12/07/12 07:00 AM
Re: New user / old colitis

Hi there, I have definitive multiple sclerosis, endometriosis and former untreated Lyme disease. I have IBS but everyone can during stress, which when I originally wrote Heather directly, she said things needed to be ruled out. As far as testing and symptoms, my colitis disappears every single time I get steroids for ms or steroid injections for herniated discs, it does wear off after a short bit. I am always positive for WBC white blood cells in stool also called lactoferrin. I have had c. Diff four times. I am vitamin b.12, vitamin d, and vitamin a deficient. Frequent kidney stones. I have a thirty pound weight loss. I had my gallbladder out in 1998 and questran makes D worse. Hysterectomy and oopherectomy for severe endometriosis in 2006, I am 45 now, and I swear I will die with the tombstone that says my colitis is not just irritable bowel. First colo revealed microscopic colitis, second showed rectal inflammation, and gastritis. I just had a capsule endoscopy and the doctor told me I am fine, I was like wait what about the endometriosis, he said, nope, this is just irritable bowel. I am like what about my ms, maybe, and he said let me stop you right here, the only thing I am going to offer you is an anti.depressant. I have a long, involved medical history but the worst is my colitis. I actually look forward to my cervical injections, because I know colitis relief is around the corner. My hair is falling out and thinning, and my butt is always sore from the constant D. I am literally at wits end, no one will help me. My family feels bad for me. Oh, in addition, I have to be hospitalized with prep because of severe dehydration....to LoSo prep, GO lightly, MoviPrep, OsmoPrep, Fleets Prep, Soda Prep....I think I just barely function so prep resets my ms or electrolytes. Lastly, immodium hasn't worked since I first had c. Diff in 1999. I take only Lomotil daily, but a lot of it. If I didn't go to acupuncture once per week, I am sure I wouldn't be here writing you guys. Thanks for listening. I just can't keep doing this. No doctor believes its inflammatory.

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