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Product Reviews for

Tummy Fiber
Acacia Senegal
Travel Stick Packs CASE
(10 boxes)
Diarrhea & Constipation
  (2445 reviews)
Tummy Fiber<BR>Acacia Senegal<BR>Travel Stick Packs CASE<BR>(10 boxes)<BR><em>Diarrhea & Constipation</em> $63.60

(20% off $79.50 list price)

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55555 Product4857 Christine from North Ridgeville, OH
Purchased on 10/19/2014
Reviewed on 11/9/2014
compact and easy to use, a travel necessity
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product4755 Robert from Boca Raton, FL
Purchased on 9/18/2014
Reviewed on 10/9/2014
This product has helped me lead a normal life. Thank You so much!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product4682 Christine from Danbury, CT
Purchased on 8/24/2014
Reviewed on 9/14/2014
Very convenient for traveling or bringing to work
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product4667 Jennifer from miami, FL
Purchased on 8/22/2014
Reviewed on 9/12/2014
the best
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product4658 Marti from Huntington, IN
Purchased on 8/21/2014
Reviewed on 9/11/2014
Very Convenient
They are great for travel and also to fit in my purse to take with me to work.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product4573 Carol from Davidson, NC
Purchased on 7/6/2014
Reviewed on 7/27/2014
Great product! Arrived on time.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product4562 Donna from Canfield, OH
Purchased on 7/2/2014
Reviewed on 7/23/2014
Great product for travel
You can put these little pouches in your purse, you car glove box, your suitcase. I really like that they are pre-measured.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product4444 Barbara from Pleasant Hill, CA
Purchased on 5/13/2014
Reviewed on 6/3/2014
It works well.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product4407 Kat from Grimsby, ON
Purchased on 4/3/2014
Reviewed on 5/15/2014
Travel sticks
Great product. Makes it so easy to add while travelling. No mess.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product4157 Nancy from Seattle, WA
Purchased on 2/6/2014
Reviewed on 2/27/2014
good product
I've been using acacia for years, and it has been key to helping me keep my IBS symptoms under control.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product4021 Susan from Mechanicsburg, PA
Purchased on 12/14/2013
Reviewed on 1/4/2014
Nice product and easily transportable!!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product3985 Rosemary from Farragut, TN
Purchased on 12/2/2013
Reviewed on 12/23/2013
Very good for my Grand daughter!
She still has IBS but the tea settles her tummy and the fiber keeps her bowels in order
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product3871 Barbara from Palatine, IL
Purchased on 10/20/2013
Reviewed on 11/10/2013
Love being able to carry the Acacia fiber to work, to restaurants, and when traveling. So easy and well packaged. Perfect for digestion!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product3837 Leslie from Toronto, ON
Purchased on 9/19/2013
Reviewed on 10/31/2013
Acacia works best of anything I have tried for settling my IBS. The travel sticks are very convenient to carry in my purse.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product3825 Sue from Fresno, CA
Purchased on 10/6/2013
Reviewed on 10/27/2013
Got my life back! Love these products!
Like others, I suffered with IBS diarrhea for years. At times worse than others and with some embarrassing moments. 8 weeks before a long trip with lots of flights, I hit bottom. Was sure I was going to have to cancel. Another trip to the GI Doc, more neg tests and another prescription in hand for more antispasmodics, I began my web search. Found Heather's site and ordered my starter kit. Read her book and started following the diet religiously, drank the tea and started the fiber twice daily. In 2 weeks, I finally rarely had explosive diarrhea. I was able to go on my trip and only suffered one mils episode. I happily follow the diet now and take my fiber. Such an easy product to use and the travel packs make it handy. I no longer miss the foods I used to eat. I don't mind taking the fiber....because I can safely leave my house again. So nice to know all my triggers. I had already figured many of the obvious ones, but now I know them all. The fiber is easy to mix when you follow the directions. And since it really has no taste, can mix it in everything! Sooooo grateful!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product3640 Manny from RICHMOND HILL, ON
Purchased on 7/27/2013
Reviewed on 9/8/2013
Great product,love new packaging
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product3591 Barbara from Ingleside, IL
Purchased on 8/1/2013
Reviewed on 8/26/2013
So glad I found this.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product3563 Jane from Plantation, FL
Purchased on 7/29/2013
Reviewed on 8/19/2013
a great product for traveling- even going locally
I love this new product. So convenient for traveling. I do not have to worry about a measuring spoon. Just open and pour
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product3565 Dawn from NEWLAND, NC
Purchased on 7/29/2013
Reviewed on 8/19/2013
Convenient, great for IBS
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

