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Eating for IBS
Diet & Cookbook
For All Symptoms
Eating for IBS
Diet & Cookbook
For All Symptoms
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55555 Product488 Elizabeth from Fulton, NY
Purchased on 11/19/2011
Reviewed on 12/10/2011
This is a well researched, informative book.
I was very impressed with this book. Many important facts not found even on websites supposedly dedicated to gastrointestinal problems were included in the book. As was stated, IBS is very individual. I think the recipes are very helpful for creating a varied diet. One can pick and choose what works. But I especially liked all of the tips for dealing with IBS, such as eating a less safe food AFTER eating soluble fiber. It is a solid, thorough and helpful book which has much information for people suffering with IBS. Thanks.
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55555 Product444 Vickie from Weatherford, TX
Purchased on 11/12/2011
Reviewed on 12/3/2011
Great recipes!
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55555 Product432 Valerie from Montgomery, TX
Purchased on 11/11/2011
Reviewed on 12/2/2011
Saved my life
Just when I was about to give up on myself, approaching my 70th birthday, I found your website. It has saved me from years of misery! Thanks
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55555 Product437 Shannon M.
Reviewed on 12/2/2011
Dear Heather, I am 17, and have had food issues, originally thought to be allergies, for at least three years or more. At first, it seemed to be certain things like carrots and cabbage, but last year, it increased to the point where it almost seemed as though everything I ate caused diareaha, constipation, and even widespread muscle and joint pain. This led to the idea that perhaps I had fybromyalgia, and I went on with that idea until I noticed that all of my food issues had one thing in common: Beta carotine, or Vitamin A. I know now that it was merely a coincidence, that the vegatables containing high amounts of insoluable fiber also contain beta carotine, but at the time i thought that it alone was the source of my troubles. Long story shorter, after going to my doctor, he directed me to an allergist, who diagnosed me with IBS. Even after I had an actual diagnosis, I still didnt know what to do. I employed the mighty power of google, but still any true answers, much less a cure, was not to be found. I was beginning to struggle with self pity until I spoke to a person I respect very much, a former sunday school teacher of mine. She told me that she had had IBS over twenty years ago, and because of careful eating, she was able to reverse her IBS completely! So I started doing what this lady had done. I stayed away from citrus, from spicy foods, and I ate a lot of bread, rice and pasta. I took Tums before and after every meal, I drank a considerable amount of water, and I switched from regular milk to soy milk. And gradually my stomach settled down. and then I snuck in a candy bar or two. and then it was orange juice, and maybe a french fry here and there. And lo and behold, it's been four months and I am having virtually no problem with my IBS! In my early days of diagnosis, I ran across your website, and IT WAS A GODSEND. I had NO Idea that there were two kinds of fiber, much less that one of them could actually hurt me! I'm sorry this is sort of long, but I am SO grateful to you because IM REVERSING MY IBS!!! I can eat virtually anything i want WITHOUT Tums! I'm able to eat more food, and I had a great big salad the other day for the first time in MONTHS. It felt fantastic to eat salad!! I feel like I have my life back! Thank you so much!!!
