass of cooled tea. I highly recommend this kit.
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55555 Product6728 Betty from waterford, CA
Purchased on 2/18/2017
Reviewed on 3/11/2017
detailed explanations of my medical issues for the very first time
Following the dietary information, I have now had 6 days of zero pain for the very first time in over 30 years. I had gotten very tired of my doctors telling me to either drink more water/eat more roughage/exercise more/or ignore it (hinting the pain was just normal spasms and I was a wimp). I had even gone to a food allergist who 'tested' me and she got a lot of things wrong (which is why her findings didn't help me at all either). Now, I am excited as I look forward to expanding my new diet. Thanks for the well done and thorough help you have provided. betty
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55555 Product6454 Carolyn from Lebanon, IN
Purchased on 9/20/2016
Reviewed on 10/11/2016
Helpful Products
The peppermint and fennel teas are quite pleasant and do help settle the stomach. The Acacia Fiber works gently, and quickly.
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55555 Product6151 Laura from Portland, OR
Purchased on 5/1/2016
Reviewed on 5/22/2016
Would recommend to a friend
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55555 Product6088 Sandi from Fort Myers, FL
Purchased on 4/2/2016
Reviewed on 4/24/2016
I am feeling some relief after 4 days of really implementing the program
It is all a lot to swallow at first but I have taken it slowly. I got this way after many years , so I am giving myself adequate time to heal. The education in the reading material is very thorough. The teas and powder are wonderful. So lucky to have found you totally by accident. I sorely miss coffee. But then I remember how stressful this all has been so I trade coffee, wine, cheese ... for healthier lifestyle. I have certain questions that have come up. May I ask theme here or may i send another email to Heather? Please let me know.
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55555 Product6021 Heidi from Bakersfield, CA
Purchased on 3/7/2016
Reviewed on 3/28/2016
I have not felt this good in years!!! Thank you!!!!!
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55555 Product6007 Carolina from Knoxville, TN
Purchased on 2/28/2016
Reviewed on 3/22/2016
Very happy with the products
I do not have enough words to thank you for your products. I bought them for my daughter who has been suffering from IBS for 8 years, after she lost her job due the symptoms. They have worked miracles for her, she says she has not felt this good for years. We have told our Doctor about your products and they are very interested in learning more about them. The diet and fiber have been really good and the other products help her deal with symptoms when they come up. Keep up the good work and I will promote your products to everyone we know.
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55555 Product5750 Lisa from NOLENSVILLE, TN
Purchased on 10/12/2015
Reviewed on 11/23/2015
I have never felt better! The recipes and products have helped me tremendously!
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4444 Product5716 Dale from Beaverton, OR
Purchased on 10/13/2015
Reviewed on 11/3/2015
After at least ten years of intractable diarrhea page 3 of your book suggested that perhaps my lack of a gallbladder might be the cause. That turned out to be the case and I am securely free of diarrhea for the first time In a very long time. Heaven bless you!!!
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55555 Product5610 Maureen from Willow Grove, PA
Purchased on 9/1/2015
Reviewed on 9/22/2015
Very Happy
I have been doing very well since starting with the fiber and the mint tea. I can't believe it, after suffering for years. Thank You so much for all your help.
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4444 Product5565 Adele from Loudonville, NY
Purchased on 8/5/2015
Reviewed on 9/8/2015
Am doing this for a relative, not myself. All seems well so far
I didn't give this a 5 because it is too soon to really know how things are working. However, I found the recipe book extremely helpful in discovering dishes that can be prepared that are excellent substitutes for the known IBS triggers i.e. greasy foods and fats. I feel confident that the tea, etc. will help, it seems to have, so far, but it is really too soon to tell if we are out of the woods
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55555 Product5355 Gaylynn from Dover, DE
Purchased on 5/20/2015
Reviewed on 6/10/2015
Getting my life back.
Awesome products.Very interesting and this is really helping me.I've suffered for 14 years until I found Heathers tummy care.Especially love the teas. Thank you!
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55555 Product5277 Cheryl from Free Soil, MI
Purchased on 4/20/2015
Reviewed on 5/12/2015
Changed my life!
The information alone was worth the price.The Acacia Senegal soluble fiber is great! The teas and the peppermint oil drops are really soothing. Thank you!
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4444 Product5251 Bernadette from Kingman, AZ
Purchased on 4/2/2015
Reviewed on 4/29/2015
So far has help but only been using a couple of weeks.
The powder is easy to use. The tea is gentle on the stomach. I have only been using the products a couple of weeks but have seen improvement with the help of watching diet.
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55555 Product5206 William from PINELLAS PARK, FL
Purchased on 3/25/2015
Reviewed on 4/15/2015
My wife can not have a normal life
My wife is the user of your products. She told me about the website, I reviewed the comments and we decided to buy them. The shipping was faster then any eBay purchase I ever made. She has had IBS since 21 years of age. I am proud to say that this was the best purchase I have ever made. I would have paid ten fold. She seen results the very first day and is now as regular as me. I am so happy for her. She can start a new life without worrying where the restrooms are. I have one question why are physicians not recommending this system? I thank you for my wife's new life from the bottom of my heart.
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55555 Product5200 Kathryn from Decorah, IA
Purchased on 3/19/2015
Reviewed on 4/13/2015
Quick sevice. Great packaging. Good product.
I have suffered with IBS-C my whole life, and now it has gotten much worse. I am 37 and that is much too long to suffer. I have been following the soluble fiber diet and I actually have more good days than bad ones and I really think the tea helps. I have learn a lot of great info from the book and I drink the tea a lot. I have researched and looked for help my whole life and I think this has been the first thing to actually help. Thank you so much and I will continue to use your products as long as they continue to help. Kathryn