4444 Product3567 Carol from Grandville, MI
Purchased on 7/29/2013
Reviewed on 8/19/2013
I've used Tummy Fiber for several months in another form, so it's not new. I love the travel packs.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product3440 Jeanne from Hudson, OH
Purchased on 5/13/2013
Reviewed on 7/16/2013
Easy to use and effective at helping digestive problems.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

333 Product3324 Terry from Louisville, KY
Purchased on 5/23/2013
Reviewed on 6/13/2013
just started using 1/2 tsp a day
Not sure how it works yet. no problems. I'm taking it slowly to get my body adjusted.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product3231 Eloise from aquinnah, MA
Purchased on 4/23/2013
Reviewed on 5/14/2013
really helps the tummy
I was very please with this product ,and trying it for the first time I have giving out a couple of packets to a few friends to try also.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product3208 Sandra-faye from Duncan, BC
Purchased on 3/26/2013
Reviewed on 5/7/2013
Will be perfect
Good Morning, I've not opened or used the packets yet - have them ready for when we depart on our travels.....however, each day I use 1/2 a teaspoon from the large canister of Tummy Tamer while I'm at home.....I've come to rely on this product because it seems to have helped me greatly. The loose/liquid stools accompanied by cramps/sweats/nausea/residual discomfort has been "tamed". Things were most uncomfortable before and I frequently had to just lie down after a bathroom visit to allow my upset system to calm before continuing my day's activities. Now, I go without much thought - the urgency has not been solved and I still need to go twice usually before the day's activities and again in the afternoon - but now I have "shape" and hardly any discomfort at all. As our travels will be in places where things may be a bit primitive, these travel packets will be a life-saver for me - mitigating embarrassment and discomfort without having to use Imodium - a good product but 'gums' me up the other way!!! Cheers, SFNagy
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