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333 Product332 Jacqueline from New Franken, WI
Purchased on 10/24/2011
Reviewed on 11/19/2011
It was okay
What worked for Heather doesn't work for me, however I am at the just bread stage, nothing is working.
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55555 Product259 Angelina from Howell, NJ
Purchased on 10/13/2011
Reviewed on 11/17/2011
domestic goddess
i have read this book from front to back. everything in it is so true. especially where it says that doctors really dont want to talk about it. well, listen to this. i had a egd test to find out whats wrong with my stomache and when i went back in 2 weeeks to see the doc, i told him about heathers web site and i even gave him a packet to try. he really said nothing but we doctors think that ibs is a mind over matter stress related syndrome. i said well doc, if my ibs was stress related, i should be dead.i have had it for 16 years. no response to this from him. so listen up people..this is the only thing i take..also fighting cancer and its all ya heather. go on tv..dr. oz....please tell every one, i will!
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55555 Product283 Dominique from douglasville, GA
Purchased on 10/25/2011
Reviewed on 11/17/2011
Merry Christmas to me !
I just start to use the book "Eating for IBS" and l think this year my Christmas will be so much better than boiled potatoes and rice, l am so glad l have this book !
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55555 Product295 Rosemarie from Patchogue, NY
Purchased on 10/13/2011
Reviewed on 11/17/2011
I also sent for Tummy Care and tea. The book was very informative and helped me a great deal while I was on vacation recently. Thank you
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55555 Product18 Sherry
Reviewed on 10/30/2011
Hi Heather, I'm 28 years old and have been recently diagnosed with IBS
I have been suffering for the past 10 years with this disorder, never knowing what to do about it. When my doctor told me what I had, I honestly looked at him like he had three heads, I had no idea what it meant. I went on the internet and came across your website and I have to tell you, you are an angel!! Your website is so full of information, I don't feel like I have been left alone to deal with this. My sister has gastritis and deals with similar symptoms. I'm going to encourage her to read your book as well, I know she will only benefit from your knowledge. You are a true inspiration!! It's a difficult disorder to deal with, not to mention embarrassing. Especially for women, society doesn't exactly make it an acceptable disorder to live with. I'm also going to tell my friends about your book and anyone else who will listen, whether they like it or not!! I've been trying your suggestions and tips for eating and I have to say I am feeling better. I even went away over the weekend and I picked out only the foods I knew wouldn't bother me. I have to say, I went the whole weekend without an attack. Thank you!! I would be more than happy to have you quote me on your website. That's how I came to buying the book. The testimonials really sold me. I no longer feel alone and I'm so glad that we have someone like you who really cares!! I will definitely write the shows you told me about, they really need to be aware that this has been an ongoing problem. The more information people have access to, the better. I will absolutely do my best for you, for you have been there for all of us!! Best wishes and be well!! It takes a special person to share their experiences with strangers. Being open and honest has turned those strangers into friends. Keep up the great work and god bless!!