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55555 Product5107 Beulah from Coarsegold, CA
Purchased on 2/15/2015
Reviewed on 3/8/2015
All you need to get started on the right path. The books are a big help.
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55555 Product4804 Wynne from Clinton, AR
Purchased on 10/6/2014
Reviewed on 10/27/2014
Peppermint tea is super!
The tea takes my tummy pain away. Thank You! I was desperate for relief.
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55555 Product4779 Lynda from North Vancouver, BC
Purchased on 9/7/2014
Reviewed on 10/20/2014
Thank you for your amazing products
I love the mint tea
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55555 Product4718 Vallie from LUFKIN, TX
Purchased on 9/6/2014
Reviewed on 9/29/2014
This kit covered all of our bases,well worth it!
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4444 Product4594 Marie from Meath, Ireland europe
Purchased on 6/26/2014
Reviewed on 8/7/2014
Very good service, quick delivery to Europe and good selection
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55555 Product4143 Breanna from Antelope, CA
Purchased on 2/1/2014
Reviewed on 2/22/2014
Big kahuna kit
Best products! Already feel a million times better!!!
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4444 Product3799 Marion from Ajax, ON
Purchased on 9/11/2013
Reviewed on 10/23/2013
The acacia is really great! Also the mint tea. Not so keen on the fennel tea, although the aroma is wonderful.
The "First Year IBS" has been a great resource as also the regular newsletters. I haven't found the "Eating for IBS" very helpful as I am vegetarian and since having IBS symptoms I have gone gluten and dairy free to see if this helps. I would like to know your opinion on a gluten free diet??? I didn't receive a free sample of acacia..should I have??
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55555 Product3596 Diana from San Diego, CA
Purchased on 8/6/2013
Reviewed on 8/27/2013
Excellent products w/excellent results
Very effective products!! Certainly much more than the GI MD gave me in the way of TX info!! He just diagnosed painful IBS w/diarrhea.
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55555 Product3402 Jessica from Townsend, MA
Purchased on 6/14/2013
Reviewed on 7/6/2013
Amazing Products!
I have suffered with GI problems for years and last year I finally decided to get tests done to see if anything major was wrong. Luckily nothing was found and I was diagnosed with IBS. It took me a full year after being diagnosed to do some research. I don't know if I was in denial or what but I was sick of being home all the time with fear of not having a bathroom close by. I purchased some Peppermint Oil pills and was amazed how they worked. I used them for a few weeks. I ended up getting this kit so I could try the other products too. I have a problem drinking the fennel tea, it's not something that tastes good to me but I really want to like it. The peppermint tea works almost instantly if I need it, thankfully it's rare I even need it. I just took a vacation and was so nervous about my stomach. I had 1 episode during the week which I admit, it wasn't a healthy eating week. I was able to have a couple adult beverages which is a miracle seeing as I gave up drinking alcohol a couple years ago. I just turned 30 so this is a great way to start a new chapter of my life. IBS had taken over my life and now I think I finally have my life back. Thank you Heather!
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4444 Product3395 Ellen from Beaverton, OR
Purchased on 6/13/2013
Reviewed on 7/5/2013
Most products were useful, but I don't have IBS...
Your customer service people are the best! I used the fennel tea and the peppermint tea. I have not tried the acacia fiber at all. The peppermint oil made my urine sting and irritated my esophagus, so I didn't use it. I read the book Stop IBS, but the cookbook isn't useful because I don't cook much. My alternative medical doctor thinks that stress had a big impact on my digestion. The whole episode eased off in a few weeks. Thanks for your help.
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55555 Product3346 Deni from Metairie, LA
Purchased on 6/2/2013
Reviewed on 6/23/2013
best buy
this is the 2nd purchase here and it included everything i really needed. the first book and peppermint cas were not enough for me to understand everything. the cheat sheet said rice so I bought brown rice-huh- but only the book said white rice, so $35 of brown rice down the drain. The peppermint and fennel tea is delicious and relaxing. th acaci for soluable fiber and peppermint caps help a lot. Beware, tho that until you cut out ALL triggers you will get even worse. I tried to keep some sweets that included butter, which did not work. Sugar cookies with green sprinkles was a very bad idea. I have diarrhea with fecal incontinence-which no one knows why I have fecal incontinence except it began after abdominal cancer surgery 7 years ago. (I suspect it was something to do with removing all the omentum and putting my intestines back in a bit wrong). Read the book. do not think the cheat sheet goes you all you need to know. and elinimate everything she says asap. it only prolongs the physical and mental anguish if you do not. I wish I had found this before.
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55555 Product3253 Virginia from Long Beach, CA
Purchased on 5/1/2013
Reviewed on 5/22/2013
Great products for IBS!! Thanks!
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333 Product3142 Billie from Union, OR
Purchased on 4/2/2013
Reviewed on 4/23/2013
Have not yet tried ALL the products, but Tummy Acacia has helped lots!!!
I have tried the Fennel Tea only once, didn't get thrilled over it. The mint tea is great, have used it several times (I found that the tea bag can be used SEVERAL times before being disposed of). I have not tried the hot/cold packs yet, and am still working on the books. I have gotten pretty well through the 'IBS year' book, but have not used the IBS Cook Book yet. I have been using a Breville juicer for my breakfast (after my Acacia drink), eating a fairly normal lunch (mid afternoon), and many times a fruit smoothie in the evening, if anything. So far, things are coming along much better -- thanks for your site and products!
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Heather says: Feedback Rating
Hello Billie,

