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Eating for IBS
Diet & Cookbook
For All Symptoms
  (150 reviews)
Eating for IBS<br>Diet & Cookbook<BR><em>For All Symptoms</em> $15.29

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4444 Product4694 Wadiyah from Garner, NC
Purchased on 8/29/2014
Reviewed on 9/19/2014
Eating for IBS Diet & Cookbook
The Intro to the book was informative. The recipes were gourmet recipes. Many of them contained too much sodium, carbs and cholesterol. I was hoping the recipes would be for everyday type meals. It took me a long time getting my numbers down for blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol. Using these recipes would send my numbers back up. Got to find a way to eat without so many carbs.
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55555 Product4680 Sandi from La Mesa, CA
Purchased on 8/23/2014
Reviewed on 9/14/2014
Lots of info and recipes but hey do take a lot of spices you don;t have on hand, but can slowly statr to accumulate them
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55555 Product4649 Diann from Spring Valley, CA
Purchased on 8/14/2014
Reviewed on 9/4/2014
It was written in a very informative manner and gave me a real picture of the foods I can eat.
Love the easy charts and meal planning information. I'm using the suggestions and have my IBS in control for the most part. Thank you for writing this fantastic book.
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55555 Product4511 Harriet from Half Moon Bay, CA
Purchased on 6/11/2014
Reviewed on 7/2/2014
I am very pleased with your products and service.
Your acacia fiber was recommended to me by a Naturopath. Total reversal of what doctors had recommended. Thank you!
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333 Product4489 Sandra from La Verne, CA
Purchased on 6/3/2014
Reviewed on 6/24/2014
Cook Book
I was disappointed to see how light the print was and how small it is. I have problems with my vision and I have to use a magnifying glass, not what I want to do. Was hoping that you had just a cookbook without all the other stuff and a few more LESS gourmet items.
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Heather says: Feedback Rating
Hi there Sandra,

Thank you for your feedback.

I am sorry to hear that the print is difficult for you to read. Unfortunately, we are not the book publishers, so we have no control over the physical appearance of the book itself, which was produced with standard fonts, type size, ink colors, etc. The publisher defaults to established press guidelines for all of those elements.

Eating for IBS was written with individuals with IBS in mind, so the extra information at the beginning of the book is critical to help place the recipes in the context of an IBS safe diet. Following the information at the beginning of the book has helped many people with IBS to alleviate symptoms that they have been experiencing for years.

Since people with IBS can often have restrictive diets, Heather likes to include unique ingredients in her recipes to ensure that her readers can maintain a fun, interesting, but safe, diet. There are also many, many recipes that are modifications of the mainstream, all-American recipes that it sounds like you prefer, so please check the chapters for soups, sandwiches, breads, main dish chicken recipes, and desserts for lots of examples that are fast and easy and not "gourmet".

We do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you are welcome to send the book back if you are not satisfied.

Thanks again!

55555 Product4424 Barbara from Royersford, PA
Purchased on 4/9/2014
Reviewed on 5/26/2014
Found cookbook and preface to be very informative and recipes are great! Thank you so much
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22 Product4415 Maureen from APO, AE
Purchased on 4/28/2014
Reviewed on 5/22/2014
needs to be updated
This book was published in 2000. So many things have changed since then. For example, she advocates a lot of soy products. Soy is highly allergenic and also contains antinutrients that block mineral absorption. I wouldn't touch unfermented soy with a billion-foot pole. She also advocates processed foods, such as breakfast cereal (with soy milk). These are just a few of the things that alarmed me about the book. Do some research on it.
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Heather says:
Hi Maureen - thank you very much for your feedback. Eating for IBS actually has been revised and updated several times but the publication date will remain listed as 2000. If that were to change, a new ISBN would be required, and I don't want to take that step as it causes hassles with book listings, publisher distributions, etc.

Soy is actually not one of the top allergens, though it is of course possible to be allergic to it. It does not affect nutrient absorption of any kind, and is in fact considered a top source of protein, phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, and other benefits. It has a strong correlation with prevention of heart disease and reproductive cancers, with both fermented and non-fermented sources of soy showing these benefits. You can avoid it if you wish, and just use other (rice, oat, almond, hemp, etc.) non-dairy replacements. A good, reputable, and current source of research for soy and other foods is the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine,

You can certainly avoid processed foods. I do, and the vast majority of recipes in Eating for IBS do as well. But I get many, many requests from people for brand name, IBS safe items such as cereals that they can eat without having to cook. I try to include that information for their benefit. Whole grain (especially whole wheat) cereals are a huge IBS trigger for almost everyone, so people need to work around that with things like instant oatmeal, or oat/corn/rice cereals and avoid the bran and granola options that are just too high in insoluble fiber.

There are years of research behind Eating for IBS - that's why there are extensive footnotes throughout citing the primary sources of information. The First Year IBS book is similarly researched and annotated.

Please feel free to modify the guidelines and recipes to suit you. It's meant to be as wide-ranging a book as possible, so that it can be adapted by everyone from vegans to people who would live at fast food restaurants if they could. Definitely find your own middle ground so you are eating in a way that makes you both happy and healthy.


55555 Product4410 Mariangelys from NEW BRITAIN, CT
Purchased on 4/27/2014
Reviewed on 5/18/2014
Very satisfied
Hello!! I am very satisfied with the service given and the book. Thank you!
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55555 Product4391 Elaine from Lutz, FL
Purchased on 4/20/2014
Reviewed on 5/12/2014
As usual everything handled perfectly.
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55555 Product4330 Beverly from Jacksonville, FL
Purchased on 3/29/2014
Reviewed on 4/19/2014
The most important thing I learned from Heather's book is that I have to include more soluble fiber in my diet. That has made a dramatic difference with my IBS. Thank you Heather for sharing your experience, knowledge, and products!
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55555 Product4315 Kimberly from Evanston, IL
Purchased on 3/24/2014
Reviewed on 4/14/2014
Life Changing Information
The insight and information Heather gives us through her books and web site are invaluable to everyone. If you don't have IBS, the odds are that someone close to you does and is suffering needlessly. This information will get anyone on the path to good heatlh but especially those of us with IBS. I can't thank you enough Heather.
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