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Starter Kit
Eating for IBS
First Year IBS
Tummy Fiber Acacia Can
Starter Kit
Eating for IBS
First Year IBS
Tummy Fiber Acacia Can
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Starter Kit <br>Eating for IBS<BR>First Year IBS<BR>Tummy Fiber Acacia Can $43.11

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55555 Product7222 Rebecca from Mason, MI
Purchased on 1/15/2018
Reviewed on 2/6/2018
Too soon to tell if it's working or not. Still giving the 'old college try' as it were.
I've only been doing this for a couple weeks. It's hard to tell if it's working or not yet. Some issues are calming down. Other's, are hopefully getting there. I'll be able to dive more into the books once my current class is finished. However, taking the fiber is easy. Thank you!
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333 Product6556 Marie from Winston Salem, NC
Purchased on 11/22/2016
Reviewed on 12/13/2016
Have not been taking the product long enough to give it a true rating.
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55555 Product6374 Renee from St. Paul, MN
Purchased on 8/18/2016
Reviewed on 9/8/2016
I've been ordering the tea and Acacia fiber for a long time and it is the best, bar none!!!
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55555 Product6239 Diane from Florence, MT
Purchased on 6/2/2016
Reviewed on 7/1/2016
I have found both books on IBS to be of great help to me. They have show me how IBS happens and how to manage it. I have just started using the soluble supplement. From my reading it should help me out..
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55555 Product6076 Monica from Boise, ID
Purchased on 3/29/2016
Reviewed on 4/19/2016
I love the acacia powde, the book and the advice I got from the lady who took my order.
The IBS first year is so informative..I have been learning so much since my condition..and this book showed me so much more and confirms my findings. I still have some unanswered questions..but I will continue to learn as much about my condition as I can with the help of
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4444 Product6025 Peter from Hull, MA
Purchased on 3/10/2016
Reviewed on 3/31/2016
Fiber Acacia working great over last 2 weeks
So far seems to be helping to reduce cramps, bloating. Movements more regular and consistent. Off Imodium for a couple weeks.Thanks for the fine product Heather!
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55555 Product5850 Vicki from Lake Havasu City, AZ
Purchased on 12/30/2015
Reviewed on 1/20/2016
Both books are put together in an easy-to-use format. Very informative and specific with step by step progress.
Questions submitted were answered promptly!
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55555 Product5711 Gloria from Margate, FL
Purchased on 10/12/2015
Reviewed on 11/2/2015
The shipment arrived within a day or two. The 1st Year IBS book is very informative and I also have been using the Tummy Fiber Acacia and it seems to be helping me control my IBS episodes. Haven't attempted any of the recipes as yet, but plan to soon.
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55555 Product5644 Amy from Camden, ME
Purchased on 9/19/2015
Reviewed on 10/11/2015
Prodcuts are of excellent quality and have been of great help. It is evident that much knowledge and care have gone into the creation of each offering.
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55555 Product5045 Sharran from Lima, OH
Purchased on 1/18/2015
Reviewed on 2/10/2015
Taking 1 tsp 2 x daily; it is helphing the bouts of diarrhea but I continue to still have a lot of gas
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55555 Product4793 Mayanell from ARLINGTON, TX
Purchased on 10/3/2014
Reviewed on 10/24/2014
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55555 Product4767 Glenda from huntsville, TX
Purchased on 9/13/2014
Reviewed on 10/12/2014
was very pleased with the prompt delivery of my order.
I have been too so many DR,an was about to give up that i would ever feel better. I was finaly told i had ibs with constipation, too take more fiber an drink more water ,but that did not work, so here i am .I have learned more about my ibs by reading your books ,than any DR.or specialist i have seen in 8yrs., i almost gave up hope, but your products an advice from your books have gave me new hope.Thank GOD i found your website, i will be ordering more as soon as i can. THANKS ,Glenda
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4444 Product4655 Marianne from Goleta, CA
Purchased on 8/18/2014
Reviewed on 9/8/2014
Good kit
This is a good kit, and it helped me a lot. The First Year of IBS book is easy to read and enlightening. The Acacia powder has been very helpful for me. I don't need the cookbook since I am able to figure out what works for me on my own.
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Heather says: Feedback Rating
Hi there Marianne,

I'm so glad to hear that the kit is helping you a lot! Thank you for your feedback!

Please feel free to return Eating for IBS for a full refund if you are unsatisfied.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at 866-640-4942.