Thank you for your feedback!

We are thrilled to hear you are enjoying the products you have tried.

If you find you do not quite like the taste of the Fennel Tummy Tea you can sweeten it with natural sugars or honey - just avoid the artificial sweeteners.

Please let us know if you have any questions as you are reading the books and trying the Tummy Care products.

All the best,

55555 Product3095 Anne from Bay City, MI
Purchased on 3/18/2013
Reviewed on 4/8/2013
Not sure yet. Need more time before deciding
I've had a couple bouts that lasted 6 hr with extreme pain, chills, vomiting. The fennel tea didn't touch it. I need time folling the diet plan before deciding. However, I love the quality of everything. The teas are strong and wonderful. I like the powder because it doesn't get thick. This has come on over the years and nows it's a real problem, but knowing what to eat is going to help a lot. I have a lot to learn.
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Heather says: Feedback Rating
Hi Anne - Thank you so much for your feedback. I am so sorry you go through such extreme IBS attacks. I get hit with the same kind of pain, and it is just horrifying. When you are hit with that kind of extreme reaction, go to the Peppermint Tummy Tea, not the fennel. The fennel is great for gas and bloating, but peppermint is best for pain and spasms. Brew it strong and hot (you can even use two of the jumbo teabags per cup, so it will brew black). Sip as much as you can, and it should stop the pain in minutes (sometimes even seconds).