55555 Product17 Anneke
Reviewed on 6/16/2011
Dear Heather, I have just recently found out that I too have been suffering from IBS
For years now I thought that what was happening to me was just in my mind, but when the pain of the stomach cramps and nausea just became unbearable I decided to go to the doctor, and found out the I had IBS, I never even heard of it before. And was thinking that I would have to just give up everything "yummy" in my life. but thanks to you and your book I now know I'm not alone and that there is something out there to help me. Thank you for doing this you have given me the chance to lead a normal healthy life!

55555 Product16 Trudy
Reviewed on 5/29/2011
I have had IBS for many years and recently have had more trouble with the condition
The prescription medicine I had been on for a year and a half wasn't even working like it did before. I lost 10 pounds in one month (not that I didn't need to lose any) as I was sick so much from the IBS. My husband saw an ad for your book, Eating for IBS. We bought the book and I started the diet immediately, following all of your recommendations. We even found a health food store that carried many of the soy products. Once I figured out the right amount and kind of calcium, etc. I had very little trouble with the IBS. Your book and diet was a "God-send". I have really enjoyed your book. (I have almost worn it out already.) It was packed with very helpful and useful information. I am looking forward to seeing future books that you write. Thank you so much for sharing. IBS no longer controls my life.

55555 Product148 Sandra
Reviewed on 3/30/2011
Hi Heather - I am a nurse!
Hi Heather, I am an RN, who works in a very busy GI practice and almost 60% of my patients have IBS. I just want to let you know that years ago I had IBS, the worst. I followed your books, IBS, The First Year, and eating for IBS and your web site, and believe it or not, after being faithful to it for about 2 years, my body seems to have less and less attacks , and now, for the past few years, I can count on one hand , how many I have had. I owe it all to you and your incredible knowledge about IBS. I can't tell you how many of my patients with IBS and are so frustrated and scared because they don't understand what is happening to them. Yes, they see the physician and they prescribe meds, and that seems to be about it, but then i take them aside and give them the name of your books and your web site, and encourge them all to get them and follow them exactly as you advise. I then tell them my story and how after a while, they can look forward to the fact that the attacks may go away, almost completely or be controlled, like myself. I have actually, finally, convinced many of the doctors in my practice to bring the patient to me ,when they are done, and let me speak to them about you. That took a while to happen. Doctors didn't seem to believe in it, but again, I am talking years and years ago and I just see it in the past 2 years , they seem to finally believe me now about your books. Back then, doctors just thought IBS was controlled only by controlling stresses and it is so much more than that. They would leave the pt feeling just as lost as when they came in . I feel like I am changing the way doctors ( at least in my practice ) just chuck it up to stress and there is nothing to do for it. Mostly, that has come to pass, by all the calls I get from my patients thanking me for telling them about you, and then when they see the doctor, they tell him about our talk and how I gave them such great advice about you. This is a good thing your doing and I will spend the rest of my medical career, telling my patients to buy your books and follow your advice, to the letter. I say this for myself and the hundreds of my patients, that have changed their lives and makes them less frightened when they see their belly grow. They now understand why, and that they are not dying or have cancer, and that there is help out there for them, and just more then some pills to take. It is so much more than that. I just wanted to thank you and let you know your doing an amazing job. I am very happy to have found you. I remember your website when you had a cooking demonstration video ,by you, on it. That was great. I will keep you updated on the successes of my patients. Sandra
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55555 Product15 Barb
Reviewed on 3/14/2011
I just wanted to update you on how I am doing
I recently went on my first business trip since following your bible! I now carry with me a small extra suitcase (on wheels) that I now call my "traveling kitchen". It contains the following: your book, a pot to heat tea and water, instant oatmeal, snacks you recommended, small cans of Lite Fruit cups to add to oatmeal, fortune cookies, pretzels, graham crackers, small bowl, spoons and a sieve. ( I use the sieve to poor the leftover tea into a water bottle to have all day to drink as then it is at room temperature). I have my own breakfast in my room and can relax and take my time. Everyone kids me now about my "rolling kitchen" but its no joke for me because it WORKS! I leave next week again for business and I am re-stocking my "kitchen" tonight for next week. Keep me informed about your cooking show. Let me know! Thanks again, Barb

55555 Product14 Carole
Reviewed on 1/19/2011
Dear Heather, I love your book and my family is really enjoying your recipes
I am looking forward to your cooking show and your holiday cookbook. I've had IBS since December but it seems like forever. I have four children, who I have always put ahead of myself and I haven't been able to take care of them very well since my illness. Your book has taught me that in order for me to take care of my family, I have to take care of myself first. Thank you so much for writing Eating for IBS. I have been to 6 doctors and have been very discouraged. Because of your book, I now am hopeful that it is possible for me to feel normal again. I have already written to the Oprah show and I will write to others. Thanks again and please keep writing new recipes! UPDATE: I have been using your recipes from Eating for IBS for almost 2 months now and I am almost completely off medications. I take just a Levsin occasionally. Though I still don't feel like I used to, I am much better than was. Do you have any other books out yet? I am looking forward to learning some "safe" holiday recipes!. I am telling everyone I know about the book!

55555 Product13 Nelson
Reviewed on 11/26/2010
Hi, I am from England. I am amazed that I have found someone describing me
I got your book yesterday and have not put it down yet. I have suffered since 14 and I am now 43. WELL DONE. Thanks for your time.

