04/27/11 02:37 AM
breakfast cereals

Do brakfast cereals count as soluble or insoluble fibre? e.g. cornflakes, cheerios,oat flakes, bran flakes, malt crunchies etc.

04/27/11 06:43 AM
Re: breakfast cereals

Welcome to the board,

Any cereal that contains a whole grain such as whole wheat, bran flakes, etc are high in insoluble fiber and best be avoided.

Heather say "Cold fat-free cereal such as Corn Chex, Kix, Rice Chex, Rice Krispies, Honeycomb, or Corn Pops, eaten dry. At all costs avoid bran, granola, and whole wheat choices, as well as cereals with raisins, other dried fruits, or nuts" on this web page.

Also, make sure the cereal you choose does not contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

04/28/11 08:53 PM
Re: breakfast cereals

Syl, Do you know anything about the Paleo diet? It stresses protein, veggies and no grains or dairy products. What are your thoughts on this diet? If any at all?

04/29/11 07:52 AM
Re: breakfast cereals

It is based on a high fat, moderate to high in animal protein and low to moderate carbohydrates coming. The preferred fats are saturated fats like coconut oil, lard, duck fat, butter, tallow, etc.

Not only is this diet IBS unfriendly is not particularly healthy and the science behind it is questionable at best. A search of the past 100 years of research has not revealed any valid clinical studies of the diet. The National Health Services in the UK considers it to be fad diet.

The paleo diet is something I certainly would not use to manage my IBS symptoms

04/29/11 01:57 PM
Re: breakfast cereals

Thanks for the feedback on the Paleo Diet. Like I stated in one of my posts, they stress protein, veggies, no carbs, no grains, no beans, etc. After eating grass-fed beef for two weeks, it was awful - my stomach felt like someone punched me so hard. So, I am back to my chicken, turkey and fish (no red meat or pork). Should I also stay away from eggs? Am off of all other dairy. I also find that I do better with cooked veggies than raw ones. What about grains? Bread? Safe for IBS - as long as I stay away from whole wheat? I seem to do alright w rice products too. Suggestions? Thanks.

05/03/11 01:19 PM
Re: breakfast cereals

on what grounds are those preferred fats??
gosh, I can just about understand the elimination of carbs, as that is what contains fibre which can produce gas, but why is there an emphasis on the bad fats?...

10/08/11 02:03 PM
Re: breakfast cereals

Hi Syl,

I've been reading up on the Paleo diet basically 24/7 for the past week, and while I am not a scientific researcher like you, I find the arguments and science extremely compelling. Not to mention that on Paleo forums (like this one), many people have posted say their IBS completely disappeared once they went Paleo. I'm now in correspondence with a few of them for ongoing support with this diet.

I should also mention that Paleo is naturally low in FODMAPS which has been touted as one of its benefits for GI issues.

I have started eating Paleo and I'm already feeling an improvement, however it's too soon to tell. I will report back here in about a month. Although I realize my posts may get taken down, as it runs in direct conflict with Heather's dietary framework.

10/08/11 02:53 PM
Yes - tell us how it goes -nt-

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