To recover from an attack like that, use the "breaking the cycle" info in Eating for IBS.

The dietary changes and Tummy Fiber take longer to kick in, but the teas and peppermint oil capsules can help right away. Use the capsules on an empty stomach to prevent pain and spasms, but turn to the tea for immediate help.

Please let me know how things go, and if there is anything else we can do to help.


55555 Product2915 Dolores from Paynesville, MN
Purchased on 12/31/2012
Reviewed on 2/26/2013
Products, books are helping me so much to learn how to handle this
I have only had a few IBS attacks before, however last year had 6 pretty close to one another, so decided to get educated on the subject. I find that the books are very informative, and frankly was quite amazed to learn a total different sequence of eating!! It works!! Certain foods and places are not longer going to be used by me. God has surely used you as his vessel to help people like me, and I am very thankful for that.I love the fresh teas and the tummy fiber. I know that this will take time, but anyone who has suffered a IBS attack will tell you that is will be SO worth it! Thanks again!
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55555 Product2866 Lori from Flowood, MS
Purchased on 1/25/2013
Reviewed on 2/15/2013
A wealth of information and help!
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55555 Product2367 Susan from Albuquerque, NM
Purchased on 9/26/2012
Reviewed on 10/17/2012
I've been trying to change all of my bad eating habits-but most of my favorites are on the "STOP" red list!! Enjoy the fiber, and both teas, they are amazing!! Love them!! Thanks, SD
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55555 Product2244 Maureen from Ucluelet, BC
Purchased on 8/8/2012
Reviewed on 9/19/2012
Great Kit at great prices
I have truly been enjoying every product in this kit. It was a great way to get started. The tea is very fresh and the aroma from the tea bags is intoxicating in the best way. The tea bags are huge and flavorful - everything you could want in a tea bag. I am using the soluble fiber produce as well with no wierd taste; it's tasteless and I especially like adding it to soft foods. I feel like I finally have some control over my body and symptoms of discomfort. Overall, I would recommend starting off with this kit for anyone wondering which product to try first. Delivery to Canada was pain free too.
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55555 Product2149 Chery from Meridianville, AL
Purchased on 8/14/2012
Reviewed on 9/5/2012
So far so good!
I found out from reading this site that I was eating all the wrong things - whole wheat bread, red meat, peanuts, peanut butter, etc. Since I have followed the advice on the HelpforIBS website, I am controlling my symptoms. The teas are great, especially the fennel. And I love the fiber. Thanks for sharing. Chery
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55555 Product2044 Justin from Warren, MI
Purchased on 7/19/2012
Reviewed on 8/14/2012
I was very happy with my purchase and my overall experience.
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333 Product1865 Anne from NY
Purchased on 6/15/2012
Reviewed on 7/17/2012
Okay, I guess.
Dear Friends, I clicked inadvertently before I wrote my review, so all you got was an "Okay, I guess." My real review went something like this--and a little more: It's a little too early to tell, as the diarrhea is not under control yet, however I'm just on my first "Big Kahuna" kit. I have great hope because you have all the information I found--and much more--that is counter to what doctors told me over the decades I have had IBS, severe lactose intolerance, and diverticulitis. I have changed my diet, but I do have great hope. I just ordered my second pound container of acacia. I hope all this works as the medical profession has completely failed me, and the diarrhea and other symptoms rule my life. I'm grateful I have nothing life threatening, but my quality of life is still affected very negatively. I have been very impressed with your service, quality of your products, and the information in your books. Please don't post my village name in your reviews; it's a very small place. Thank you. Anne
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Heather says:
Hi Anne - thank you so much for the amended review information. I've made those changes and you can see them on the website. Please let me know if anything doesn't look exactly as you wish.

Please keep gradually increasing your Tummy Fiber dose, and as you get up towards 10-15 grams per day (and quite likely even less) that should resolve the diarrhea. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns whatsoever.