55555 Product136 Rachael
Reviewed on 10/31/2010
I am feeling better than I have felt for 7 years!
Dear Heather - "Eating for IBS" was so helpful that I have given a copy to my GI doctor! He was so happy to receive the book since it is really difficult to find good literature about IBS. I am feeling better than I have felt for 7 years! Thank you, Heather. -Rachael

55555 Product87 Duane B.
Reviewed on 10/10/2010
Life Changing!
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I have been an IBS sufferer for many years. I am now 45 years old and have been faithfully following Heather’s advise for the past 12 months and what a difference. I used to think that suffering with debilitating cramps and having to make excuses for not traveling too far from a washroom facility was going to be a part of my life forever. Boy was I wrong. By doing a search on the internet I found this website and I immediately went out and bought the book “Eating for IBS”. This book has changed my life. Not only is my wife much happier as I now do a large amount of the cooking and trying new recipes, but I have my life back with no worries about suffering an attack whatsoever. I can’t express how much this has changed the way I live my life on a day to day basis. Not only do I feel much better, but I’ve lost 30 lbs as an added bonus. I have taken up running (something which I wouldn’t even attempt in the past) and recently completed my first 5km run…and came in 6th. My family and friends have noticed a huge difference in my attitude and my physical appearance and I owe it all to that day where I decided to take my life back and visited your website for the first time. I have come across quite a few people in the past year who also suffer from IBS, and I’ve steered them to your book and your website. I suffered in silence because I thought I was one of a very few that had this syndrome, but have since come to find out that there are many more just like me. Thanks again, By all means go ahead and use my comments. It’s funny how many people I’ve run into in the last year that have IBS and are afraid to talk about it. I refer them to your website and your book and of course I’m living proof that there is help for IBS. I owe you and your book a great deal of gratitude and I know my family would say a huge THANK YOU as well…as the change in my life has meant a whole new attitude that they have noticed in a big way. Take Care and keep up the good work. Duane B.

55555 Product142 Debbie S.
Reviewed on 9/23/2010
Wow, what a difference this has made to my life.
I found your website about 3 weeks ago when looking for help with my IBS. I have had this for over 20years now and have managed it mainly through diet. This year has been quite a bad one for me and I have been struggling to sort my “tummy problems” out. I found your website and read your newsletter where you explained the difference and importance between soluble and non soluble fibre. Wow, what a difference this has made to my life. My IBS is so much better, my headaches, which I put down to computer work, have almost disappeared and I am losing weight! Fantastic. I would just like to say a big THANK YOU for all your help and advice in your newsletters. I am coming over to Florida next year; can your products be bought in stores? Thanks again You certainly can use my comments for the website and Newsletter. I really can’t say how much better I am feeling and I am so happy I found your website. Thanks very much for your help. Debbie S.

55555 Product12 J.N.
Reviewed on 9/16/2010
Dear Heather: this morning, I went to see my gastroenterologist
Dr. Dean Rider from UCSF (University of CA, San Francisco). He has always been nice and supportive, but he was pretty helpless regarding my horrible IBS symptoms. I always thought my IBS is psychosomatic myself but when I was so happy last year and my stomach was convulsing I finally had enough. That's when I did a search and found your website. I wanted to talk to Dr. Rider in person: I told him (as you know from my previous e-mail) how much better I am and that after 2 days using your diet my symptoms went from a constant 7 (scale from 1-10) with outbreaks on top of it and waking up during the night to a constant 2-3. AFTER 2 DAYS!!! He could not believe it. So I told him he needs to tell all his IBS patients about your website. And he has lots of them because he is a gastroenterologist. And they drive him nuts because he doesn't know what to do with them. He told me when he does colonoscopies he can tell whether someone has IBS because their guts spasm like crazy upon touch. The office assistant told me she has "crying IBS patients" that ask her what to eat all the time and she doesn't know what to say. She urged me to send her a fax today because of a particular patient that came in crying yesterday that she could not help. I faxed the basics from your website (soluble fiber, insoluble fiber, gastrocolic reflex) including the IBS Cheat Sheet over to them. I also gave Dr. Rider the website address, told him about fiber supplements and showed him the peppermint capsules. I hope it helps that I am a physician (neurologist) so that they listen and lots of people get better. THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING - YOU ARE AWESOME - AND YOU CHANGED MY LIFE. Yours sincerely, J.N., M.D., Assistant Professor, UCSF San Francisco, CA