Have a wonderful day,

Customer Service Representative

4444 Product4616 Janice from Johnstown, PA
Purchased on 7/16/2014
Reviewed on 8/15/2014
Tummy fiber is great
I was actually shocked that the tummy fiber works better than citracel. After my first dose my stomach stopped its daily rumbling and gurgling! I actually can eat almost anything when I use the tummy fiber! I will order more when needed.
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55555 Product4529 Sally from Suwanee, GA
Purchased on 6/12/2014
Reviewed on 7/13/2014
Beautifully done, informative books.I've learned so much and love the receipes.
However, the Acacia Senegal fiber caused diahrrea. I am so disappointed that it didn't work for me, but am thankful that it helps many others. Is it returnable?
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55555 Product4464 Deborah from Merrimac, WI
Purchased on 5/19/2014
Reviewed on 6/9/2014
has been a life saver for my ibs
Finally someone who knows what they are talking about and can actually HELP with ibs and its symptoms.
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55555 Product4380 Nimfa from Syosset, NY
Purchased on 4/6/2014
Reviewed on 5/6/2014
Excellent books on IBS tips, recipes, along with the tummy fiber.
Hi Heather! Thanks much for the speedy delivery of my order (starter kit). The recipes and tips on the 2 books are amazing. Also, the tummy fiber is helping me a lot. I am feeling much better. I salute you for your products. You are a Godsend! Thanks again.
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55555 Product4073 Lawrence from Loves Park, IL
Purchased on 12/26/2013
Reviewed on 1/24/2014
Book advise helped immediately!
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1 Product3749 Karen from Tucson, AZ
Purchased on 9/20/2013
Reviewed on 10/11/2013
I found the program to be counter intuitive for IBSc patients
I felt cheated when my package arrived as it did not have all the items specified in the $53 order. I called customer service and they denied my claim. This material is not geared to IBSc patients and I found the fiber samples I took were no different in texture and composition than some over the counter products. I sent the entire package back and have a very poor opinion of The dietary guidelines were very general and not much more helpful than what we get from our doctors. I was so disappointed.
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Heather says:
Hi Karen - I am so sorry to hear you are unhappy with your order. The Starter Kit you ordered contains the book Eating for IBS, the book First Year IBS, and a canister of the Acacia Tummy Fiber. We actually just received your return in the mail and it includes all three of these items. I am so sorry for any confusion, but I'm not clear about what product you think was missing.

I also checked your order notes in our system and there is nothing that shows you called with a complaint about missing items. We would never deny a customer claim for problems with an order. If you were missing an item we would immediately send that to you. Again, my apologies.

Both of the books, and the fiber, are geared to global IBS symptoms, including constipation. The fiber would likely take a higher dose for constipation than diarrhea would, but you'd start at a low dose and gradually increase until the constipation resolved. The fiber is organic, prebiotic, whole foods pure soluble fiber with nothing added and no IBS triggers - this makes it substantially different from most OTC fiber supplements.

The dietary information in the books is also for constipation as well as diarrhea. I'm so sorry you found the dietary guidelines too general. If you have specific questions about diet please just let me know. Usually the feedback I receive about the IBS dietary information is that it is too detailed and people can feel a bit overwhelmed by this. I haven't had a comment before that the diet information is too general so I'd be more than happy to help give you more information.

For constipation issues you may want to look at the Five Constipation Frustrations here

Again, I am so sorry that you are unhappy with your order and with our company. That is something I absolutely hate to hear, as customer service and satisfaction is paramount to us.

You will receive a full refund for the returned order. If there is anything else we can do for you at all please just let us know.

My apologies,

1 Product3674 Sally Hull Wiebe from Derby, KS
Purchased on 8/27/2013
Reviewed on 9/17/2013
Not able to use poduct but liked the 2 books.
I began with the suggested 1/2 tsp. but only once a day the first 2 days. On the 3rd day twice daily. On the 4th day the product made me extremely nauseated - to the point I cannot continue to take it and won't. I have a lot of problem with certain things.
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Heather says:
Hi Sally,

I am so glad you liked the books Eating for IBS and First Year: IBS! I also see that you were pleased with the speed of delivery and customer service. Thank you for your feedback!

I’m sorry to hear that you experienced nausea after taking the acacia fiber. We recommend starting with 1/2 teaspoon twice daily (that’s a dose of 1 teaspoon total per day) and gradually increasing that every 4-5 days. It is helpful to take the Tummy Fiber on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning and again before meals because it provides a great soluble fiber supplement "buffer" for meals that follow, and it's a terrific way to stabilize in the morning.