55555 Product1666 Edna from Mishawaka, IN
Purchased on 5/17/2012
Reviewed on 6/7/2012
The information in the books was the best I have found to help with controlling the symptoms. My granddaughter has had IBS since about 14 years old. She is having emotional problems because of it. She is currently reading the book and has commented on
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55555 Product1473 Erika from Walterboro, SC
Purchased on 4/11/2012
Reviewed on 5/2/2012
Thank you! Without the does and don't I would be in bad shape!
I'm so glad there is help out there! I tell everyone about Heathers Tummy Care!
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55555 Product1294 Cordella from Berkel en Rodenrijs, Zuid-Holland
Purchased on 2/18/2012
Reviewed on 4/2/2012
service was great
i am happy with every thing i order , it works great and im very happy that big kahuna kit works.
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55555 Product1236 Carol from wilmington, NC
Purchased on 3/1/2012
Reviewed on 3/22/2012
GReat products and information
I loved this product. It was the best assortment of what I needed to combat this horrible problem. I have been suffering for years with this. the doctor told me I had a mild form of ibs. I didn't understand it so I just followed what she told me to do-eat more fiber and take miralax. what a horrible combination. I have been suffering so much and isolating myself from others because I couldn't get it under control! I love everything in this kit and feel like a different person- a real person again!! Life is good!!thanks Heather!
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55555 Product1037 Scott from Lancaster, CA
Purchased on 1/23/2012
Reviewed on 2/27/2012
I feel good buying from someone that has a knowlage of my problem
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55555 Product880 Pat from Sherwood, AR
Purchased on 1/13/2012
Reviewed on 2/3/2012
I am trying products for 2 weeks now doing well
The tea is easy to drink. I have more difficulty with meals. I wish there were a simpler way to make meals, I have a busy life style.
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4444 Product828 Carol from Tucson, AZ
Purchased on 12/14/2011
Reviewed on 1/24/2012
First Time User
I'm still trying the products and like the teas very much. Not sure yet about the Peppermint pills or the fiber.
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55555 Product665 William from Nekoosa, WI
Purchased on 12/13/2011
Reviewed on 1/3/2012
Love this stuff.
Peppermint gelcap alittle strong for me. Love the teas and the acacia. Really tames my stomach a whole lot. Nicer person too.
Speed of Delivery

4444 Product619 Bryan from Edmonds, WA
Purchased on 12/8/2011
Reviewed on 12/29/2011
i don't know the efficacy of products yet
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4444 Product448 Helen from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Purchased on 11/13/2011
Reviewed on 12/4/2011
Surprise! I learned that all the IBS distress might be due to loss of gallbladder years ago. I'm beginning to see results with products after less than 2 weeks. I'm encouraged!
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55555 Product383 Patricia from Thornton, CO
Purchased on 11/4/2011
Reviewed on 11/25/2011
Excellent products
Finally have relief from the pain
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55555 Product293 Amanda C.
Purchased on 10/17/2011
Reviewed on 11/17/2011
Pep caps!
Wow - so incredibly happy that the peppermint capsules work. I didn't think there was anything on the market that would help me. I've had serious IBS bloating for over 14 years to the point where I looked 6 months pregnant on most days but now the bloating is miniminal if at all. The peppermint capsules have definately helped and I couldn't be more thrilled. Yipeeeeeee!