55555 Product11 Deborah
Reviewed on 8/17/2010
Dear Heather, If I only had the adequate words to express my feelings for you and what you've done for me
You did not give me my life back. You GAVE me A LIFE.......a life I've never, ever known. Sick is a word that cannot encompass my world of torment and pain. I've been afflicted with this problem since I was 5 years old (IBS-D), I am now in my 40's. My entire life, sometimes up to 3 times a week, suffering with crippling spasms for never ending hours upon hours. The excruciating spasms are what I find the most horrifying thing I have to live with. Vomiting from pain, pouring sweat, trying endlessly to get home as soon as I feel the very first inkling of a spasm. I honest to God, have always felt like I was going to die. I would simply dread every occasion, holiday, or even planning a vacation a year from now. I cannot live where I'd like to because any distance at all from my job, is too far when an attack is coming over me. My best case scenario would have been setting up a cot next to my desk. I can't even imagine how I still have a job. The humiliation of explaining my situation to every boss, boyfriend/husband and girlfriend is something I just can't seem to get used to because no one gets it. Basically they all have that same uncomfortable expression on their face (like, are we finished talking about this freaky subject yet?) Occasionally, some people would even say to me "Oh yea, I get cramps too when I have to go to the bathroom." I would become infuriated saying, NO, that is not what this is! I feel like I'm in labor pain! I'd say, "How would you like to feel like you're having a baby every week?" I don't know, it all just feels so much worse then those three letters... I-B-S. To top it off, I have a form of endometriosis. This is a very grim picture of a life. So.... in a constant state of depression, the doctors, who by the way, all acknowledged that it was IBS, told me it was nerves, nerves, nerves. That was the cause, period, amen. It's true. My whole family are totally nervous worriers and we all have the same condition although mine is the most severe of all of us (is this inherited?), so I really never thought for a minute, that the food I ate was antagonizing an already chronically inflamed colon. I didn't want to write you until I really felt absolutely certain of myself. It's been an extraordinary, unbelievable, incredible, UNTHINKABLE 7 months since my last attack!!! I feel like I'm dreaming. I keep standing in front of my calendar, counting, counting. I'm obsessed with counting the days. This can't be happening - - - can it??? My family keeps calling me asking, Still, STILL??? Doctor, after test, after pill and along comes Heather and Acacia. You should win the noble prize for that alone! I would scream it out to the entire world if I could, Acacia, Acacia, Acacia. There is no other word for it but... Miracle. You are my miracle. Finding you, is the single best thing that will ever happen to me in my entire life and I thank God for you. I now walk up and down my floor at work, watching people, listening to them talking, ordering food, laughing, smiling, all with no hint of worry or trace of fear and I say..... My God..... so this is what it feels like? A way of life and a feeling of peace I've never known before. A life that people take for granted. I make your delicious breads and eat it everyday for breakfast but quite honestly, I only eat turkey for lunch at work right now because it really agrees with me and I'm still fearful but I'm sure that very soon, as I become more confident I will be branching out. Aside from the 3 tablespoons of the Acacia everyday, I also take your peppermint caps and one probiotic, recommended by a friend's Doctor. Maybe you can advise me if it's even worth taking. I'm still working on acquiring a taste for the fennel tea. Heather, I'll love you with all my heart until the day I die. ( I can't have any children but I swear, my next kitty is going to be called "Heather") I'm Serious! If I didn't think it would traumatize my little Mia, I'd rename her now. (teehee. All My Love and Forever Grateful, Deborah