Please know that, at any time, for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely satisfied with anything purchased through this website, simply return it with the invoice for a full refund, excluding shipping costs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with further questions or concerns.

Best regards,

Laura - Heather’s Tummy Care Representative

55555 Product3500 Carmen from McMinnville, OR
Purchased on 7/12/2013
Reviewed on 8/2/2013
Starter Kit
Your information of this "syndrome" and how to learn to live happy and healthy is a godsend for me. Still early on this journey, 1 month, but am having more good days than not good days. The fiber is so easy to incorporate, your recipes are used daily in our home with success and I share your site with many people who have unanswered questions about living without deprivation or drugs. My local Health Food Store is now carrying your products, YAY!, so I can send others there for products if they cannot do so online. Also love your weekly tips, cooking lessons and message boards. All in all I give you a score of A+. Thank You Heather, you are amazing.
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55555 Product3433 jan from East Sound, WA
Purchased on 6/24/2013
Reviewed on 7/15/2013
Life changing.
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55555 Product3120 Liz from Winter Park, FL
Purchased on 3/28/2013
Reviewed on 4/18/2013
I found the books very helpful, especially with diet.
People with this problem aren't sure what to eat and the books helped with food choices. I would recommend the First Year IBS package to anyone with IBS.
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55555 Product2850 Jeannette from San Diego, CA
Purchased on 1/19/2013
Reviewed on 2/11/2013
New to IBS
Both books were very informative. Have tried to recipes so far and both were great. The tummy fiber is amazing and has made a big difference in how I feel.
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333 Product2837 Nancy from San Diego, CA
Purchased on 1/17/2013
Reviewed on 2/7/2013
Tummy Fiber did not agree with me
I started off on very small doses of the fiber but unfortunately it made me feel worse. The books were great though and I like the fennel tea.
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Heather says:
Hi there,
I am so sorry to hear that the Acacia did not agree with you. Some people are more sensitive to it, and need to start at a very low dose, 1/4 tsp. or even 1/8 tsp two times a day to start, until your body can become accustomed to the additional fiber.
If you do decide that the fiber isn't working, you can certainly return it to us for a refund.

I'm glad that the Fennel tea and the Eating for IBS book have been helpful!