55555 Product304 Katherine from Annandale, NY
Purchased on 10/25/2011
Reviewed on 11/17/2011
The website has been a wonderful help!
The products arrived almost immediately. The first year book is particularly helpful. I wish there were more vegetarian (no fish!) meals in the cookbook, but it's OK. The fennel and peppermint are helping me, I'm not sure about the fiber.
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55555 Product240 Marcia from San Rafael, CA
Purchased on 10/20/2011
Reviewed on 11/16/2011
Executive Director At Miraflores Academie
Thanks for a great product!
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55555 Product108 Larry W.
Reviewed on 9/15/2011
Symptom Free
Heather, I just wanted to thank you for your Web Site and the Acacia Fiber. I was diagnosed, after months of suffering and testing, with IBS and sent home with a prescription of hyocyamine. As I searched the internet for how others were handling a diagnosis like mine I found your site and ordered the Acacia fiber and followed some of your nutrition guidelines. I have been symptom free from the day I started the fiber, up to this day. Such a simple change in nutrition and such a grand reward. I now eat a healthy diet of fresh meats, vegetables and fruits. I have eliminated the bulk of processed packaged foods and almost all grains from my diet and I walk 2-3 miles a day. What a difference! I lost 30 lbs. and my energy level is better than ever and I’m now 54. My fasting glucose has returned to the normal range and my fasting insulin level is down from 9 to 3. I also use a probiotic 3 times a day. Most importantly to me is my digestion and my other intestinal function is just great. I used to have what I called a bad day a couple of times a week because of my IBS symptoms but as I said, not one symptom now in 4 months. You helped turn my life around and open my eyes and ears to a new way of eating and thinking about my health. I just wanted to say Thank You. Larry W.

55555 Product122 Carol in Edinburgh
Reviewed on 6/13/2011
I will continue to buy your tummy fiber, peppermint oil capsules, fennel and peppermint tummy teas forever!
Hi Heather, I have been reading all the letters that you get from fellow IBS suffers, and I have bought several of your products for IBS. I came across your site at the beginning of the year when I was diagnosed with IBS, I could not bare the thought of living with the painful spasms and the diaorehea, bloating etc etc, the usual IBS symptoms I guess. My doctor gave me prescription drugs to help the spasms and did not mention anything about diet. (I have since discovered that dietery management plays a major part in the symptom management of IBS) Thats when i decided to do some research of my own and stubbled across quite a few sites related to IBS but who should i believe and which ones were just a scam! but i was always drawn back to your website and then i started to buy your products. Reading other peoples experiences from your site gave me inspiration and hope that maybe your products did actually work. There came a point that i actually was scared to eat anything because i was not sure of the things i could and could not eat and actually found it easier just "not to eat" then i started losing weight (and for me that was the starting point of realising that i could not keep living the way i was doing) i have never had a problem with my weight and that has always been stable throughout my life. so losing about 9lbs in weight in the space of a few months was actually quite scary for me but in the same breath, Feeling sick and being in pain all the time, just didnt do much for my appetite either. Your website was a life saver for me Heather and when i bought the tummy fiber that was the complete overall turning point for me, i have been using that for about 4 weeks now, and felt it was time i wrote to tell you that it really does work! i take 1 and half teaspoons per day and have virtually no pain at all, i can go to the bathroom without sitting on the toilet dreading those spasms and i actually use to find myself waiting on them to kick in, when they did it was agony and i will say i did actually pass out with the pain, this only happened about 3 times, but that was enough for me i would rather go through child birth than suffer the pain of IBS, at least labour pains and the delivering of a baby makes the pain go away! Plus you have a delightful bundle of joy at the end of the gruelling task of childbirth! I live in Glasgow in Bonnie Scotland, and all i can say is thank goodness for the internet because without that i would never have found your site. Your a very remarkable woman who has actually taught me a lot about IBS more than my own GP, i just wish that places in Glasgow stocked your products because i am sure there is a lot of people on this side of the world that have not found your website and just go on suffering the dreaded IBS because their GP's just cant be bothered with their symptoms. In the meantime i will continue to buy your tummy fiber, peppermint oil capsules, fennel and peppermint tummy teas forever or at least until maybe there comes a day when they do actually find a cure for IBS. i also have your IBS cook book which was also a big live saver!! Keep up the good work Heather, god bless you and i hope you are keeping good health? I am! and thats all down to you! Thank you so much for your email, I didnt actually expect a reply directly from yourself and that makes me very happy, that just proves to me that you do care about other peoples wellbeing, and that in itself makes you a special person in my book! I did have a little flare up of my IBS yesterday but nothing to what it use to be before I started using the tummy fiber, I had been eating a different brown bread to my usual one because I could not get the one that I normally buy and I think thats what caused the flare up, before I wouldnt have sussed out what would have caused the flare ups to happen and now I do, so the brown bread I was eating is now in the "trash". Please feel free to use my comments because I feel that the more people who know about the products that you sell and the results that they have, then the more people will not suffer as much as what they would without them (if that makes sense?) I would love to know more about the store in edinburgh that may be willing to stock your prodcuts so maybe you could keep me posted on this if possible? as this would obviously be a lot cheaper for the likes of myself instead of having to order from overseas, but personally speaking i wouldnt care how much it cost me for postage and packaging because I now know that my life would definately not be the same without them. Thank you so much for your email and I will continue to be using the tummy fiber, its a blessing in disguise!! Take care Heather and keep well. Thank you. Carol