4444 Product2830 Ellen from Ellicott City, MD
Purchased on 1/13/2013
Reviewed on 2/5/2013
Great product!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product2781 Kathy from milton, MA
Purchased on 1/10/2013
Reviewed on 1/31/2013
effective and convenient
Tummy fiber is the first real relief I have felt for nearly 20 years. Be patient, as it takes time to be effective, but it really does help me manage my IBS.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product2656 Patrice from Winnipeg, MB
Purchased on 11/23/2012
Reviewed on 1/4/2013
customs took their time but the product and service is great!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product2597 Celena from golden, CO
Purchased on 11/26/2012
Reviewed on 12/17/2012
Tummy Fiber, life-saver
I had run out of this when I had the most severe flu of my adult-hood, and boy did I miss this tummy fiber! Once the order came in and I started taking it again, at night, it settled my tummy triggers I get from being ill, and I was once again as normal as I can get. I am SO grateful for this product! I am going to be sharing these packets with my family that have similar issues, they just might become customers as well!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product2565 Lori from Northville, MI
Purchased on 11/18/2012
Reviewed on 12/9/2012
The only fiber I will ever use. It's far superior to any other brand.
It helps lower my cholesterol and allows my system to function normally!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product2322 Adriana from San Jose, CA
Purchased on 9/10/2012
Reviewed on 10/3/2012
best soluble fiber ever
acacia travel packets are very convenient just put them in your purse and go wish it was more affordable in a long run it is a little bit expensive
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product2126 Linda from Tucson, AZ
Purchased on 8/10/2012
Reviewed on 8/31/2012
Tummy travel packets
I don't have IBS, but my daughter and 2 sisters have it. I bought the tummy travel packets for my daughter. Since she has started taking it , almost right away, she hasn't had the pain, blotting or other upset tummy problems. It is great to see that she can eat a meal and not feel sick later.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product2108 Alice from Irvine, CA
Purchased on 8/5/2012
Reviewed on 8/26/2012
Thanks, Heather, for putting the Acacia in little bags -- great for my convalescence from surgery!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1956 Calista from Akron, OH
Purchased on 7/10/2012
Reviewed on 7/31/2012
Very convenient for traveling
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1928 Amanda from Kunkletown, PA
Purchased on 7/5/2012
Reviewed on 7/26/2012
great convenience
I ordered the travel packs because I'm rarely home and I love the convenience! Same great product as the canister.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1930 Kristen from Delmont, PA
Purchased on 7/3/2012
Reviewed on 7/26/2012
I dont know what this product does but I can say that IT WORKS! I used it for the first time while on vacation. We ate out every night of the week while we were away. I always have stomach issues when eating out at restaurants but I literally had not one IBS symptom the whole week! I mixed the travel packs in with my drink before I ate dinner and drank a couple glasses of the peppermint tummy tea throughout the day. Maybe I just had a good week but I won't ever leave home without those two products! They have been great and I love telling everyone about Heathers products! Thank you.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1844 Linda from LINCOLN, CA
Purchased on 6/23/2012
Reviewed on 7/14/2012
Allows for convenient use out of the home environment.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1838 Robin from Citrus Heights, CA
Purchased on 6/22/2012
Reviewed on 7/13/2012
Keeps me traveling
Since I was diagnosed three years ago, I'm still learning what things upset my GI system. The inherent stresses of traveling always throw my system off kilter, but the fiber packets make it easy to take my doses and stay as stable as possible. Without them, I might skip the pleasures of seeing the world!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1830 Bobbie from Des Moines, IA
Purchased on 6/19/2012
Reviewed on 7/11/2012
Handy for eating out or the office
Pre-measured packets of acacia fiber for use on the go. Very handy to stash in my purse. Older ones were hard to open — but I haven't had this problem with the new scored packets.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1806 Pamela from stoughton, MA
Purchased on 6/15/2012
Reviewed on 7/7/2012
best yet!
i have tried all kinds of fiber supplements over the years- this was the fastest to help. i'm by no means cured- but i'm not having near the pain and strain for which i am very grateful. i've been happily using other products as well. thank you. for the first time in a long time i feel like i've been guided to the right path.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1781 Lee from Puyallup, WA
Purchased on 6/12/2012
Reviewed on 7/3/2012
Great Idea!
I do quite a bit of air travel and had wondered about how to take my soluable fiber with me and not raise questions. A baggie full of white powder through security- not a good idea- So am very glad to have the travel packs-just went through security with them last week with no problems. The soluable fiber works well for me and I always have some in my purse to have on hand for restaurants or last minute meal surprises.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

22 Product1663 Johanna from GARLAND, TX
Purchased on 5/17/2012
Reviewed on 6/7/2012
not sure what summary??
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service
Heather says: Feedback Rating
Hi, Johanna

Thank you for your review of the Acacia Tummy Fiber Travel Packets. I am so glad that you are pleased with our speed of delivery and customer service.

I am sorry that you are less than satisfied with the Travel Packets. Could you please explain further what the problem was with the Travel Packets? I would like to see if there is anything I can do to help.

Again, thank you for your review.

Best regards,
Heather's Tummy Care Representative

55555 Product1656 Cynde from Mont Belvieu, TX
Purchased on 5/5/2012
Reviewed on 6/6/2012
Great customer service. I called about a question using Tummy Fiber, and they were very helpful.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1628 Kathleen from Bridgewater, NJ
Purchased on 5/7/2012
Reviewed on 6/3/2012
I enjoy camping and put a box in my camper , now I dont have to go without my daily fiber.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1566 Linda from Hinsdale, MA
Purchased on 4/30/2012
Reviewed on 5/21/2012
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1555 Christine from Washington, MI
Purchased on 4/27/2012
Reviewed on 5/19/2012
Love the new easier to open packages. Always receive great service.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1486 Susan from Hague, NY
Purchased on 4/12/2012
Reviewed on 5/4/2012
Traveled Netherlands without any problems
I flew international,was on a canal boat for 7 days, and at two different hotels all with great food included. I don't know what I would have done with out these travel packets. My conditions were all under controll even with eating cheese!! I would disolve it into my fenel tea twice a day. Great Trip!!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1423 Agnes from New Port Richey, FL
Purchased on 4/2/2012
Reviewed on 4/23/2012
Great Product and great for traveling

