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Product Reviews for

Tummy Tea
LOOSE 1lb. Can
Bloating & Gas
  (796 reviews)
Fennel<br>Tummy Tea<br>LOOSE 1lb. Can<br><em>Bloating & Gas</em> $12.55

(10% off $13.95 list price)

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55555 Product5258 Denise from Perryville, MO
Purchased on 4/12/2015
Reviewed on 5/4/2015
Pleasant taste and very effective.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product5239 Hatem from Springfield Gardens, NY
Purchased on 4/6/2015
Reviewed on 4/27/2015
Excellent Product
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product5173 Marcia from Vero Beach, FL
Purchased on 3/13/2015
Reviewed on 4/3/2015
Excellent product
I ordered loose tea by mistake but find it suits me well
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product5145 Linda from Hayesville, NC
Purchased on 3/1/2015
Reviewed on 3/22/2015
i had my hesitations on supplements but this most certainly works
the horrible bloating and tightness ,does not happen ,I use the Tummy Tea during the day, and in evening,i,m very Happy with it,and will by more.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product5005 Marie from Riverview, FL
Purchased on 1/4/2015
Reviewed on 1/25/2015
I've now been using this product for about 6 weeks and I'm finally seeing results.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product4976 Kristina from Mercer, PA
Purchased on 12/18/2014
Reviewed on 1/8/2015
Fennel Tea is the only thing I need when my gut acts up!
I am so glad that I found helpforibs several years ago. I have had great success learning how to eat and using your products.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

333 Product4929 Margaretta from Agoura Hills, CA
Purchased on 11/23/2014
Reviewed on 12/14/2014
This product is new to me. I have high expectations.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service
Heather says: Feedback Rating
Hi there Margaretta,

Thank you so much for trying out Heather's Fennel Tummy Tea!

Our fennel tea is organic and grown for medicinal strength. Fennel quickly relieves gas and bloating, so be sure to drink a nice strong cup of the tea if you are experiencing those symptoms.

If you have severe symptoms, we recommend brewing 8oz of water with 1 to 2 tablespoons of the seeds. Try drinking several cups of tea right in a row so that you can overwhelm your system with the fennel.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Customer Service Representative

55555 Product4757 JoanJoan from Mission Viejo, CA
Purchased on 9/18/2014
Reviewed on 10/9/2014
loose fennel tea
I especially like the loose tea because then I can use the strength I like.
Speed of Delivery

55555 Product4710 Deanna from Morgan Hill, CA
Purchased on 9/4/2014
Reviewed on 9/25/2014
Instant soothing help with IBS symptoms.
I love this tea, go from flare up to calm waters in just a few hours with the help of this tea, fiber and the right foods. Taste is wonderful, smell is even better. Easy to use, great price.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product4612 Margaret from Brevard, NC
Purchased on 7/23/2014
Reviewed on 8/13/2014
excellent product from an excellent company
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product4577 Jennifer from miami, FL
Purchased on 7/8/2014
Reviewed on 7/29/2014
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product4335 Cheryl from BELLFLOWER, CA
Purchased on 3/23/2014
Reviewed on 4/21/2014
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product4306 Linda from Evansville, IN
Purchased on 3/22/2014
Reviewed on 4/12/2014
Seems to be a good tummy soother.
I just started drinking it and like it. I buy empty teabags from an online tea company and fill them with the loose peppermint or fennel tea and staple them shut. Very economical! Just remember not to put the stapled bag in a microwave. Heat the water, remove it and then put in the teabag to avoid any possible sparking in the microwave.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

4444 Product4101 Deborah from Stewartstown, PA
Purchased on 1/14/2014
Reviewed on 2/4/2014
Fennel Tummy Tea
Heathers products have been a tremendous help with my digestive problems. I've taken several prescribed medications, many ORC aids, but none of those have helped ease the many years of IBS symptoms that I've struggled with. The tummy tea has given me a safe way to manage the cramping, gas, and irritation that often follows evening meals. At night, following a hot cup of this tea, my tummy settles down relaxing which allows me a good night's sleep. Thanks again Heather for such helpful products.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product4066 Judith from Middleburg, FL
Purchased on 1/1/2014
Reviewed on 1/22/2014
Love this tea
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product3996 Carol from Charlestown, RI
Purchased on 12/8/2013
Reviewed on 12/29/2013
Pleasantly surprised!
When I brewed my first cup I thought I would not be able to drink the tea, so I put the package aside for a week. The pain was such that I decided to give it a another try. I must have brewed it incorrectly because it tasted great and I could feel the gas and bloating getting better after my first cup! Thank you!!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

1 Product3949 Jennifer from Mantee, MS
Purchased on 11/19/2013
Reviewed on 12/10/2013
The service was great. My only complaint is that I truly hate the taste of the fennel tea. I don't know what I'm going to do with the whole container now. I was disappointed with the taste of the product.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service
Heather says: Feedback Rating
Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review and provide feedback.