55555 Product76 Carol S.
Reviewed on 1/7/2011
Medically Speaking - My Happiest New Year!
Dear Heather: I live in a small town in Montana and travel 50 miles one way to get to any of my doctors that are specialists. There is a small hospital here and a few specialists, but not the ones I needed. Anyway, I am new to your book, "Eating for IBS" but after I got it and your cheat sheet I started trying out your IBS diet. I am sure you know what I am going to say now - WOW! It really works. I cannot thank you enough for sharing all this world of information and the beautiful thing about it is not only the relief , but you explained everything in such a way that someone who is not a doctor can understand. I am more familiar with my body as a result. Thank God for you, Heather. I just ordered "The First Year" for myself today. My doctor who has done my colonoscopies every 5 years (gastroenterologist) was the one who diagnosed the IBS and he did give me some print outs that talked about my diet and he told me he could give me some medication, but it would be great if I could work it out through a careful diet. I needed more details so I went to Google and searched for IBS help. Your internet site was the first one to come up. I was hesitant at first, but was desperate to get help without drugs. Thank God I ordered some of your products and when they worked I knew I was on the right track especially with the diet. When I last saw my doctor I told him about the diet and the products and he was glad I did not have to go the drug route. When I left the office I left them a copy of your cheat sheet. The Nurse was very interested in it. I told her about the internet site and the products as well. Knowing how limited her time is, I also told her that if the doctor was favorable to it I would be happy to have any of their patients who are suffering with IBS to call me for your information, especially those Seniors who might not have internet access. Please tell me how to do this and how to be helpful. What do I need - just the cheat sheet? I would never tell any of them what to do, but do you have a starter program that you recommend??? Secondly, I want to make sure that the nurse in my doctor's office has both of your books and I am thinking of ordering them. Surely these would be good starting material???? CONVERSE with the NURSE FIRST! Good motto. I know you must be so busy, but I will appreciate any help you can give. Please check out the attachment I have added to this e-mail so you can see for yourself a very happy 72 year old Christmas "Carol" and how well she looks and feels!! Thank you with all my heart and a Happy New Year to you! It pleases me to think that something I said or did would be helpful to other IBS patients. You have my consent to use my words or photo I sent to convince others of the value in your IBS diet and products.

55555 Product123 Vivian R.S.
Reviewed on 6/18/2010
Greetings from Vivian
Hello Heather: Thank you for your wonderful fiber. Finally I have found a most soothing fiber that is not only effective, but so pleasant tasting. I just ordered fennel tea, peppermint capsules and your book, " Eating for IBS". The recipes look absolutely fabulous and easy to prepare. Throughout my life I have suffered from digestive disorders due mainly to food allergies. Of course, years ago no MD could figure out what my problem was. I did my own research and discovered not only the food allergy problem, but also lactose intolerance, constipation, intolerance to sugar and anything containing sugar, plus a yeast overgrowth in my intestinal tract. In order to overcome the yeast problem I had to stop all sweets (chocolate, chewing gum, sodas, sugar etc.). Besides loosing approx 6 lbs. the intestinal gas ceased and my tummy was no longer distended. Bowel movements are now regular. I am now using sugar substitutes such as stevia, argarve nectar and brown rice syrup in my recipes. These I will incorporate in your recipes until my Yeast problem has stabilized. I have forwarded your website to friends of mine who I'm sure you will be hearing from very soon. I thank you again for the good work you have done and continue to do. With best regards, Vivian

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