Heather's Tummy Care Representative

4444 Product2814 Jackie from Lincoln, CA
Purchased on 1/13/2013
Reviewed on 2/3/2013
A lot of good information, still not feeling results until adding "Align" the combination is starting to slow the diarrhea
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4444 Product2451 Mary from Hixson, TN
Purchased on 10/11/2012
Reviewed on 11/8/2012
So far. I have been well pleased with the products.
I think the tummy fiber is alredy helping me. I have not had a accident since I started taking it. It has definitely helped the direrah, but not sure about the constipation. I have to be careful about the peppermint tea, due to acid reflux, but I do enjoy the tea. Thanks
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55555 Product2387 Christine from Tempe, AZ
Purchased on 10/1/2012
Reviewed on 10/23/2012
Thank you for finally telling me what my trigger foods are! I am finally red meat free, egg free, solid chocolate free. I already was eating rice cereal with almond milk and soy ice cream. Now it all makes sense.
I am a life time member of Weight Watchers but I was still have IBS attacks with diarrhea and cramping. I kind of knew what some trigger foods were but they were so hard to give up. I would pay for it the next day. After reading the books, I now have changed my way of thinking and am seeing the benefits of it. And the great part is, I haven't gained any weight and have in fact dropped a few pounds, proving that I can do both life style plans at the same time. Yeah!
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55555 Product2287 Suzanne from Barre, VT
Purchased on 8/30/2012
Reviewed on 9/26/2012
The books are a godsend to understand what's going on with me!
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55555 Product1531 Mike from Vancouver, WA
Purchased on 1/20/2012
Reviewed on 5/13/2012
Great product...All natural! And it has almost no taste, which is great! The other store bought brands are full of chemical sweeteners and taste awful.
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55555 Product1484 Mellie from McComb, MS
Purchased on 4/11/2012
Reviewed on 5/3/2012
Starter Kit for IBS
I got the Starter Kit after trying the Peppermint oil to find out more about what I was experiencing. Both books give great information anyone can use to change their eating habits and learn to live with IBS. I have managed my discomfort finally and feel I can travel without the worries. The peppermint oil was the best help I have ever had and not one doctor suggested it. Also, I have found taking the Metamusel is effective. I am passing the books on the others who suffer and hopefully one day we all will be free of IBS for good.
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55555 Product1347 Sheryl from Langley, BC
Purchased on 2/28/2012
Reviewed on 4/11/2012
My first order
By the time I was on the tenth page of "First Year with IBS" I was ready to cry. Finally, someone who could relate to the blinding pain I'm experiencing on a daily basis. I have been given more information on my "syndrome" from these two books than I ever got from my GP or Gastroenterologist who just said "eat more fibre". I'm so grateful for this site. I've been combining the tummy fibre, the new knowledge I now have and a product call IBS-Plex (peppermint, marshmallow root & L Glutamine) and for the first time in 2 years I haven't had an attack in 2 whole weeks. Granted I've had an attack every day for the last 4 days but I'm attributing that to the stress of my father having a heart attack last week. Otherwise, I'm thrilled to know I'm not the only suffering from this, but given how prevalent it is, I'm shocked at the lack of attention from doctors and scientists. Thank you Heather, you've given me hope at a time when I was ready to put a bullet in my head to stop the pain.
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55555 Product1165 Kevin from OAKLAND, CA
Purchased on 2/16/2012
Reviewed on 3/13/2012
my first order
your website is wonderful ! I'm still reading one of the books and am using the tummy fiber.... so far so good... I'll keep you posted. Thanks ! ~Kevin
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55555 Product1036 Susan from Mechanicsburg, PA
Purchased on 2/5/2012
Reviewed on 2/26/2012
Thank you for the help!!!!!
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55555 Product590 Karen from cuyahoga falls, OH
Purchased on 12/3/2011
Reviewed on 12/26/2011
I refer to the cook book often. Love having the fiber with drinks etc! I am nearly 60 & have dealt with IBS all my life- your products and info have been a great help . Now if I could just get my 2 kids to join me ! Thanks
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55555 Product107 Robin R.
Reviewed on 10/19/2011
My Weightloss Story
Hi Heather - My life has completely changed in the past 18 months since I found your website. I was in agony with I went online, searching for help. And I immediately found it. Not knowing what to eat to stop my pain, I found a simple answer on your website – and it worked. Just eating a small bowl of plain oatmeal began to relax all of my spasms. I immediately bought both of your books and within days I’d eliminated all of the recommended foods. The biggest challenge was letting go of artificial sweeteners. I was frightened to eat sugar again. I’ve been fat all of my life despite my total devotion to whatever diet I was on. I never cheated – often for up to a year. But I never could lose more than 25 pounds. I was at my heaviest – 150 pounds over my “ideal” weight and considering surgery - so letting go of my beloved sweeteners was terrifying. Would I immediately gain 25 pounds? And what about all of the potatoes and bread? I’ve been avoiding those foods for decades? Instead, something miraculous happened. I began to lose weight. And lose, and lose and lose. Even though I went a little crazy with sugar for the first few months, I still kept losing. (And like someone working in an ice cream store, I soon lost my passion for sugar. I still have a sweet tooth, but it’s more easily satisfied with safe fruits – and a little chocolate!) I think that letting go of chemical sweeteners was the key that unlocked my ability to lose weight. I am never hungry and my portions have slowly shrunk. My eyes are bigger than my appetite now – I still don’t trust that such a small amount will satisfy me. But it does. Plus, I’m not on a diet – if I want more, I have more. As of this morning, I have lost 69 pounds – and it’s still coming off. I’m losing more slowly now, but still about 2 pounds a month. I’m not in any hurry anymore. But this is my favorite part of eating this way: if I waiver or go off my eating plan – I get sick! It’s great! I no longer have any choice but to eat this way. Talk about incentive. As I’ve lost, I’ve been able to walk again. My lower back pain from my IBS made walking almost impossible at my high weight. Now, I am able to walk my dog for up to 40 minutes, twice a day. I can’t say I’ll ever really like any form of exercise, but I can do it! And it’s a key to more weight loss. Aside from eliminating foods from my daily eating plan, switching to the special teas and using the Tummy Tamers have been great helps when I do get attacks (rarely, but they still do occur – usually because I’m eating something I shouldn’t.) All my life, I dreamed I’d find a solution to my weight. I knew it was there – I just had to find it. My dreams have come true. Thank you so much, Heather. I’m turning 55 in a few weeks, and I thought I’d be in a wheelchair by now. Instead, I have a healthy future ahead of me. Sincerely, Robin R. Laguna Woods, Ca