People tend to either love or hate the taste of fennel. It's possible to hide the taste of the fennel by brewing it with other herbal teas, such as peppermint, or adding a little sweetener like honey.

If you still are displeased with the taste, please feel free to return the tea for a full refund.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Best regards,
Heather's Tummy Care Representative

55555 Product3869 Brenda from Fountain Valley, CA
Purchased on 10/20/2013
Reviewed on 11/10/2013
I have three people in my life that have stomach problems. All three say this tea helps when they're having a flare up. Must be good. The peppermint pills help too.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product3664 Sharon from Appleton, WI
Purchased on 8/22/2013
Reviewed on 9/14/2013
I'm having a cup now! It's delicious.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product3657 Mary from Oakland, NJ
Purchased on 8/22/2013
Reviewed on 9/12/2013
I had colic as a baby and my mom would give me fennel tea....still does the trick for gas and bloating!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product3439 Elizabeth from Framingham, MA
Purchased on 6/25/2013
Reviewed on 7/16/2013
Ordered the loose tea by mistake, but it is great once you learn how to measure it properly. The fennel tea works wonders onspasms
It works well on cramps as well.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

333 Product3408 Eleanor from Sturgis, MI
Purchased on 6/16/2013
Reviewed on 7/8/2013
different taste - not sure I like it that much. Will mix with other tea
Tea is not my favorite so far. Will try mixing with peppermint tea to see if I like it better. Maybe I just have to try it again and steep a bit longer.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service
Heather says:
Hello Eleanor,

I'm so sorry to hear this. People tend to either love or hate the taste of fennel. It really does work well for gas and bloating though so many people just get creative about how to take it. You can brew it with another herbal tea such as peppermint or chamomile to disguise the flavor (peppermint in particular completely kills the fennel taste).

Using honey as a sweetener really makes it taste better as well. And some folks simply brew it very strong, let it cool, and drink it quickly as they would a medicine.

If you still just hate it so much you can't even drink it, please feel feel to return it for a full refund.


55555 Product3391 Ronnie from Kennedy, NY
Purchased on 6/12/2013
Reviewed on 7/4/2013
Your products seem to be helping my problems very well.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product3306 Debora from Colorado Springs, CO
Purchased on 5/18/2013
Reviewed on 6/9/2013
Excellent product. Works great with my bloating and abdominal pain.
I use one TBLS. in a tea defuser and let it sit for over ten minutes. Tastes fantastic.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

333 Product3300 Jeffrey from Middleton, WI
Purchased on 5/15/2013
Reviewed on 6/5/2013
just fennel sed, nothing special
you may do better on price by looking for bulk fennel seed. That's all this is.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service
Heather says: Feedback Rating
Hi Jeffrey - thank you so much for your feedback. I'm so sorry you're not absolutely thrilled with the fennel tea. It actually is special - we source the highest possible volatile oil content level for our fennel seeds, it is certified organic, and fresh packed in house for a rapid turnover. This ensures the strongest, most potent, freshest possible fennel tea. That's because the stronger the tea, the more effective it will be for IBS symptoms.

It is also the most economical option we've ever seen on the market for high volatile oil certified organic seeds in bulk, whether for brewing as tea or using as a spice in cooking.

If you're not delighted please do return the tea for a full refund. That is absolutely never a problem.


55555 Product2921 Valerie from Royal Oak, MI
Purchased on 2/5/2013
Reviewed on 2/26/2013
This fennel is more potent than any you can buy at bulk food stores. I am so happy with the results! I can drink a cup of this fennel tea and not have to take prescription drugs to relax my gut. i
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

4444 Product2833 Nancy from Florence, AL
Purchased on 1/16/2013
Reviewed on 2/6/2013
Think I will buy bags next time.
Just think bags would be easier. Wish you had individual bags--not complaining, just so much more convenient.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service
Heather says:
Hi Nancy - I am so sorry for any confusion. We actually do have fennel tea bags available. We make those in-house from the whole fennel seeds, so the tea bags have the same high volatile oil content and are certified organic. They are also jumbo bags with a generous quantity of fennel per tea bag, so you can brew a really strong cup of tea. They are packed 45 tea bags per container.

