11/10/09 05:59 PM
Re: Having a CT Scan of Abdomen - any advice?

Well I did not have that, but I did have another dye test called a HIDA scan. I had an iv put into my arm and laid on a table (it was cold in the room so they gave me a warm blanket). They injected the first stuff into my vein and I had to wait about 45 minutes to an hour for it to get through my system. Then when the time was done, they brought out another medicine which was supposed to make my gall bladder contract. They said this one might make me sick, but I only felt a mere second os naseua(sp?) and then it passed with no problems. Then the series of pictures were taken. I could not move at all because it would mess up the pictures and the dye. The process was really long. I had someone go with me or I might have gone crazy LOL. Its not like I could read or anything while I was waiting although you might could take some music and headphones or an audiobook. You might ask if it is a lengthy process. They told me from the get go that I would be there about 4 hours.

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