55555 Product119 Kathleen K.
Reviewed on 7/30/2011
My IBS story
Heather, I certainly appreciate your newsletter and all your products. Living and working in community development in Peru for more three years, I have contracted a number of intestinal bacteria and parasites through my work in rural communities. I was prescribed numerous strong (broad spectrum) antibiotics to rid myself of the critters, which I believe eventually triggered my IBS symptoms. For over a year I thought I had parasites that couldn't be detected in a lab, as all my results came back negative. I had typical intestinal symptoms of gas, bloating and diarrea. I was feeling rather concerned untill I found your website, read your articles, bought your books, and started using your products. I have since changed my diet to reduce IBS triggers. I can now keep myself mostly symptom free through taking your products and watching my diet. I still have stress-related IBS symptoms at times, but at least I know what is causing them. Thank you for the good work you are doing to help people with IBS throughout the world. Kathleen PS: You may use my story if you want, as I'm sure there are other people living abroad that might have the same thing happen to them. I have already shared your website with a number of people here in Peru.

55555 Product138 Sarah
Reviewed on 5/20/2011
How thankful I am for your IBS diet and products
Hi Heather! I’m not sure if this is the right place to email you, but I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your IBS diet and products. I’m fourteen years old, and have had IBS to some degree ever since I was six years old (after a recurrent C.diff infection). When I was eleven I got recurrent C.diff again, this time a much more resistant strain. It took over six months to get rid of the infection, and by then my colon had basically “had it”! I was in constant pain for a long time, and finally one morning I just broke down; I couldn’t take it anymore. I prayed asked God if he could please, please take the pain away, or show me something I could do or take to help it. That very night I found your website! :) Now I have both of your IBS books, I follow the IBS diet very carefully, and I take peppermint capsules and Tummy Fiber. I’m doing so much better! I only have episodes of pain or diarrhea/constipation every few days, and even then they’re very mild. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your strategies with the world Heather – they have helped so many people so much! J Sarah M. PS – My little sister with chronic diarrhea has also found almost complete relief with your diet.

55555 Product41 Robin
Reviewed on 1/16/2011
This is remarkable
So sorry to hear you too have had this deplorable problem. I too never thought that there were so many people with this same IBS. Thank you so much for your input. I tried your simple directions, and poof........ no pain, for 2 days. This is remarkable. I purchased your Starter Kit with the Acacia - can't live without it. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. I have to tell you that I never thought I would be without pain. I have had this problem since I was born, and no one knew what it was. Unfortunately, doctors don't always know what is best. Medication only hinders and masks the true problems. Just your simple information has given me a wealth of pain free days. I plan to spend lots of time enjoying your products and great recipes and valued information.

55555 Product117 Karma N.
Reviewed on 11/24/2010
My son and IBS
Heather, I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” and God Bless you and your website. It has saved my son. He was diagnosed with IBS last year at Mayo Clinic. We have been battling his stomach pains for years. The first time he went to the doctor for the pains and an embarrassing accident on prom night he was told that he was “just hungry”. I don’t think I have ever been so upset and mad in my life! He was 16 at the time and is over 6 ft tall, very slender build. He ate continually. But was told he was “just hungry”. We also went through the “it’s all in his head” ordeal. I have never felt so helpless and scared. They finally sent him to the Mayo Clinic where he was diagnosed as having IBS after many appointments and tests. I was happy that we finally knew what was going on with him. But he was still having the stomach pains and the disappointment that we felt even though we were feeding him what they told us to. After the last attack and ER visit I went on line to try and find some answers. I found your website. I found out more information from your website than what Mayo Clinic ever told us. He is now on the soluable fiber, peppermint pills, peppermint tea, no red meat. He came up to me one day and was crying and told me that he hasn’t felt this good in years. We are still in the “trial and error” stage, but at least know where the limits lie. We are eating a lot of chicken and turkey and are staying away from the fried, greasy foods. McDonald’s lost one of their best customers. Every now and then he gets pains but that is caused from him not eating, or getting enough rest. I have a friend whose 17 year old daughter has been diagnosed with IBS, I sent your books home with her and when she brought them back, she said they had gone and bought them and in just a couple of weeks could not believe the difference. So Heather, thank you, thank you, thank you. You have touched so many peoples lives with your website and books. I was afraid that my son was getting so frustrated with the pain and no one believing him that he might have done something rash. But he is finally feeling good after so many years. I thank God for you and for your website. God Bless You!!! Karma N. Austin, MN

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