The page for the fennel teabags is actually the same as for the fennel loose teas - check here

Please let me know if there's anything else we can help you with.


55555 Product2668 Sheila from Porterv ille, CA
Purchased on 12/17/2012
Reviewed on 1/7/2013
The tea is fragrant and easy to make.
Heather's Fennel Tea is surprisingly tasty and very easy on the stomach. I wasn't sure what to expect when drinking but there his a big difference when I take time to stop and drink a cup of her Fennel Tea. It's warm and aromatic. Very soothing!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product2594 Ben from Corpus Christi, TX
Purchased on 11/25/2012
Reviewed on 12/16/2012
Best I have had for my tummy.
My entire family arrived days after I got my FIRST can of finnel. Seems we ALL expreience some sort of tummy distress, so EVERYONE was using my tea and singing praises of how good it was and how good it made their tummys feel! I have already ordered more loose and some bags to carry when I find myself away from home and need some help! Thanks! bebe gale
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product2583 Jean from Alexandria, VA
Purchased on 11/21/2012
Reviewed on 12/12/2012
Best customer service I have ever received! So friendly, knowledgable , & helpful. The product has finally given me relief from my IBS symptoms. The information from your staff, and your book, have given me tangible ideas of what to eat & what to avoid. T
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product2521 Robin from Oceanside, CA
Purchased on 11/10/2012
Reviewed on 12/1/2012
I love your beautiful can with the Loose Tea :)
In October my friends from Germany told me about Fennel Tea. I couldn't always find it at the Health Food Store - I guess a lot of people use it, so I'm glad I found you to keep me supplied. Seems as if people in the US need to find out about natural healing, instead of taking a pill for every thing that's wrong with us, or having an operation to fix something that maybe Rolfing might help.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product2342 Kim from Magnolia, NJ
Purchased on 8/31/2012
Reviewed on 10/9/2012
I will admit, I didn't like the taste at first. But it works!! It settles my stomach down right away, just after one cup.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product2249 Lilah from St. Petersburg, FL
Purchased on 8/30/2012
Reviewed on 9/20/2012
Added the Fennel to my morning routine with good results
I have been mixing the fennel tea and the peppermint tea together and it helps me get through the initial discomfort I have in the morning.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1950 Jill from Livermore, CA
Purchased on 7/5/2012
Reviewed on 7/30/2012
always happy with the tea
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1819 Susanne from Santa Clarita, CA
Purchased on 6/13/2012
Reviewed on 7/9/2012
Wonderful and highly effective products. Cannot live without the fennel tea and peppermint tea, it's an absolute must-have for people with intestinal problems.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1389 Lisa from Boca Raton, FL
Purchased on 3/28/2012
Reviewed on 4/18/2012
Very pleased, Thank you.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1380 Carol from Mt. Shasta, CA
Purchased on 3/27/2012
Reviewed on 4/17/2012
First Rate
This loose leaf tea is a great soother. The individual fennel seeds are huge and swell even further when soaked in (tea) water assuring every morsel of goodness is ingested.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1384 Doris from Pataskala, OH
Purchased on 3/27/2012
Reviewed on 4/17/2012
The product is very good at calming my stomach.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1068 Mariette from Irvine, CA
Purchased on 2/12/2012
Reviewed on 3/4/2012
Excellent product and service
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product971 Justine from Manchester, NH
Purchased on 1/21/2012
Reviewed on 2/16/2012
It works well in stressful situations
Hi, sipping on this fennel tea mixed with peppermint tea all day during work helps with stressful situations to calm down IBS-related stomach gas and cramping, reduces pain, discomfort and embarrassment.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product758 Lori from dallas, TX
Purchased on 12/22/2011
Reviewed on 1/12/2012
Fennel Tea for IBS really works!
Not only does this product give results, it comes to my door within two days of ordering! Thanks for such great service!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

22 Product349 Irwin from Carver, MA
Purchased on 10/31/2011
Reviewed on 11/21/2011
Terrible Taste& Ineffective against Gas
Since i do not have IBS,but diverticulosis perhaps this is why it was ineffective against gas
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product250 Sandra from Kenova, WV
Purchased on 10/12/2011
Reviewed on 11/17/2011
I was quite surprised at the mild taste of the tea. It put me at ease and I was able to go to sleep right away and had no worries about running to the bathroom all night. Thanks.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

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