07/10/11 01:17 AM
Re: for susie 1985

some rice milk does have fat, check the ingredients!
non-flavoured one in Britain does not have oil in it!

some people are more sensitive to IF, others to fat, others may be different yet again. think we have to experiment and be patient in that process.

I used to think that I can't do IF v well, but it turns out that unless it's a whole grain, like wheat bran, which I do not have at all, it's OK. I am actually fine with a lot of IF from cooked veggies, non-fructose raw fruits and nuts and a lot of IF at once, provided I have it with enough SF, ie maybe even an SFS, for which I use Benefiber-UK (no inulin) is fine.

I make the banana nut butter with semi-ripe bananas, no brown spots and greenish yellowish in colour, they have a lot of resistant starch which acts as SF! so for me it is balanced out. more problematic is the fat, but it's all calculated and maths tells me that around 1tablespoonful of ground nuts (max 30kcal from fat) and a medium-sized semi ripe banana (100kcal from non-fat) work well together and are safe from both a fat point of view (calories less than 25 per cent coming from fat) and IF is balanced out by the SF-like stuff in bananas.

Please note that some sufferers may have to limit the overall IF intake as well and even with a lot of SF cannot have huge amounts of IF. I suggest you experiment! (but only with one thing at a time, remember there may a delay in a food's effect)

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