11/10/09 11:14 AM
Re: Having a CT Scan of Abdomen - any advice?

I have had this and it really isn't too bad if you know what is coming which I didn't. Anyway here is how it goes if they do it the way I had it done.

You will check in. They will bring you a large very cold cocktail mixed with crystal light that you need to drink in a hours time. Not bad tasting because of the crystal light. After that they will put an IV in your vein. When you are under the scanner they will take pictures before injecting the dye contrast into the IV. After those pictures they will inject the contrast dye into the IV. It felt kind of like a hot flash on my whole body. Then they take more pictures and when you are done they remove the IV. Try to have someone go with you for moral support. I went alone which was a mistake because I had a meltdown in the waiting room because I didn't have any idea about the process. I hope this will help you have somewhat of a mindset:).
Lots of love,

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