55555 Product143 Linda P.
Reviewed on 8/2/2010
This is a letter of gratitude for your book Eating for IBS.
This is a letter of gratitude for your book Eating for IBS. As you can see from my photograph, the book has been extremely well used! When I developed and was diagnosed with IBS about 8 years ago, I was given little guidance regarding diet. Desperate to manage the pain, I searched the bookstores in Toronto where I live. All I came across were IBS cookbooks that gave recipes for things I knew from experience would trigger spasms, such as fats and raw vegetables. Then I found your book on the shelf, and even reading bits of it in the store made me realize that at last I had found someone who “got it”! Since then I have used your recipes and followed your eating guidelines religiously with tremendous results. If I stick to the program—and I haven’t found it onerous to do so because the recipes are so delicious—then most of the time I am symptom-free. I have made almost every recipe in the book, most of them many, many times. My husband loves good food and can eat anything, yet he does not feel he has suffered at all from eating on my diet! Now that he has to cut back on fats himself, he is glad to have this assistance as well. I really appreciate all the effort and concern for others that you have put into the book. I simply cannot imagine life without it. It’s obvious I need a new copy, but mine is so well marked that I don’t think I am ready to replace it! Sincerely, Linda P.

55555 Product10 Phyllis
Reviewed on 7/13/2010
I just want to thank you for all the wonderful information that is in your book
It has changed my life!! I used to be afraid to basically leave the house. I have struggled and not known what my real problem was until I discovered your website. I am so grateful and could go on forever about all the benefits I have enjoyed since I have "learned how to eat to live"! That is what it feels like to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

55555 Product9 Vida
Reviewed on 4/7/2010
Hi, your book is wonderful
It has helped me immensely in the fast few months. I have had IBS for about 10 years undiagnosed, of course! I went to another doctor about 6 months ago and described my symptoms and right away he told me what he thought it to be. He directed me to the internet and suggested further testing to confirm his diagnosis. I found your site and got your book right away. Needless to say I am feeling much better.

55555 Product8 Emily
Reviewed on 2/7/2010
Heather, I love you so much
I have suffered from IBS for two years, since the age of 9 or 10. I started to feel a lot better until recently when I had a cheesecake. I got really sick again and I may not have any junk food for the rest of my life but I don't care, as long as I have Eating for IBS. There is so much more to eat than starving. My personal favorite to make with help from my grateful mother is Honey Glazed Snack Mix! I now have food to eat! Thank you for this amazing book. My IBS was terrible at first, we didn't know what it was. We had doctor examinations, a cat scan, and went to the gastrointestinal doctor (I'm only 12 years old I may spell things wrong) who said have fiber and toast! Yuck boy I was sick of toast the first week! Thank you so much for this book!

55555 Product7 Kevin
Reviewed on 1/13/2010
Heather, You are an Angel of Mercy
The things I have learned from reading the first few pages of your book are incredibly helpful. This weekend I am going to try the banana bread. Already the peppermint tea and some of the quick foods you mentioned have made a difference. Thank you so much for sharing your diet experience with the rest of us. Godspeed, Kevin Wells, IBS and diverticulosis sufferer

