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* The IBS Cooking Show - Help For All IBS Symptoms!
* By the Best-Selling Author of Eating For IBS!
* Delicious, Fast, & Easy All-American Favorites
* Great Recipes For Families & Children
* 5 Fun Shows
8 Simple Recipes Made Step-By-Step
* With Beautiful Illustrated Recipe Cards

* All-American Sandwich Classics
* Blueberry Pecan French Toast
* Lemon Herb White Fish with Rice & Mesclun Salad
* Pizza Party Snack Mix & Banana Berry Smoothie
* Garden Veggie Nachos

* IBS cooking & shopping advice, tips throughout
* Originally aired on Seattle television
* Traditional recipes made IBS-friendly
* Running time: 110 minutes
* Formatted for US and International DVD players

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Step into my kitchen and watch Heather Cooks!, television's only cooking show with fabulous food for good digestive health. Everything we cook is low fat, high soluble fiber, and avoids all red meat, dairy products, and egg yolks. Insoluble fiber foods are carefully incorporated for good nutrition. Most importantly, everything we cook is fast, easy, and absolutely delicious – that's a promise. Each of the five full-length shows offers step-by-step instructions, and is aimed at people who have little experience cooking, or who are unsure about how to modify their traditional cooking methods to meet the dietary needs of IBS. Beautifully illustrated recipe cards are included, so you can easily cook right along with the shows.

If you don't quite believe that healthy cooking truly can be both fun and a real treat to eat, you're in for a wonderful surprise. You'll have a great time making my dishes, and an even better time eating them!

In Volume 1, we'll be cooking fast-and-easy dishes based on fridge and pantry staples, with a homestyle, All-American focus. These traditional recipes (from French toast to club sandwiches to nachos) are typically full of trigger foods, but we'll use simple tricks and substitutions to make them IBS-friendly. Each show offers lots of helpful advice for shopping, cooking, and eating safely for IBS while keeping your diet nutritious and delicious. Above all else, Heather Cooks! will convince you that cooking great meals for good health is not a contradiction in terms.

Are you ready to don your apron and oven mitts? Just step into my kitchen and cook right along with me!

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55555 Product6666 Karen from Niles, MI
Purchased on 1/29/2017
Reviewed on 2/19/2017
Love the Heather Cooks! Book and the DVD & Recipe Cards very helpful
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55555 Product5909 Kristine from Colton, NY
Purchased on 1/21/2016
Reviewed on 2/13/2016
Heather's step by step cooking video got me back on track.
Heather explains that we do not need to give up many of the foods we love when we have IBS. She shows how to incorporate difficult to digest foods with soluble fiber so they can still be eaten!!!!
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4444 Product5417 Caroline from Worthington, OH
Purchased on 6/15/2015
Reviewed on 7/7/2015
I was pleased with the uncomplicated recipes.However, I couldn't turn the volume up enough and found it hard to hear what Heather was saying. (I do not have a hearing problem).I have found the recipes in "Eating for IBS" too complivated to try, but the v
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55555 Product4887 Walter from Savanna, IL
Purchased on 10/28/2014
Reviewed on 11/21/2014
Having son view the DVD, too.
Betty has tried several of them already and has enjoyed each of them.
Speed of Delivery
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55555 Product4814 Billie from Anacortes, WA
Purchased on 10/10/2014
Reviewed on 10/31/2014
lot of info onDVD
watched the DVD lots of good info loaned the DVD to two friends and they say that it is very helpful. Thanks for all your help feeling a lot better, because of the info I have received..
Speed of Delivery
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