55555 Product1331 Jeanne from Shelton, WA
Purchased on 3/17/2012
Reviewed on 4/7/2012
great product
My only problem with the travel packets was that they were hard to open. Although I haven't used my new ones yet, the tear strip should make them much easier to use. Love the acacia fiber.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1146 Phyllis from glendale, CA
Purchased on 2/14/2012
Reviewed on 3/10/2012
This will save so much room on my two upcoming trips. I love the convenience.
I have been using Heather's products for several years. Those wonderful and patient people who take my order over the phone are consistently friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. My order always arrives safely in a timely manner. Many thanks to all!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1125 Kerry from Longboat Key, FL
Purchased on 2/15/2012
Reviewed on 3/8/2012
The acacia has made a big difference in my "health" and I want to make sure I can take them with me when I travel.
Thank you
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1126 Scott from Lancaster, CA
Purchased on 2/16/2012
Reviewed on 3/8/2012
very easy way to carry the most used product I use
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product1006 Judith from Fairbanks, AK
Purchased on 2/1/2012
Reviewed on 2/22/2012
I could not live a nearly normal live without this product.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product717 Linda from Woodland, CA
Purchased on 12/13/2011
Reviewed on 1/9/2012
Appreciate the convenience of the packets.
Acacia fiber has changed my life...really has helped make IBS systems more manageable after years of miserable times.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product553 L. from Porterville, CA
Purchased on 11/29/2011
Reviewed on 12/20/2011
All the Heathers products have worked well for me!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product231 Collin from Chicago, IL
Purchased on 10/25/2011
Reviewed on 11/16/2011
Tummy Fiber
The Tummy Fiber really works!!!! I have IBS like symptoms and my bowel movements were irregular and not normal. After a few days on the tummy fiber my bowel movements were regular, the constipation was gone, and the gas subsided. I highly recommend this product to anyone with digestion/complication problems.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product49 Pat
Reviewed on 6/4/2011
Acacia has been a miracle in my life
I have to thank you for your website. My doctor diagnosed me with IBS - he prescribed Zelnorm. Sorry to be graphic but, this gave me one disgusting burst after one hour and then nothing for over a week. The same problem that I have dealt with for my lifetime (over 40 yrs.). I fortunately found your website and read your articles. I did much research on Acacia before I actually ordered some. Acacia has been a miracle in my life. After being on a "once a week" schedule I am now "daily" which is a lifetime accomplishment.

55555 Product106 Renee M.
Reviewed on 11/18/2010
I am not very good at expressing myself but I did want to thank you for this site. I have been diagnosed with IBS. Although I truely never beleived that was my problem. I have read a number of accounts on your website along with others. I do not believe I have the same symptoms as these others. However, as I have stated, I have been diagnosed with IBS. I tried several prescription medications, most recently Zelnorm. Although Zelnorm did sort of help, I still never felt 100%. There were times I still had all my symptoms. My symptoms seemed to develop during the night. I would wake up with abdominal cramps/pain, severe headaches and just feeling terrible. I would vomit for hours (among other issues). It got to the point I need prescription medication to try to stop the vomiting. The vomiting was my biggest concern. It could last a couple days. While taking Zelnorm, I would only have these symptoms occassionally, which was at least once a month. Without it, it was once a week. Luckily I work from home. I obtained your web site from my health insurance carrier. A nurse/nutritionist would contact monthly while on Zelnorm to see how I was doing. One time she suggested your site. WHAT A WONDERFUL IDEA SHE HAD!!!!! I first bought your book "Eating For IBS." I followed the suggestions and cooked some of the recipes. I was actually feeling a better. I would only take Zelnorm occassionaly. Then Zelnorm was taken off the market. I didn't know what I was going to do. I purchased Acacia Tummy Fiber and have been using it for a couple months now. I am glad to tell you I feel 99% better. I say 99% because there are times when I do over do it and feel a bit yucky. I can actually eat a salad as a meal. Before even a small salad would send me over the edge. I know other people who have stomach/abdominal issues and I give them your website address and even share my Acacia Tummy Fiber. Thank you very much for you help.

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