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The First Year: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, by Heather Van Vorous

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IBS Book - The First Year Irritable Bowel Syndrome book
Heather Van Vorous - Author of First Year: IBS                  
By an author with IBS,
for everyone with IBS!

     Price: $15.29 (10% off cover!) In Stock!

Fantastic Customer Reviews

* 5 Key Treatment Categories For Adults & Children
* Everything You Need To Know About IBS- Right Now
* Addresses Multiple IBS Symptoms
* Comprehensive Diagnostic Information
* Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Strategies to Stop IBS
* By Author of Eating For IBS & Heather Cooks! TV Show
* For The Newly Diagnosed and Lifelong Sufferers
* Paperback: 242 pages
* Excellent reviews by Library Journal & Publishers Weekly
* Excerpts used by physicians and dietitians across the USA
* Endorsed by the UK Register of IBS Hypnotherapis
* Recommended by the UNC Center for GI Motility Disorders

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The First Year: IBS offers a comprehensive and sympathetic approach to managing irritable bowel syndrome (whether you're newly diagnosed or have been struggling for years), by an author who has dealt with the disorder since childhood and prevailed. Whether you suffer from constipation, diarrhea, alternating bowel dysfunction, pain, bloating, gas, or nausea, this essential guide gives you the information you need to take control of your symptoms today.

An easy-to-follow daily/weekly/monthly calendar structure teaches you about the physical pathology behind IBS while giving a multitude of ways to successfully live with it, with a constant focus on symptom prevention.

The research for The First Year: IBS incorporates suggestions, concerns, and personal stories from many Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers, and offers:

* in-depth diagnostic and medical information for IBS treatments, drugs, and research
* extensive suggestions for using supplements and herbs to prevent symptoms
* innovative and successful IBS stress management techniques
* suggestions for dealing with friends and family members
* concise and accurate IBS diet guidelines with sample recipes
* effective alternative therapies for a spastic colon, including acupuncture
* detailed information about yoga and hypnotherapy for IBS
* IBS support group resources
* traveling and socializing suggestions

There are also special sections throughout the book just for children with IBS and their parents. These chapters draw extensively from the author's own perspectives, experiences, and memories from childhood, and address the unique concerns that children with IBS often face.

**Customer Reviews**
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55555 Product6799 Carol from Hutchinson, KS
Purchased on 3/27/2017
Reviewed on 4/18/2017
I am so thankful for help from Heather, I have suffered with IBS for quite a few years and she has helped me so much to know what to do for relief from agony!!!
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Customer Service

4444 Product6764 Eileen from Bellingham, WA
Purchased on 3/3/2017
Reviewed on 3/25/2017
I actually enjoyed the other book with all the diet hints and recipes more.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

4444 Product6708 Nancy from Camden-Wyoming, DE
Purchased on 2/11/2017
Reviewed on 3/4/2017
Still reading. Very interesting so far.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product6546 Judy from Manitowoc, WI
Purchased on 10/24/2016
Reviewed on 12/5/2016
Excellent; very helpful. I need to read more of the book.
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

55555 Product6525 Nancy from Las Vegas, NV
Purchased on 10/28/2016
Reviewed on 11/19/2016
This is the go to book for IBS! I have learned so much and so appreciate the research.
Great book for new IBS patients. It is written in a easy to read format with appropriate titles for each chapter. I now keep it in the kitchen so I refer to it if I forget if something is on the diet. No doctor could have helped me this mch!
Speed of Delivery
Customer Service

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