55555 Product73 Karen D.
Reviewed on 12/17/2009
Please accept my thanks for this book!
Dear Heather, I want to extend my deepest thanks to you and your truly humanitarian efforts. I have suffered from GI problems my entire life, but my symptoms have gradually been getting worse with age. About a year and a half ago, a medical professional suggested that I may have IBS. I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t know what it was, so I immediately looked online for information and stumbled upon your site. It was very clear that you are the premier source for everything related to digestive disorders. Without delay, I subscribed to your newsletters and purchased your products, including “Eating for IBS.” However, I did not really “do” anything about the IBS because I had yet to be officially diagnosed. I went through all of the required medical testing, where everything else was ruled out. All that was left was a visit to a gastroenterologist for confirmation. A year after the IBS was first suggested to me, I received the official diagnosis from the doctor. And yet I still resisted implementing your program. Believe it or not, it sounded too unbelievably easy to actually be true! Now, 2009 was a very busy year for me: I went through 5 surgical procedures, one of which was abdominal. These surgeries (especially the abdominal one) greatly aggravated my symptoms. There wasn’t a single moment of any day for months that I was not bloated and in pain. Enough was enough and I finally broke down and began to “Eat for IBS.” Much to my astonishment, it actually worked! Within 1-2 weeks of following your IBS dietary guidelines, my bloating subsided, my pain was gone, and I actually felt like a person with a normal gut (a little side benefit is that I lost 10 lbs., which I needed to lose). Thanks to you, I am armed with a veritable cornucopia of not only delicious recipes, but also the knowledge to easily modify my favorite recipes with “safe” substitutes. And, unless I “stray,” I remain virtually symptom-free. It’s pretty easy to say “no” to trigger foods when you feel so good walking the safe path. But, the true test for me was a long trip over Thanksgiving. Over the past few years, traveling has been a nightmare filled with pain, bloating, and intestines that decided to go on strike and just shut down production completely. However, I can proudly say that, food-wise, this was the easiest trip in many, many years where I felt great and remained “regular” (which is really shocking). So, Heather, please accept my heartfelt gratitude. You are not just any vendor. You are a person filled with compassion who works tirelessly to ease the suffering of so many afflicted individuals. You have truly saved me from a life of suffering. With sincere thanks, Karin D.
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55555 Product144 Mrs. Wilson
Reviewed on 11/20/2009
Hello, I have been a sufferer for many years w/IBS and been recently diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I just purchased Eating for IBS and cannot put the book down. After many years of suffering, I finally decided to get my life back in order! I got so depressed not knowing what to eat, but after reading your book and seeing all of the recipes I was so happy to see that I can actually eat again! I have been struggling over the last year between eating the foods that trigger IBS and food that triggers the Colitis. I also have GERD. I would say I have the triple whammy! One food is good for one and some foods are bad for others. I am writing down everything which has helped a lot. I just want to say THANK YOU for such a wonderful book. I will purchase the other book re: colitis. Keep up the great work! You are a God send! I would like to add that I have lost 6 pounds since I started eating healthy in one week and have more energy than ever!!!!! I never take the stairs at work and this morning I was able to walk them without any pain or breathing problems. I truly do feel much better! Thank you again. Mrs. Wilson Akron, Ohio

55555 Product145 Ellen
Reviewed on 10/26/2009
So Thankful to You
Dear Heather, I hope this is the correct email address to send you a personal note of thanks. I suffered from innumerable stomach complaints all through my childhood, but IBS was never diagnosed. When I was in my early twenties, my internist told me I had “spastic colon” due to stress, and she prescribed anti-spasmodic pills to take at the onset of pain. I never knew, though, when that would be, and by the time I felt pain and took a pill, it was too late to do any good. I soon stopped taking the pills. I suffered for years and years and years until I stumbled upon your site. (I am now 47.) I cannot begin to tell you how extremely thankful I am to you. Changing my diet—changing the order in which I eat foods—has been a lifesaver. I never, ever would have discovered that on my own. I was a little hesitant at first and showed your suggestions to my (different) internist. He had me check it out with a registered dietician at our local hospital. She gave me the “okay” to start my new diet using your “Cheat Sheet” guidelines. Gone are the days that I would be driving, miles from a bathroom, and would experience immediate, excruciating, cramping pain that would come in spasms that I knew could only be relieved by diarrhea. I would try to drive as doubled over with pain as I was. I cannot begin to tell you how miserable I was. I never knew when it would hit me or where I would be, and so I lived in a lot of fear of doing things out in public. Because I would have diarrhea almost every day, I was always making sure I knew where the closest bathroom was located. I wonder sometimes how many nutrients my body was actually able to absorb with all that diarrhea. Ever since I found your site (about two years ago) and followed your advice, I have been “normal.” It is an incredible feeling. I can’t believe people who don’t have IBS actually live this way every day. I am beginning to take a “normal” stomach for granted, and I know I shouldn’t given my past history. You have made it possible for me to do things in public again without the nagging fear that I may have to make a beeline for a bathroom with unbearable pain and diarrhea. I am so absolutely indebted to you. You really changed/saved my life Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Sincerely, Ellen O.
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